The Bakery Equipment All Home Bakers Should Have

Get Ready to Bake With This Bakery Equipment

Whether you are new to baking or want to get someone else prepared for the fine art of baking, here is a list of common baking tools. This bakery equipment list will help you get everything you need to bake cakes, cookies, pies, and much more.

Keep in mind that these are top-quality products--investments for your kitchen. As such, they may cost a little more upfront but should last a lifetime. 

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    You absolutely must have measuring cups and spoons to measure dry and wet ingredients. Don't forget to get the glass measuring cups, too, as you will likely have to measure liquids. These are relatively inexpensive and may be available at your local dollar store. In baking, measurements must be precise, so you will definitely need measuring tools on your bakery equipment list.

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    You cannot mix ingredients without a mixing bowl. Typically, you may use several when baking one item. (If you do have a stand mixer, you can use the mixing bowl for baking. But you want to have more than one bowl because you typically mix liquid ingredients in one bowl and dry ingredients in another. Separate bowls are also good to mix frosting and other toppings.)

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    You just can't efficiently stir sauces without a wire whisk. They are a must-have in order to thoroughly mix dry and wet ingredients.

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    The ultimate mixer for anyone who bakes is, of course, a stand mixer. I love my KitchenAid stand mixer because it has 10-speeds that make mixing, kneading and whipping a breeze. While you can use a hand mixer, this ensures a smooth mix with the push of a button. These are typically more expensive than hand mixers but can last for decades. 

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     A stand mixer may not be for everyone, and in that case, a hand mixer will do the job just as good--with a little of your own elbow grease put in to hold the mixer. Not to worry though because there are plenty of great hand mixers out there. I personally use the KitchenAid Ultra Power Plus 7 hand mixer because it has 5 speeds, turbo-powered beaters, and an ergonomically designed handle that makes it comfortable to hold.

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    You can't bake without bakeware. Baking pans like loaf pans, cake pans, pie plates, and baking sheets are necessary for baking.

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    The spoon-shaped spatula is perfect when removing cake batter from a bowl and scraping the edges to get every last bit of it. Try different sizes!

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    Make sure to get one large enough to hold 2 cake layers or get 2 smaller racks. Stackable cooling racks are also available and can be folded down for easy storage.

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    Every kitchen needs a good set of knives like this paring knife. A long serrated knife is another good knife needed. It would be used to cut through a cake horizontally. If you get a good knife like a Wusthof, your gift will be treasured for a lifetime.

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    It's hard to bake something right if you don't know how long it's been cooking. See if your oven has a timer. Some chefs and bakers like to have an external timer as well.

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    Some people are pot holder people and some people are oven mitt people. I fall ​in the later category. I always seem to burn myself with a pot holder, but never with my mitts. These are great if you have a high-temperature dish, or if you are allowing a child to learn to bake because they fully protect the hand while an oven mitt can be dropped.