6 Great Coffee/Espresso Combo Machines

Why Choose Between Coffee and Espresso When You Can Have Both?

Does a great cup of brewed coffee make your morning, but you still want the option to pull a shot of espresso? Rather than clutter up your kitchen with two appliances, consider a machine that handles both styles of coffee.

Combination coffee and espresso machines are extremely convenient for the at-home barista. It gives you the freedom to choose the type of coffee you want to make that day and packages it all into a single appliance that takes up minimal counter space. ​

When choosing a combo...MORE machine, you have many options. It's best to go with a trusted manufacturer and here are a few of our favorites.

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    Courtesy of Amazon.com

    A fine machine from Delonghi, this is one of the least expensive options on the list and cheaper than Delonghi's Cafe Nero. It's a nice little budget-friendly option that gives you all of the power of the pricier machines.

    On the espresso side, you'll love the swivel jet milk frother when it's time for a cappuccino. 

    The drip coffee maker has a 24-hour timer for those early mornings and the 'pause' function allows you to grab a quick cup mid-brew. The freshness indicator...MORE adds to the appeal of this all-in-one coffee machine, which is perfect for smaller kitchens.

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    Espressione Dual Coffee & Espresso Machine
    Brew coffee and espresso simultaneously with this compact little machine. Courtesy of Amazon.com

    This impressive little machine can brew both coffee and espresso... simultaneously. That alone is a wonderful thing so there's no need to make a decision and if you want a Red Eye at home, you're good to go.

    If you're short on space but really love coffee, this is a sturdy machine that is just over 11 inches tall, so it fits under the tightest cupboards.

    The espresso comes out of a 19-bar Italian pump, which is impressive for an all-in-one system. The steam wand is easy to use, making...MORE it ideal for those who love lattes and cappuccinos.

    This one is also programmable and you can pour from the drip coffee mid-brew. Yet, one of the best features is that you can use ground coffee or coffee pods.

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    Delonghi Combination Espresso / Coffee Maker

    The Cafe Nero is one of Delonghi's best coffee machines and its black and silver finish adds great style to the kitchen. You will spend more money on this one, but it is well worth it.

    The machine is pod compatible and can brew up to 8 cups or pull two espresso shots. The two sections use separate water tanks so you can fill only the one you're using and the gold filter basket reduces grounds in your cup.

    It includes a milk frother and a timer, but our favorite part is that you can choose...MORE your preferred coffee strength with the touch of a button. It's a one-stop coffee shop!

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    AeroPress Combination Coffee & Espresso Maker
    This inexpensive, no-frills machine can make espresso, drip coffee and French press coffee. Courtesy of Amazon.com

    This is the cheapest and most low-fi of all the combination coffee/espresso makers on this list, and it's a pretty cool option. This no-frills combination machine is great for camping, dorms, places with unreliable electricity, or anyone on a low budget.

    The AeroPress is completely hand-operated, so no electricity is needed and it doesn't waste counter space. All you need is coffee grounds and hot water and this handy little tool can make drip coffee, espresso, or French press coffee.

    How&#...MORE39;s the coffee? It's fantastic. In fact, many coffee geeks prefer an AeroPress to any other brewing method because it fully immerses the grounds and creates a richer cup of coffee. If you have enjoyed French press or Moka pot coffee, this is better.

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    Courtesy of Amazon.com

    If you are a fan of Nespresso, then this is the coffee machine that will make the most out of those capsules. This compact machine allows you to make both coffee and espresso at the touch of a button.

    You'll only be able to use Nespresso's VertuoLine capsules to make this work, but the simplicity may be worth the tradeoff. 

    Not only is this machine unbelievably easy to use, it's also stylish and compact. It makes an excellent cup of coffee as well, no matter how you take it. 

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    Krups has the largest line of combo machines around and the company is one that you can usually rely on for a quality product. 

    This easy to use combination espresso machine and coffee maker, with digital controls, brews up to 10 cups of coffee at a time and has a 4-bar steam espresso machine. The steam wand allows for lattes and cappuccinos, and the compact design will suit any kitchen.

    It may not have many bells and whistles or fancy silver finishes, but it's a good multi-use machine. You...MORE may have a bit of a learning curve on the espresso side, but in no time you'll be pulling shots that rival your local coffee shop.