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    What You Should Know Before Using a Color Scheme Generator

    The Best Color Scheme Generators
    Color Scheme Generators - PPG Color Palette ©PPG Pittsburgh Paints

    Color scheme generators can make choosing color for your home easier. You don't have to learn extensive theories about how color works together when you use one of these sites or apps, but you'll want to learn a few basic color terms to help you along. 

    When you are creating a color scheme you'll need to know a little bit about the types of color scheme or palette you can create:

    • Monochromatic - based on one hue, with shades and tones of that same color.
    • Analogous - a scheme based on three colors lying adjacent on the color wheel.
    • Split-Complementary is a color scheme that uses three colors. One color is chosen, then the color on either side of its complementary color are included.
    • Tetradic Color Scheme is a scheme using two sets of complementary colors. 
    • Complementary Color Scheme is a color scheme with two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

    Learn more about creating a color scheme with a color wheel.

    Not all color palette generators correspond with paint colors, you'll want to use the dedicated paint color apps if you'd like to take your palette into a paint store. Most color scheme generators are best for experimenting and exploring color before you put together your own palette for painting or decorating.

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    Design Seeds - For All Who Love Color

    Best Color Scheme Generators
    Design Seeds Color Palette Inspiration ©DesignSeeds/Caroline_Grimble

    It's easy to get lost on the Design-Seeds site, or Pinterest page. Page after page of gorgeous color schemes based on equally gorgeous images can capture you for hours. The color palettes of Design Seeds are already created for you, but serve as color inspiration for your own projects. The colors for these image-inspired palettes are chosen without the help of a computer color-picker. The human aspect of these beautiful color palettes make them even more inspiring. 

    Image: @DesignSeeds/Caroline Grimble/Wild_Rubus

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    Best Color Scheme Generators
    Color Scheme Generators Review ©Paletton is a useful color scheme generator if you want to experiment with how color schemes work. Using their simple tools, you can start with one color and see how it relates to other colors in different scheme scenarios. While Paletton does not give you exact matches for paint colors, you can get ideas for creating color palettes using basic color scheme tactics. With the knowledge of how colors go together in these schemes, you can use it to create your own with paint, fabric, or artwork, at home.

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    Color Scheme Generators
    Color Palette Creators - COLOURlovers ©

    COLOURlovers has over 4 million user-generated color palettes. Not all palettes are specifically designed for home decorating, but they can inspire you to think of color in new ways. Be sure to check out the "Home" tab for user-generated color palettes for interior design. You can also create your own palette with this versatile color scheme generator and community.

    Over 8 million users contribute colors ideas, palettes, and patterns. Becuase is a global community, you benefit from a wide range of color ideas that you may have not considered. Membership on the site is free. 

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    Behr ColorSmart App

    Color Scheme Generators
    Best Color Palette Apps ©Behr

    Behr's ColorSmart app is notable in the field of paint color apps, because of its numerous tools. You will have access to Behr's vast collection of paint colors, in addition to photo matching using their photo match tool. Though the ColorSmart app is not a color palette generator, you can use the color inspiration and knowlege from the color generators to choose color more easily.

    Use the room color preview to see how your colors look in a room setting, then share them on social media. Behr's ColorSmart app incudes a paint calculator and a store locator when it's time to purchase your paint samples.

    Behr ColorSmart App