10 Board Games to Play with Kids

Reconnect with Your Kids Over a Fun Board Game

Playing kids' board games is a great way to have fun together. Even if you just have ten minutes to spare in your busy schedule, playing a quick game will allow you to relax together and provides a much-needed opportunity to talk, laugh, and share stories. Check out this list of fantastic board games to play with kids of all ages.

Board Games to Play with Kids

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    This is a terrific game by ThinkFun. It’s very similar to bingo. Each player chooses a board showing nine pictures. Then players take turns sliding the Zingo chip dispenser to release two picture chips at a time. The first player to fill his or her card wins! This game is recommended for ages 4-8, but even younger children will be able to identify the pictures and enjoy the game.

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    Sorry – Ages 6 and up


    A collection of kids' board games to play with kids just wouldn't be complete without this classic. Kids of all ages love this timeless game for 2-4 players. Be the first to have all your pieces reach “Home” to win. But watch out! Other players will “boot” you back to home when they land in your space. Great for teaching strategy, cause-and-effect, and counting.

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    Connect Four – Ages 7 and up

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    Be the first to connect four checker pieces in a row as you try to prevent your opponent from doing the same. This game is great for teaching concentration, strategy, and cause-and-effect. Start your own “Connect Four” tournament today.
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    Uno – Ages 7 and up

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    This lively card game is fun for both kids and adults. Be the first to get rid of all your cards as your opponent attempts to get you off track by switching the colors and/or numbers in play. This terrific game is great for 2-6 players.
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    Checkers is a timeless game of strategy and concentration. It teaches children to anticipate and plan for their opponent’s next move, and offers hours of fun and conversation. Note that the game becomes even more fun as your child's ability to strategize develops, and even surpasses, your own!
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    Yahtzee – Ages 8 and up

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    This is a simple dice game of luck, strategy and challenge. Aiming for various number combinations with each roll, players become increasingly determined to win as the game advances. This fun and addictive game also reinforces math skills as scores are tallied.
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    Upwords – Ages 8 and up

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    This game is similar to Hasbro’s classic Scrabble, but allows players to build upon one another’s words as they go. For example, if your opponent plays the word “run,” you might use an “f” to change the word to “fun.” Helps reinforce spelling skills while providing hours of fun!
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    Othello – Ages 8 and up

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    Othello is a challenging strategy-type game similar to checkers. Instead of eliminating your opponent’s pieces altogether, the object of Othello is to convert your opponent’s game pieces to your team's color.
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    Monopoly is a fun real estate game for children of all ages. The “classic” Monopoly game, by Milton Bradley, is recommended for children 8 and up. However, the newer “Monopoly Jr.” games – with simpler rules and fewer properties – are recommended for children 5 and up. Both versions come in a variety of themes, from your favorite Disney characters to popular films and geographic regions.
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    This is a great kids' board game that really illustrates the importance of decisions we make throughout our lives. For example, will you have children? Go to college? Get a well-paying job? What will happen if you do? What will happen if you don’t? Players find out as these key decisions are determined simply by spinning the wheel.