The Top 10 Climbing Roses You Should Plant

Doorway covered with pink rose flowers.
Darrell Gulin/Getty Images

Roses are pruned into shrubs and trees or grown in containers—any way to savor their beauty and heavenly scent. While some enthusiasts love a manicured rose garden, others favor the freedom and vigorous growth habit and appearance of climbing roses.

Beautiful Climbers

Climbers can be trained to climb up and over gazebostrellises, and arbors, softening the appearance of an otherwise plain wood or metal structure. Privacy at home means more than ever before. In stressful times, home is a refuge, and privacy provides a chance to relax alone or with those we care about. Seclusion via a privacy fence or screen gives you a safe retreat from the world outside.

A vining or climbing rose also serves as a focal point for your yard and is something you will enjoy looking at when you escape into your backyard. There are so many different varieties of climbing roses. Take a look at some of the favored varieties.

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    red altissimo rose

    F.D. Richards / Flickr

    Altissimo clusters of small buds open to stunning single flowers that are velvety bright red with central clusters of showy yellow stamens. Leaves are glossy and contribute to the rose's brilliance. Train Altissimo as a small climbing rose or pillar climber. It can also be shaped into a tall shrub.

    • Type of Rose: Floribunda
    • Color: Red
    • Scent: Mild, clove fragrance
    • USDA zones: 5 to 10
    • Size: 7 to 20 feet tall and 5 to 8 feet wide
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    American Beauty

    american beauty rose
    Hybrid Tea Rose 'Miss All American Beauty'; Bush Pasture Park Rose Garden, Salem, Oregon. Bush Pasture Park Rose Garden, Salem, Oregon

    American Beauty is a deep, cupped dark pink rose that is hardy and tolerates shade. These large roses are ideal for training on walls or trellises.

    • Type of Rose: Hybrid Wichurana
    • Color: Deep pink
    • Scent: Strong
    • USDA zones: 5b to 9b
    • Size: 12 to 15 feet tall
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    Cécile Brunner

    cecile bruner rose
    Cecile Bruner climbing rose. T.Kiya from Japan/Wiki Commons

    Cécile Brunner is a rampant climbing rose that can reach 20 feet. From beautifully shaped buds come petite clusters of blush-pink flowers.

    • Type of Rose: Tea
    • Color: Light pink
    • USDA zones:  6 to 10
    • Size: 20 to 25 feet tall and 10 to 20 feet wide
    • Scent: Sweet, spicy, tea-like
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    Dublin Bay

    floribunda rose dublin bay
    Floribunda climbing rose, 'Dublin Bay'. Huhu/Wiki Commons

    Dublin Bay is a sun lover that produces medium to large-sized rich, velvety red flowers that are fully double and have dark, glossy green leaves.

    • Type of Rose: Floribunda
    • Color: Red
    • Scent: Mild, fruity
    • USDA zones: 6b to 9b
    • Size: 8 to 12 feet tall and up to 5 feet wide
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    Fourth of July

    rose fourth of july
    Climbing rose, 'Fourth of July'. Captain Tucker/Wiki Commons

    Fourth of July is a large-flowered climber that produces profuse clusters of large, semi-double blooms that are red and white striped. It has a sweet scent and is a repeat bloomer.

    • Color: Red blend with stripes
    • Scent: Fresh-cut apple and sweet rose
    • USDA zones 6a through 9b
    • Size: 12 to 14 feet high
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    iceberg climbing roses
    White 'Iceberg' climbing roses. T.Kiya/Getty Images

    Many groups and rosarians hail Iceberg as the finest climbing rose, without question. Iceberg grows vigorously up to about 15 feet with profuse flowering and repeat extra-large blooms. It offers full, ruffled blossoms and is a rampant, far-reaching climber.

    • Type of Rose: Floribunda
    • Color: White; white blend
    • Scent: Mild to none
    • USDA zones: 4b to 9b
    • Size: 8 to 15 feet tall
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    peace rose
    Peace climbing rose. KJRSeattle/Wiki Commons

    Believed to be the most widely grown rose in the world, Peace roses have canes that can reach 20 feet or more. This climber works really well on a fence or large wall. It has full, ruffled blossoms and is a rampant, far-reaching climber with extra-large flowers.

    • Type of Rose: Hybrid tea
    • Color: Yellow and pink blend
    • Scent: Fruity
    • USDA: 6b through 9b
    • Size: 6 to 20 feet tall
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    Royal Sunset

    royal sunset rose
    'Royal Sunset' climbing rose. Flickr member Ryan Somma

    Royal Sunset features dark, bronzy-green, glossy leaves on a stiff cane that climbs and spreads to 10 feet. It is a repeated bloomer and makes gorgeous bouquets with shapely, large blooms.

    • Type of Rose: Hybrid Tea
    • Color: Apricot; apricot blend; orange blend
    • Scent: Fruity
    • USDA zones: 6 to 10
    • Size: Up to an 8 feet spread
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    Souvenir de la Malmaison

    souvenir de la malmaison rose
    'Souvenir de la Malmaison' rose. Flickr member Wang kun hung

    Souvenir de la Malmaison is an extremely vigorous climbing rose. Canes can grow to 15 feet or more and will bear a healthy crop of full-petaled roses in the spring.

    • Type of Rose: Bourbon
    • Color: Light pink
    • Scent: Tea fragrance
    • USDA zones: 5b to 10b
    • Size: 10 to 20 feet tall and up to 8 feet wide
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    westerland rose
    Apricot-colored climbing rose, 'Westerland'. Flickr member Anne Arnould

    Westerland is an extremely fragrant, winter-hardy rose that makes an excellent shrub. Its blossoms are large, semi-double to double bloom in size.

    • Type of Rose: Shrub
    • Color: Apricot; apricot blend, copper orange
    • Scent: Strong rose, spice
    • USDA zones 5b through 9b
    • Height: 5 to 12 feet tall to 4 feet wide