Top Crochet Fashion Trends

Gingham Plarn Crochet Purse. Cindy of My Recycled Bags

Do you keep up with style trends? I like to know what people are wearing. I don't necessarily cleave to it but sometimes it's fun to find a way to put my own twist on the stuff that's really popular at any given time of year. Here are five Spring 2015 fashion trends that lend themselves well to reinvention in crochet.

Apron Skirting

Popsugar reports that apron skirting is a huge trend on the runways.

I've seen this in posts about local San Francisco street style as well, with one woman saying that she loves to wear an apron skirt over her dresses because it adds much-needed pockets. You can also add a lot of color, texture and print fun with apron skirting, a unique accessory that I'm adoring seeing people begin to wear! My favorite recommendation for crochet apron skirting would be to look at vintage crochet apron patterns. The granny square crochet apron skirt in this crochet skirt pattern roundup is a great contemporary design for a retro-inspired apron skirting option.


Popsugar also notes that gingham is a hot trend this spring. I personally love gingham prints and think it's great that they're back in style. Gingham isn't often recreated in crochet, which is a shame because it's a block-based pattern that is actually easy to make into a crochet pattern. When we see it, it's usually in the form of crochet for the home.

I challenge you to take those gingham crochet blanket and home patterns and adapt them into wearables this spring! If you need more inspiration, take a look at the gingham crochet hat pattern from Playing Hooky Designs and the Gingham Plarn Purse free crochet pattern from My Recycled Bags.

Statement Stripes

Popsugar highlights that stripes are popular right now but it's all about the "positioning and placement".

Stripes are obviously something that we love to crochet so it's an easy spring style to adopt. Consider diagonal crochet stripes for something interesting.

High Necklines

If you like to crochet shirts and sweaters then you might want to take into consideration that high necklines are the trend for Spring 2015. If you don't like to crochet tops then you might want to consider creating a faux high neckline by making a high-necked crochet collar to add to the tops that you wear.

Anything 1970s Inspired

Popsugar also says that there is a trend towards "subtle 70's" inspiration this spring. That's easy to recreate in crochet since it's a decade that lent itself to crochet design. Take a look at these 20 inspiring '70s crochet images from McCall's to get an idea of what people were wearing in crochet back then. You can also get inspiration from looking at the work of 1970s crochet designers. Put your own contemporary twist on those ideas to make a special statement piece to wear this spring!