Top 10 Gifts for the Farmer and Homesteader

Last-minute gift shopping? Have a farmer on your list? Check out these ideas for inspiration. Or maybe treat yourself to something!

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    Who doesn't need tools? A multi-tool like a Leatherman® tool is always useful to carry. If your favorite farmer already has one, you can't go wrong with a headlamp for the dark winter days. If you don't know what the farmer in your life needs, consider a gift card to somewhere that carries farm supplies or tools. But really - a hammer, a wire tool for fencing, a sledgehammer, or a gift certificate to a tractor dealer - you can't miss with tools or equipment.

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    That harvest of delicious apples, this year's deer, or the abundance of heirloom tomatoes - a food dehydrator makes short work of all of it, preserving it through the winter. If not a dehydrator, a pressure canner, water bath canner, glass canning jars, or vacuum sealer might be welcome additions to your farmer's collection of kitchen tools.

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    It's cold outside for most of us, and a warm flannel shirt, insulated work coveralls, wool socks, hats, mittens, and gloves are always appreciated by those who work outside a lot of the day. Carhartt Arctic insulated coveralls are super sweet for northern farmers who brave subzero temps and blisteringly cold wind chills much of the winter months.

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    Good Boots

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    Chore boots or work boots are always coming apart at the sole, delaminating, or just plain getting old. A new pair of good boots can put a smile on a farmer's face. I particularly like Muck boots or Bogs for tromping around in the pastures, stables, and barn. Pair with knee-high thick wool socks and feet are comfy even in the coldest weather.

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    Growing a few herbs and veggies hydroponically in the farmhouse kitchen is made fun and easy with the Aerogarden. A gift any northern farmer is sure to enjoy.

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    Dairy Cow
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    Yes, it goes without saying that you have to know a farmer well before giving him a Katahdin sheep, a Highland cow, or even a few geese. But if you do, and you know the farmer wants this particular animal or animals, what a terrific gift! Nothing says "I love you" like a freshened dairy cow.

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    Farming books abound - pick the species the farmer is focusing on right now, and buy a "how to raise" book on it, or look at a book that focuses on the business side of farming if your farmer already knows how to raise animals. There are also a plethora of farming memoirs, which can make for inspiring reading during the long winter months. Don't forget plain old novels or other nonfiction books - we farmers like to get our minds off of farming once in a while.

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    Digital Camera

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    For the farmer who enjoys recording the trials, tribulations, and joys of farm life, a nice digital camera is an essential tool to have. If your favorite farmer doesn't have one, he needs one. This particular model is a compact budget Canon Powershot SD1200IS.

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    Farmers harvesting organic squash in field
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    There is always more to learn, and for the beginning farmer, the information gleaned from classes, workshops or conferences can be invaluable - even save him years of trial and error learning. Or how about membership to an organization like Slow Food USA?

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    An MP3 player, a satellite radio and subscription, or even a gift card to download music, all make great gifts for the farmer on your list. More ideas: noise-canceling headphones for long tractor rides or ​snowblowing adventures, a tough, weatherproof radio for the barn.

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