Top 10 Brisket Mop Recipes

From the earliest days of barbecue, the best way to keep smoked meats from drying out was with a mop. A mop is a thin sauce that is applied while smoking. This creates a layering of flavor and helps to prevent the meat from drying out. A good brisket mop should have a bit of acid and oil, like a marinade, and a healthy dose of flavor. With a good brisket mop, you might not need a sauce.

A mop is added as you smoke the meat. The more you mop the greater the layers of flavor. There is a science to...MORE it -- it is important to apply thin layers, but not to mop too frequently or the flavor might become overpowering.

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    Mopping Brisket
    Mopping Brisket. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    This is your best bet for a great smoked beef brisket mop. The mixture of oil, vinegar and beer will keep the meat tender and flavorful while smoking process. Remember to apply the mop every 2 hours.

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    This flavorful barbecue mop recipe will keep your brisket full of flavor and add moisture during the smoking process. Remember to get the mop on the meat and don't worry about the fat.

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    Barbecue Beef Mop
    Barbecue Beef Mop. Vasilis Nikolos/Getty Images

    This great beefy mop can be used on any cut of beef, whether you are smoking or grilling, but it is especially tasty on brisket.

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    BBQ sauce with brush
    Getty Images/maribee

    This is a good, simple basting sauce or mop, for large cuts of meat. If you don't need this much, cut the recipe down by half.

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    Beef brisket served on plate
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    Here is another delicious brisket beer mop for you to try. This mop pulls in the deep, rich flavor of a dark stout beer, which gives it a wonderfully unique flavor.
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    Girl's hands crushing garlic into a bowl, close-up
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    This fantastic mop recipe that works well on beef and pretty much anything else. This mop has no sugar so you don't have to worry about it burning.

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    Walter Jetton's Mop for all Barbecue Meats
    Walter Jetton's Mop for all Barbecue Meats. Ross Durant Photography/Getty Images

    This recipe is exactly the way Water Jetton wrote it down. I modified the instructions a little because he calls for you to make the "bone stock" yourself and most people ask me what exactly "bone stock" is. If you are a stickler for authenticity, then get a couple of "good stout beef bones," and boil them until you have a good stock. On another note -- since this recipe makes a gallon of mop, you might want to reduce the recipe so there won't be as much.

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    Achiote Mop

    Red marinade
    Getty Images/Michael Brauner

    This is a rich, flavorful mop that adds a little heat into whatever you are cooking. The vinegar will tenderize the meat, while the achiote paste adds spicy flavor.

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    Man cutting smoked brisket on a metal pan
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    This is a great sweet barbecue mop and works particularly well with beef, though it is excellent with pork as well. It's the perfect mop for smoked brisket.

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    Brushing sauce on grilled steaks
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    This versatile sauce can be used for any recipe that calls for a basting sauce or mop. Try it with brisket, and also the next time you cook a pork roast, turkey or chicken on the grill.