The Best Cleaning Wipes for Different Surfaces

These wipes make cleaning a whole lot easier

Cleaning table with wipe


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These top disposable cleaning wipes are a quick and easy way to clean any home surface in just one wipe.

From wipes for mildew in bathtubs to wipes for windows, these can save you time, money, and hassle. Best of all, you will not have to lug a bottle of cleaner and rags with you—the cleaning agent and a sturdy wipe come in one convenient wet wipe. Just wipe away and toss it away.

The Best Way to Use Cleaning Wipes

Pay attention to the way you dispose of cleaning wipes. Even those that claim to be flushable can cause clogs in toilets and lead to other environmental hazards. The best way to dispose of a used cleaning wipe is simply to throw it in the trash. That way, you avoid clogging up toilets and the sewerage systems attached to them.

Cleaning wipes are useful to keep in the home but do not forget that you can make them work for you elsewhere. Leave a pack of disinfecting wipes near your desk at work or pack them in your bag for disinfecting on-the-go.

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    Countertops: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

    Range of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Products


    Clorox disinfecting wipes work well when you have to clean surfaces exposed to germs such as your toilet or kitchen sink. While wipes are not meant for scrubbing tough dried-on dirt, they do a great job at quickly cleaning most surfaces in your home. Some wipes even have abrasive qualities, allowing you to scrub some surfaces while killing germs and bacteria.

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    Glass: Windex Wipes

    Windex Window Wipes


    When fingerprints, smudges, and splatters start showing up on your windows and doors, it is time for a wipe-down. Window wipes make it easy to give glass surfaces a quick clean without having to spray glass cleaner all over the house. You do not have to use extra paper towels; just grab the wipe and start using it. Most window wipes have enough liquid that you can get quite a long use out of each wipe.

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    Bathroom Tub and Tile: Method Flushable Wipes

    Method Tub-and-Tile Wipes


    Scrubbing a bathtub and bathroom tile is often one of the most labor-intensive chores due to the location of the surfaces and their level of grime. Method makes this pesky task easier with a flushable wipe that easily wipes down bathtubs and shower stalls. Some other brands offer sturdy wipes that can get beneath the grime to leave tubs and tiles clean as well. Pay attention to the product you use depending on the surface, though: bathtubs and showers that have been resurfaced may require special, abrasive-free cleaners.

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    Furniture: Murphy Soft Wipes

    Murphy Wood Cleaner Wipes


    Wood wipes not only remove dust​ but also polish and clean wood with just one wipe. These are especially great if you do not regularly care for the wood surfaces in your home or office. Instead of simply dusting with a little elbow grease, you can use these wipes to ensure your surfaces are truly clean, polished, and shining once again.