Here Are the Top 5 Cleaning Toy-Sets for Kids

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Young kids love to copy mommy's and daddy's activities, and what better activity to copy than cleaning up the house. Getting them into the habit now could even make those coming teenage years a little more bearable for parents. Who wouldn't want a teenager who has learned to clean up after themselves?

Little kids love to play at cleaning. They love to sweep and vacuum. They'll wash pretend dishes for hours at a time. A toy mop is a dream come true. These cleaning sets will delight...MORE kids and help develop good cleaning habits at the best possible age. 

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    This Dirt Devil cleaning set comes with 4 child sized tools.
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    With a vacuum cleaner, broom, dustpan, and broom brush, the Dirt Devil play-set will make a fantastic toolkit for your little helper. Part of the charm is that the small tools look just like the big ones that Mommy or Daddy use, making your little one feel like an important part of the cleaning crew.

    Ages 3 and up.

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    The Theo Klein Cleaning Trolley conatins tons of kid sized cleaning toys.
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    The Theo Klein Cleaning Trolley contains a mop, broom, brush broom, dustpan, and mop bucket—and this cleaning kit even comes complete with a trolley to store all your cleaning tools and supplies. Not only will your little helper have all the tools they need to help, but a built-in the storage system will keep their cleaning tools cleaned up.

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    The My Cleaning Trolley Set includes a real working sprayer.
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    The PlayGo cleaning cart contains a mop, broom, brush broom, dustpan, bucket, and real working water sprayer. In addition, the electronic vacuum and cleaning cart make this toy a super addition to a child's working fun. The neutral red, yellow, green, and blue colors make this a good choice for both boys and girls, all of whom will enjoy real working lights and sounds.

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    Melissa and Doug's cleaning set includes a dustpan that attatches to the handles of the other tools.
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    Although this set includes only a mop, broom, duster, and dustpan, the pieces are quite sturdy, with wooden handles that provide children a more lasting set of cleaning toys. This is a classic toy set that might even be passed down to a future generation. This six-piece set includes a dustpan that snaps onto the handles of all the other tools.  

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    The Kidz Delight Gift Set has 3 adorable tools your kids will love.
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    This cleaning set is geared towards young toddlers and includes a hand vacuum cleaner with such a cute, eye-appealing design. Sam, the broom, rolls his eyes, giggles, and talks when children sweep with him. The dust pan helps clean up any messes Sam sweeps up. The hand vacuum used AA batteries, included with the toy. 

    Ages 3 and up. 

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     Here's a power cleaning tool that actually works. Gentle suction will pick up "toy" dirt particles of small bits of paper or polystyrene balls. The canister has colorful balls that spin in cyclone fashion, and the toy has real-life sounds for fun realism. This toy used four "C"-sized batteries.