The Top 5 Chainsaw Mills

The chainsaw mill is inexpensive and appealing for homestead and farm use where access is limited. Chainsaw mills are OK tools but offer back-breaking work even when compared to a portable sawmill. They can also be very inefficient.

Chainsaw mills run off a framework constructed around the log you cut. Most mills require heavy-duty power heads on saws to operate the mill. Special-purpose ripping chains and bars are required. Note that I have included one rip-saw that offers similar...MORE characteristics.

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    Using a chainsaw mill.

    Norwood is a brand-name very popular that users trust to build hard-working, reliable, productive and easy-to-use personal and commercial portable sawmills.

    They have a small mill called the Norwood PortaMill Chain Saw Sawmill. The mill has an easy, hand-push feed system, has a quick-connect/disconnect system for fast setup, easy transport, and easy storage.

    Norwood NOTE: ​Chainsaws 50cc or greater with ripping chain recommended for small to mid-size logs; chain saws 65cc or greater with ripping...MORE chain recommended for mid- to large-size logs.

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    Grandberg Mill. Grandberg

    Granberg International of Vallejo, CA makes the Alaskan Mark III portable chainsaw mill with attachments that allow the user to efficiently saw trees on site and produce dimensional lumber suitable for building or woodworking projects.

    You can buy their C2 mill that comes complete with everything you need except the power head. Included are a double end saw bar, ripping chain, oiler kit, slabbing rail bracket set, helper handle, and a chainsaw sharpener.

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    Made by Southeastern Industrial Resources this 45 pound, one-person operated Ripsaw is technically not a chainsaw mill but is used as an efficient substitute. It can easily be carried and operated by one person.

    The RipSaw allows you the flexibility of producing dimensional lumber from logs up to approximately 20" in diameter as well as re-sawing pre-cut timbers. The .050" blade kerf maintains a smooth and accurate cut and also minimizes wood loss that is prevalent with standard chainsaw...MORE mills.

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    Logosol is a Swedish based international company that makes their Logosol M7 Chainsaw Mill. This Logosol mill has adjustable log beds that move up and down separately allowing for easy leveling of the log plus giving you the most productive cut.

    You can also produce tapered cuts and angle cuts with this mill. The M7 easily lifts logs up to 1100 lbs. The mill weighs only 115 lbs. and is easily transported to the site by trailer or in the back of a truck.

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    The J100 from Tilton Equipment Company is a chainsaw-powered mill designed to be used with any chainsaw model that exceeds 60cc. Its “track system” design weighs 170 pounds without the chainsaw.

    The J100 comes complete with two 7-foot rail sections, two log bed/base stands with adjustment screws, the saw carriage, and a dust skirt. Various optional accessories include a log lifter winch kit, locking vise for filing directly on the mill and adaptors for ​sawing custom wood products.