Top 9 Beginner Beading Patterns

The Best Bead Patterns for First-Time Beaders

Here is a list of some of the best beginner's free bead patterns. These bead patterns and projects are simple and quick to make, easy to bead, easy to understand, teach a variety of beadwork stitches and beading techniques.

These projects were written with the beginning beader in mind. This selection of projects make include a variety of beading techniques, assuring a successful first beading experience in peyote stitch, wire work, brick stitch, or bead stringing. Bead patterns and projects...MORE range from the "cute and sweet" to more refined wearables.  There's something for every new beader in this list of free bead patterns.

Updated by Lisa Yang

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     Tassels are everywhere this season! Beaded tassels take a little patience but once you get the basics down, there are so many options.

    This project will show you the basics of how to join multiple strands of tassels, use a bead on the end of the tassel and use cones to cover the top of the tassel. Then it's up to you whether you want your tassels to be simply or full.

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    Connected Daisy Chain Tutorial
    Two different daisy chain techniques. Lisa Yang

    Is there anything as fun and summery as a daisy chain? Perfect for necklaces, bracelet or anklets. Daisy chains are always fun and easy to make. These instructions will teach you two different variations.

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    Peyote Heart Ring DIY
    Wide Peyote Heart Ring in steel and matte red delica beads. Lisa Yang

    Practice your even count peyote with this great pattern for a wide peyote ring with a perfect heart in the middle. This pattern is simple enough for a beginning beader but enjoyable for all.

    Made with two colors of size 11 delica beads, you'll be thrilled at how quickly this pattern works up.

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    Peyote Tusk Pendant Tutorial
    Attaching the bail to the other side. Lisa Yang

    Tubular peyote was one of the first stitches I learned. I used it often to wrap crystal points and tumbled sticks. This project demonstrates how to use tubular peyote to form a decoratie edge and bail for a super-trendy tusk or fang bead. 

    This project is quick and will teach you the basics of tubular peyote and ​zipping together tubular peyote to make the bail.

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    Spiral Rope Free Tutorial
    Spiral rope bracelet is ready for a clasp. Lisa Yang

    An easy, cute and versatile stitch, this is one to learn to make bracelets, necklaces and more. You'll find yourself using it all the time!

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    brick stitch diamond tutorial
    Making a diamond shape is a good way to learn brick stitch increase and decrease techniques. Lisa Yang

     Brick stitch is perfect for making shaped objects because it is relatively easy to increase and decrease off the edges. Learn the increase and decrease technique by making these simple beaded diamonds that are perfect as dangles for earrings, bracelet charms or as a station necklace or make a larger diamond shape as a focal pendant.

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    Brick Stitch Component Earrings
    Completed earrings with circular brick stitch components. Lisa Yang

     Brick stitch around a bead is one of my favorite techniques. It seems like there is endless variety and the small investment of time is rewarded with stunning results.

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    Ladder Stitch Link Bracelet
    Ladder stitch link and jump ring bracelet. Lisa Yang

     Ladder stitch is often used as a base for other stitches but this bracelet project brings it front and center. It is a simple and durable stitch all on its own.

    This project demonstrates how to make links using ladder stitch and connect them with jump rings into a fabulous bracelet.

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    Pearl beads on handmade Spiral Headpins
    DIY Spiral headpins look great with bead dangles added. Lisa Yang

     There's no end to what you can create with a simple headpin, some beads and pliers.  But why settle for ho-hum store bought headpins when you can make your own.  

    These fabulous spiral wire headpins are a great way to learn and practice the basic wire technique of making a spiral. They are easy and look great with or without dangles.