Top 18 Sweet Corn Recipes

Corn Soups, Casseroles, Slow Cooker Favorites, Fritters, and More

These corn recipes include personal favorites and many top picks from visitors. Enjoy corn casseroles, delicious salsas, stuffed peppers, slow cooker dishes, waffles and fritters, and corn soups.

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    Corn Waffles
    Corn Waffles. Diana Rattray

     These sweet corn waffles make a delicious breakfast dish. Or make them savory and serve them with fried chicken!

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    Black Bean and Corn Salad
    Black Bean and Corn Salad. Diana Rattray
    This black bean and corn salad is dressed with an easy, tangy dressing and tossed with torn lettuce, red bell pepper, and some hot peppers. The dressing is a simple mixture of lime juice, olive oil, and seasonings.
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    Fresh Cream-Style Corn
    Fresh Cream-Style Corn. Diana Rattray
    This delicious, sweet cream-style corn is a recipe you'll use again and again. This is a great side dish to serve when you want to impress, and it's super easy to prepare.
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    Corn Salsa
    Corn Salsa. Diana Rattray

     This flavorful salsa is made with fresh cooked or frozen corn. Or use roasted fresh corn. Tomatoes, chile peppers, and red onions are among the ingredients.

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    Corn and Lima Bean Bake
    Corn and Lima Bean Bake. Diana Rattray

    This succotash combination makes a delicious casserole, perfect for a potluck or family dinner.

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    Easy Skillet Corn With Bacon and Sour Cream
    Skillet Corn With Bacon and Sour Cream. Diana Rattray

    This easy skillet corn dish is gussied-up with bacon, bell peppers, and sour cream.

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    Fresh Corn - Southern Fried Corn
    Fried Corn With Fresh Corn. Diana Rattray

    This easy fried corn is made with fresh corn kernels, butter, optional sugar, and seasonings. A little bacon grease can be added for more flavor.

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    Baked Corn Casserole
    Baked Corn Casserole. Photo: Diana Rattray
    A seasoned white sauce and eggs make up this tasty corn casserole. I like to add a little onion powder to the seasoning in this recipe. 
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    Corn With Cream Cheese
    Corn With Cream Cheese. Diana Rattray

    The slow cooker makes this creamy corn dish so easy, and it is delicious. Serve this corn with pork chops or a ham dinner.

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    corn pudding
    Andre Baranowski

    This corn pudding is very tasty, and it's the perfect accompaniment for a roast or baked ham. This casserole makes a great side dish to a holiday meal.

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    sweet and hot corn relish
    Sweet and Hot Corn Relish. Diana Rattray
    This delicious corn relish is made with fresh corn kernels, chopped onions and peppers, and seasonings. Serve this corn relish with hot dogs or along with chicken or pork barbecue or beans.
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    Stuffed Peppers With Ground Beef and Corn
    Stuffed Peppers With Ground Beef and Corn. David Bishop Inc. Photolibrary/Getty Images

     These easy stuffed peppers are filled with a mixture of ground beef, corn, and rice.

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    Corn Chowder With Sausage
    Hearty corn chowder is made with sausage. Diana Rattray

     This corn chowder is hearty enough for a soup supper. The chowder is made with cream-style and whole kernel corn along with browned sausage and potatoes.

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    Lobster Corn Chowder
    Lobster Corn Chowder. Diana Rattray

     This elegant soup is a fantastic way to enjoy cooked lobster and fresh or frozen corn. Add crab meat or other seafood to the soup for a corn and seafood chowder.

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    Corn Oysters
    Corn Oysters. Diana Rattray

     These deep fried corn oysters are similar to fritters. Serve them along with fried fish or ham or serve with maple syrup or golden cane syrup.

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    Corn and pepper medley.
    Diana Rattray

    Colorful sweet bell peppers, chopped onion, and parsley is cooked with these fresh or frozen corn kernels. The corn is sauteed in a skillet with the vegetables.

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    Fresh Corn Pudding
    Victoria Pearson/Photolibrary/Getty Images

     This corn pudding is made with fresh corn, eggs, and chopped bell pepper and onions.

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    Lobster Corn Chowder
    Diana Rattray

     This wonderful chowder is a rich corn chowder with diced lobster. Top it with some crumbled cooked bacon if you like.