Top 5 Coffee Percolators

Go Low-Tech and Enjoy a Rich Cup of Coffee

It's hard to resist the blub-blub sounds that come from the bubbling coffee in a percolator. The coffee is richer than that brewed in a drip machine and many models brew a full pot in just a few minutes. In fact, many coffee drinkers still prefer a fresh-brewed cup from a percolator.

Percolators have many uses. They're great for small kitchens with limited counter space as well as offices and dorms that may not have a full kitchen set up. When not in use, the percolator stores away...MORE quickly, so these are a nice option for entertaining, particularly if you are not a regular coffee drinker yourself. You'll also find that they pack up nicely for travel.

Beyond making a great cup of coffee, percolators do not come with any of the fuss of most coffee machines. They are very simple in construction, easy to clean, and even the electric percolators have fewer parts that can break or need to be maintained. This increases their longevity and ensures you get your money's worth.

Though they may seem old-fashioned, the percolator market remains strong and there are many great models to choose one. From convenient electric percolators to lo-fi stovetop options, there is a percolator for everyone's needs. 

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    Farberware Coffee Percolator
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    FarberWare has a nice line of electric percolators with fine chrome finishes. They have models that brew 4, 8, or 12 cups of coffee at a time and you can always brew less when needed.

    Most of FarberWare's electric percolators have features that you'll find very useful:

    • Detachable power cord so you can take the pot wherever you need for serving.
    • Constant brewing of about 1 cup per minute.
    • Stay-warm mode. When the coffee's done percolating, it shuts down that function and automatically...MORE goes into a warming function to keep your coffee hot.
    • The handle is designed to stay cool.
    • Stainless steel carafe that is durable and long-lasting.
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    Presto Electric Coffee Percolator

    A very stylish percolator, this one is made from stainless steel. This 6-cup model is perfect for the casual coffee drink and small dinner parties. Presto also makes a 12-cup version for those who need a larger percolator.

    The Presto pots have some very nice features as well and they're reasonably priced.

    • The signal light lets you know when the coffee is ready.
    • The large handle makes for easy, drip-free pouring.
    • Both the handle and the lid knob are made of plastic that stays cool while brewing.
    • Th...MOREe bottom is heat-resistant so you don't have to fear burning countertops and tables.
    • It's electric and the cord is detachable.
    • The stainless steel pot has 2-cup indicators that allow you to brew as much coffee as you need.
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    Cuisinart Classic 4-cup Percolator

    The Cuisinart Percolator combines classic and modern style and it's an elegant stainless steel pot. It's also very fast, brewing a full 12 cups of coffee in just around 5 minutes.

    Another electric percolator, the Cuisinart also has a few features you'll want to consider.

    • A ready-to-serve light lets you know when your coffee is ready.
    • The pour spout has a nice, long design that won't drip or spill.
    • The clear, hard plastic knob gives you that classic percolator view of coffee bubbling...MORE up inside.
    • The handle and bottom stay cool to the touch.
    • Brew anywhere from 4-12 cups at a time, depending on your needs.
    • Detachable cord for quick service and storage.
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    Hamilton Beach Percolator

    Both reasonably priced and high on style, you'll love the updated look of Hamilton Beach's 12-Cup Percolator. Our favorite feature is the window near the handle that allows you to see how much coffee is left. No more need to peek inside!

    Hamilton Beach is known for quality, affordable kitchen appliances, and this percolator is no different.

    • The fast brew technology makes 1-cup every minute.
    • The lit indicator will let you know when your coffee is finished brewing and the warming feature...MORE keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature.
    • The lid is a unique design. It twists off and is clear so you can watch the percolator in action.
    • The handle and lid stay cool.
    • Pouring is easy and clean with a no-drip spout and detachable power cord.
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    Bialetti Stovetop Percolator
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    Stovetop percolators are also a great, inexpensive option for percolating coffee at home. You have a great variety to choose from and these are extremely convenient, no-fuss ways to get a great cup of coffee.

    Stovetop percolators range in size and style of coffee. Some make up to 8 cups of drip-like coffee while others, like the Bialetti Moka Pot, make as little as 3 cups of espresso-like coffee (though the measurement is more like a double shot of espresso). Other percolators let you choose...MORE between the coffee style based on your grounds to water ratio.

    If you're looking at stovetop percolators, a few factors should weigh into your buying decision:

    • Look for a percolator that's compatible with your stove, particularly if you own one with a ceramic or induction surface.
    • You can create a tall cup of coffee from an espresso-like percolator by topping it with hot water, Cafe Americano-style.
    • Because they're designed to be heated on the stove, these percolators can burn your countertops and tables. Be sure to set them on a hot pad or pot holder until they cool down.
    • Cleaning is a breeze because there are no electrical connections to worry about and most break down quickly. Be sure to have a place to dump used coffee grounds.
    • Look for a heat-resistant handle as these pots can get very hot.
    • There is no stay-warm function, so it's best to put any leftover coffee in a thermos or thermal carafe to keep it warm.