Top 10 Chicken Breast Recipes

I remember a time when boneless, skinless chicken breasts weren't available in the supermarket and we had to skin and bone them ourselves. While that wasn't a daunting task, it took time. Now we can find prepared chicken breasts anywhere. And this inexpensive and delicious meat is so versatile and easy to cook.

Just make sure you never buy any boneless, skinless chicken breast halves that are larger than 8 ounces, or you are buying breasts from a stewing hen. They will never get tender...MORE with the dry heat methods in this list. These are the best chicken breast recipes, including most of my favorites. And yours too! Serve these recipes with a green salad or rice or mashed potatoes for a satisfying dinner.

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    Chicken Parmesan
    Chicken Parmesan. Linda Larsen

    Lots of people love this super quick, easy, and flavorful recipe. I do too! Enjoy it with some cooked carrots and mashed potatoes for the perfect comforting and easy meal.

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    Phyllo Chicken Mustard Roll. Linda Larsen

    This wonderful recipe is perfect for entertaining. Tender chicken is enveloped in a creamy mustard sauce, then wrapped in flaky and crisp phyllo. Yum.

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    Chicken Pesto in Puff Pastry Recipes

    Chicken Pesto in Puff Pastry. Linda Larsen

    This light and delicious recipe features chicken breasts and pesto wrapped up in puff pastry. It's perfect for a last minute lunch or for entertaining company when you don't have much time.

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    Mexican Peacocks. Linda Larsen

    Chicken is stuffed with avocado and coated with a spicy bread crumb mixture in this festive recipe. Serve with salsa and a seasoned rice pilaf.

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    This was one of the first recipes I developed for Busy Cooks, and it's still one of my favorites. The chicken is enveloped in a creamy cheesy sauce and topped with bacon. Yum!
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    Crispy Ranch Chicken. Linda Larsen

    This chicken recipe is easy, flavorful, and a favorite with children. The ranch dressing mix adds a wonderful but mild flavor and the coating is crisp and crunchy.

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    Honey Nut Chicken

    Honey Nut Chicken. Linda Larsen

    Tender chicken is coated with honey, then crunchy cereal and nuts and baked until tender. This is the perfect recipe to serve to kids.

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    Chicken Scampi. Linda Larsen

    Chicken is cooked in butter and lemon juice in this recipe that's an inexpensive version of Shrimp Scampi. It's luscious and very quick to make.

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    Creamy Italian Chicken
    Creamy Italian Chicken. Linda Larsen

    And this old-time, tried-and-true recipe is a great comfort food. It's simple to make and tastes great!

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    I love this recipe, and many others do too. It is slightly controversial, although I don't understand why. What's not to like about chicken, potatoes, cheese, and sour cream?