Top Design and Decor Trends Seen Through 2017

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    Top Design and Decor Trends Through 2017

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    Victoria Redshaw, futurist of the UK trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus, is a popular source for forecasting design trends.

    For 2017 she predicts four trends:

    Desert Wanderer: Primitive and raw rather than minimalist, with an earthy and soothing color palette. Think geological and topological. Colors include brushed silver, orange tones moving through to purples and even the formerly shunned mauve. Indigo blue is used for deeper tones. The pattern theme would be Moroccan with rugs and tiles.

    Organic Matter: Extreme naturalness is being used for immersive green spaces and dramatic installations. A mossy wall, for example. It uses patterns of florals and foliage. This was part of the theme of wild urbanism predicted in 2015/16.

    Analogue Workshop: This design is a digital detox, embracing old crafts and simplicity. The colors are chambray blue, granite gray, or dark petrol. Cork is used and you may see leather and exposed screws and rivets.

    Tribe: This is a metro woman trend. It uses bold, striking colors.


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    Trend: Historical Glamour

    Image courtesy of Scarlet Opus

    A big concept is the mix of heritage simplicity and modern indulgence. This idea is based on the need for comfort and a feeling of luxury without being ostentatious, Redshaw explains. With a sense of uncertainty and anxiety about the future, we are looking more to the past for comfort and inspiration. At the same time, we want to add a little sense of glamor into our lives.

    What Does It Look Like?

    Color is a big part of capturing any trend. For this look, the key component is using dark, rich colors that have been “grayed down” – meaning that a gray hue is added to the color to detract from the richness of the full color. Redshaw points out that colors such as indigo and Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year marsala work well with this trend.

    How to Achieve the Look

    This look is all about mixing the old and the new. A thick, luxurious shag area rug laid over a rustic, distressed hardwood is a perfect example of incorporating this trend. Area rugs that feature a crackled or “worn-away” look will be increasingly popular, according to Redshaw. The trend also embraces a metallic element, particularly in brass or bronze tones. In carpet and rugs, the metallic effect can be achieved through the use of a lustrous fiber interwoven amongst the other fibers, or even with the addition of metallic beads or crystals to the rug. 

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    Trend: Nature Luxe

    Image courtesy of Milliken

    Redshaw describes the concept behind this trend as a way of disengaging from our busy, technologically-infused lives and embracing the quiet. While we may crave a return to more simple times, we still appreciate a sense of luxury. This trend looks to hand-crafted elements for that blend of simplicity and luxury.

    What Does It Look Like?

    This style promotes calm with a soothing color palette in neutral tones and soft, shimmery finishes. Natural materials such as hides are a big part of this trend, as are metallic or pearlescent accents. The overall impression of this trend is cozy and light.

    How to Achieve the Look

    Classic tile, such as travertine, lends itself well to this look as does hardwood in soft blonde or gray tones, according to Redshaw. Leather floor tiles may also be used. Area rugs made of cow hide in soft neutral colors work well or consider a carpet or area rug with lustrous fibers interwoven for that metallic effect (such as the Milliken "Crystal Stitch" collection featured above -- while the effect is somewhat lost in photographs, it is much more apparent in person).

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    Trend: Wild Urbanism

    Image courtesy of Scarlet Opus

    Redshaw describes Wild Urbanism as “fusing the built environment with the natural environment,” and notes that this trend is currently very popular with architects and designers. The underlying concept of this trend is the notion of nature breaking through architecture. This trend spurs from an increased ecological awareness and also celebrates connections among people, and between people and nature.

    What Does It Look Like?

    This trend promotes the idea of nature breaking free with bold floral patterns (which can be mismatched in scale) and a color palette reminiscent of a garden that incorporates greens, pinks and lilac tones. This trend discourages the uniform in favor of random elements, so hardwood floors featuring a mix of wood tones are very appropriate.

    How to Achieve the Look

    Consider a multi-toned hardwood floor in a herringbone pattern, with an area rug featuring a bright floral design or a pattern reminiscent of a patchwork quilt. As with all big trends for 2016, the use of texture is important, so eschew smooth surfaces and opt for those that appeal to your sense of touch -- chunky frieze styles and patterned cut and loops work well. Bring nature indoors with lots of plants and accessories featuring natural elements.