Top 5 Electronic Kitchen Thermometers

When choosing an electronic kitchen thermometer, you must first analyze your usage. If you plan on using it for both meats and candy, you'll want one with a wide range to accommodate high temperatures. Large easy-to-read dials, shatter-proof clear lenses and calibration options are optimum. Other options include dual probe, timer and remote beeper.
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    Battery-operated with an on/off switch. Four-foot long metal probe connects to the monitor to allow checking temperatures without opening the oven door. Alarm sounds when the desired temperature is reached. Temperature range: 32 to 392 F (0 - 200 C). This product gets a high-performance rating with both professional and home cooks. It requires two AAA batteries.

    • Prime Rib Roast RecipePrime rib is an expensive cut of beef and you don't want to overcook it. That's where a digital oven...MORE thermometer comes in handy. 
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    Polder 362-90 Digital In-Oven Thermometer/Timer, White
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    Probe goes into meat and into the oven while magnetized monitor remains outside to check progress. Checks the oven temperature as well as internal food temperature up to 572 degrees F. Includes a 10-hour countdown timer and alarm.

    • Pork Roast with Apple Stuffing RecipePeople are used to overcooking pork for fear of trichinosis. But the FDA stipulates that whole meat roasts, including pork, is safe at 165 F. The stuffing also be cooked to 165 F.
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    AcuRite 00993ST Digital Cooking Thermometer with Probe
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    Digital display with 24-hour timer. Probe goes in the food, while monitor remains outside the oven. Memory option for frequently-used settings. Range: 32 to 392F (0 - 200C), convertible to Celsius. A wireless version also is available.

    • Roast Leg of Lamb Recipe Leg of lamb is another pricey cut of meat that you don't want to overcook. When your thermometer reaches 130 F, it's time to come out of the oven.
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    Nu-Temp Temperature Detective Wireless BBQ Temperature Probe
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    Probe monitors food temperature in the grill and signals a wireless remote up to 75 feet away. Battery-operated with large digital read-out. Model NU-701. Extra remotes available. This one is on the pricey side.

    • Veal Roast with Mushrooms RecipeThis tender cut of beef should be roasted to no higher than 165 F but can be pulled from the oven at 135 F, tented with foil and let carryover cooking finish the job.
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    Pyrex Digital Probe Oven Thermometer/ Timer
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    Battery-operated thermometer with oven-safe probe which is inserted into food. Outside monitor keeps track of internal temperature in Fahrenheit and celsius degrees. Timer sounds alarm when food is ready. Lifetime warranty.

    • Baked Salmon Steaks RecipeMany people don't realize that fish needs to have its temperature taken just like meat and poultry. The FDA recommends all fish be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 F.