Top 10 Best Baby Dolls

Dolls For Girls of All Ages!

Little girl playing with doll
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Many girls and boys, of all ages and interests, enjoy caring for and playing with baby dolls. The most popular and best baby dolls include Corolle Dolls, Disney Princess Dolls, Madame Alexander, Cabbage Patch Kids, Baby Alive, Bitty Baby and American Girl Dolls!

This top 10 list of baby dolls features classic baby dolls, collectible dolls and even interactive dolls that have unique responses, depending upon how children play with them. 

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    Madame Alexander Favorite Friends Dolls
    Madame Alexander

    Madame Alexander Favorite Friends dolls include several different 18-inch fashion dolls. Each doll has silky hair for styling. In addition, there are dozens of accessories and outfits that can be purchased separately. Favorite Friends dolls have light and dark skin tones, as well as black, blonde and brown hair colors. Aside from hair color and skin tones, dolls also represent interests and professions such as hair stylists, princesses, ballerinas and mermaids. 

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    Corolle Mon Classique Doll

    These classic, soft body 14" baby dolls are perfect for kids ages 2 and up. Corolle Les Classiques dolls can sit up on their own. Their thumb can be positioned in their mouth and their eyes will close when lying down. There are several different variations of this baby doll, including a baby boy version, which is perfect for little boys or siblings expecting a new brother. These dolls can wear any of the 14" Corolle clothing accessories.

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    Bitty Baby dolls
    Bitty Baby dolls. American Girl

    Bitty Baby dolls are 15" baby dolls that can be purchased in light skin, dark skin or medium skin, with a variety of hair and eye colors. Each baby also comes with a book, a teddy bear and a diaper.  The doll's eyes open and close when they lie down and additional accessories like clothing and toys can be purchased along with the baby doll. Bitty Baby dolls are a great first baby doll for toddlers and can be bought from American Girl online or at an American Girl Place retail store.

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    Adora Friends Doll Alyssa

    Adora Friends dolls are 18- inch dolls with individual, unique styles as well. They are ethnically diverse with skin color and face shape. Every year, Adora creates a new doll in their line. The doll is inspired by the vision and drawings from a contest submission for young Adora Doll fans. 

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    Corolle Les Cheries Dolls
    Corolle / Amazon

    Do you know a little girl who is into fashion? Camille, Cécile, Chloé, and Clara are 13 inches tall, and have gorgeous outfits and accessories. Les Chéries fashion dolls feature sleeping eyes and long silky hair perfect for brushing and styling. Corolle dolls are also lightly scented with the smell of vanilla.


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    Melody Ellison African American American Girl Doll
    American Girl

     American Girl doll.The collectible dolls from American Girl are 18".  There are historical dolls part of the BeForever collection. Every doll comes with a book that tells a story about their life in that timeframe. Individualized American Girl dolls can be made specifically including a child's skin, eye, and hair color. The American Girl Doll of the Year is a special doll that can only bought that year.  Each doll has different playsets and accessories that can be purchased separately. M...MOREelody Ellison is the newest American Girl doll.

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    Cabbage Patch Kid Baby So Real
    Wicked Cool Toys

    Since Cabbage Patch Kids were released over 25 years ago, over 1 million dolls have been adopted. Cabbage Patch Kids still arrive with adoption papers, a name and a birth date. Dolls include modern fashionable, removable clothing and accessories, including tiaras and glasses. Cabbage Patch Kid Baby So Real, is a life-like baby with animated expressive eyes and built-in sensors for interactive play like feeding, burping and tickling. She even has a bottle and magical medicine spoon. An...MORE iPad/iPhone app is available, too.

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    Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye

    Little girls love to feed Baby Alive dolls their meals! Using a food shaping mold, kids can make their own solid doll baby food for their doll Lily, then feed her during mealtimes with her special spoon. Lily can also be changed, has a removable diaper and is available in 3 different ethnicities. Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye is the newest B

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    Disney Princess Toddler Dolls
    Jakks Pacific

    These 14 in. dolls are purchased individually and include the popular Disney Princess characters: Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Aurora, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Jasmine and Merida. These dolls will allow little girls to re-enact their favorite movie scenes, as well as care for and dress-up their favorite Disney princesses.  Dolls include a dress, tiara and shoes.

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    Disney Animators Dolls
    Disney. Disney

    These sweet dolls were developed in conjunction with Disney movie animators to depict Disney princesses as toddlers. They retail for $24.50 exclusively at the Disney Store. Princesses available include Mulan, Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, Tiana, Rapunzel, Belle, Pocahontas, Snow White, TinkerBell, Anna, Elsa, Lilo, and Alice.