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Commercial cat repellents may be needed when homemade repellents do not work. You may need to discourage stray cats from your yard to prevent unpleasant episodes of redirected aggression among your own cats. Or perhaps your cats are endangering themselves by counter-surfing near the stove or chewing on wires in your entertainment center or computer area. If homemade deterrents fail, it may be time to call in these heavy duty commercial cat repellents.
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    Ssscat! is a versatile cat repellent training system which is excellent for hardcore behavioral problems in cats. It works with two components: a motion detector atop a repellent spray can with an auxiliary high-pitched alarm. After several encounters with the harmless, veterinarian-approved cat repellent spray, cats will usually respond to the alarm alone. We found it particularly effective against counter-surfing cats.

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    Tattle Tale depends on a combination of vibration-based detection plus a "startling" 2 second tone. The unit operates on a 9V battery, and has a hi-low adjustment for the vibration sensitivity. A sensor detects vibration in a surface or object without apparent motion. The sound then startles the cat into leaving the area, while also alerting the owner. Tattle Tale can be hung or placed on any horizontal surface. I haven't tested this unit and wonder at its potential sensitivity on a...MORE tile countertop or floor. One Amazon reader remarked that on the third day she found her cat sleeping peacefully on the sofa cushion right next to the unit. (I may or may not be reviewing this product.)

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    Wire Loom is the technical name for split tubing used to cover electrical wires and cables, and is an excellent means of preventing dangerous shocks from cats nibbling on wires. It isn't exactly a cat repellent per se, but it will protect electrical cords from damage, and more important, protect cats and kittens from shocks.

    Wire loom is flexible, comes in various colors, including clear, and several sizes from 1/8 inch to 2 inches, and in lengths from 10 to 100 feet. 

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    Sticky Paws is double-sided tape, and can be used to cover furniture and counter top edges where cats might be tempted to jump. The stickiness is a very unpleasant feeling to the tender paws of most cats, making an effective cat repellent, and they will soon learn to avoid that area. Sticky Paws comes in regular size (2" x 12"), a roll of the same, and in extra large (9" x 12"), for areas like stair treads or the sides of sofas.
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    Bitter Apple Spray is exactly what the name describes. It is the same stuff used to discourage nail-biting and thumb-sucking in humans. The taste is unbelievably bitter and is a most effective repellent to cats. Cats will soon learn to avoid plants, electrical wiring and other favored off-limits chewing surfaces which have been treated with Bitter Apple spray. It will need to be reapplied regularly.

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    This ingenious cat repellent is motion activated and utilizes ultrasonic noise pitched to a frequency only cats can hear (21-25 KhZ. It is safe for outdoor use and includes an optional stake for mounting in lawns or flower beds. The unit covers an infrared sensing angle of 80 degrees, and detects movement up to 20 feet away.

    What I liked best about Catstop is that it is battery powered, eliminating the need for clumsy extension cords. (A 9 Volt battery will last up to 4,900 activations.) You can...MORE also order an optional AC adaptor for this product. It comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

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    Jumpo Trainer is a rather simple device that operates on the principles of physics. A strong bungee cord connects two hard plastic asymmetrical pieces. When stretched tight, the pieces lock together and can be placed anywhere you'd prefer cats not to be. A very light touch to the unit causes the two pieces to jump high into the air, landing noisily. Jumpos actually were first marketed to keep birds off boats, patio areas, etc. However, it was soon realized that they also deterred cats and...MORE other critters.

    Jumpos should be handled carefully, because they sting if accidentally sprung. You may want to cover set Jumpos with a towel or other covering to prevent accidental injury to cats. One or two uses are usually sufficient warning


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    ScareCrow, which looks more like a mynah bird than a crow, in my opinion, is an a motion activated sprinkler that will instantly respond to intruders with a burst of water. Great for keeping stray cats out of your yard or your own cats within boundaries inside your yard. It has a 105 degree detection range and about a 35 foot squirt range, so you may need more than one for maximum protection.

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    Shake-Away claims to be the "strongest cat deterrent in nature," and I have to agree, judging by the ingredients. Shake-Away is a granular substance with the odor of fox and coyote urine. Even territorial cats are smart enough to stay away from areas previously marked by much larger predators. One 20 ounce bottle will cover as much as 600 linear feet. Shake-Away is non-toxic to humans, animals, and flora. Like the "real thing," applications should be repeated over time or after...MORE heavy rain.

    I've tested it, with limited results, probably because the applications weren't repeated frequently enough.

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