The 9 Best Dryer Sheets

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Our Top Picks
"They provide unbeatable fabric softening and static elimination."
"Make sure your clothes still smell great with a box of budget dryer sheets."
"Customers love the long-lasting scent and excellent results."
"Freshen up clothes without worrisome chemicals or additives."
"Use these sheets for sports sweat, doggy odor, and other difficult scents."
"Eliminates common chemicals and fragrances."
"These dryer sheets rely solely on plant-based power to do their work."
Best for Sensitive Skin:
bounce Fabric Softener Sheets at Amazon
"A dermatologist-approved product."
"Wool dryer balls will fluff your clothes while naturally eliminating wrinkles."

Best Overall: Bounce Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets

Eliminate static and impart a fresh scent to your laundry with a Bounce Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheet. A hands down favorite in the laundry department, people love these Bounce Dryer Sheets for their pleasant aroma and unbeatable fabric softening and static elimination.

Over a thousand rave reviewers consistently comment on how well these dryer sheets work at ridding clothes, blankets, and more of static. Just add a sheet to your freshly washed laundry during the drying cycle to banish wrinkles and static at once. And if you wish you could line-dry your clothes for that crisp outdoorsy scent, then this is the dryer sheet for you. One city-dweller remarked that these dryer sheets give her clothes a similar fresh scent as if they had been line-dried.

One of the few complaints that people have for this product is just that the box isn’t big enough! People find themselves consistently re-ordering these specific dryer sheets because they find that their clothes come out fresher and softer when using this product. As a result, many users say they are sold on Bounce Outdoor Fresh Dryer Sheets exclusively.

Best Budget: Snuggle Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, Blue Sparkle

Skip static but make sure your clothes still smell great with a box of budget dryer sheets—like these much-loved Snuggle Blue Sparkle Dryer Sheets.

For only 4 cents per load, you can look forward to less static and no stink. These dryer sheets will infuse Snuggle’s famous Blue Sparkle fragrance that is much loved by people for its light, soft scent. And instead of tossing them in the trash once you’ve folded your laundry, use them to freshen up stinky shoes or to remove dust and pet hair from baseboards.

The next time you need extra freshness or want to ensure a static-free load of laundry during dry weather, these dryer sheets will be ready. For just a few cents per load, people are very happy with the performance of Snuggle Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets. 

Best Smelling: Gain Dryer Sheets

If you want that scent of fresh laundry to last long after the buzzer ends on the dryer, check out Gain Dryer Sheets. People find the Original scent to be pleasant without being overpowering.

These dryer sheets come at an affordable price with outstanding ‘scent-sations.’ Like other varieties of dryer sheets, they will reduce static, keep wrinkles away, and infuse your clothes with a fresh scent. Gain’s claim to fame is printed right on the box—“Seriously good scent that lasts and lasts!” A lot of people that have tried Gain dryer sheets have switched over from other leading brands because of the great, long-lasting scent and excellent results.

The scent is so appealing that people have also used these dryer sheets to freshen up their homes, cars, work boots, furniture and more. If you want your world to smell better, it’s hard to argue with the appeal of Gain Dryer Sheets. For the longest-lasting scent effects, it’s recommended that you use these dryer sheets along with Gain detergent and liquid fabric softener.

Best for Baby: The Honest Company Honest Dryer Cloths, Free & Clear

Most parents are picky when it comes to any products that they use for their little ones, and dryer sheets for babies are no exception. Many brands contain chemicals and scents that may irritate your infant’s sensitive skin. Honest Dryer Cloths are a trusted favorite used by parents to eliminate static and freshen up clothes without worrisome chemicals or additives.

These wet dryer cloths are used in the same manner as typical dryer sheets, but they don’t include fragrances, dyes, phthalates, parabens, animal by-products, or other harmful chemicals. Simply place one sheet in the dryer with a load of clothes and the cloth will release its special, safe formula that gently softens clothes and reduces static. And unlike most dryer sheets, you can reuse this wet dryer cloth for another round of laundry.

The plant-based fabric softener in these dryer sheets for baby really works to reduce static cling, according to users. Just be sure that you tightly seal up the packaging after each laundry session to make sure the dryer clothes stay moist and ready for use.

Best for Tough Odors: Snuggle Snuggle Plus Super Fresh Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can be the final touch needed to eliminate tough odors in your laundry cycle. A go-to dryer sheet that gives laundry a big dose of freshness is the Snuggle Plus Super Fresh Dryer Sheets.

This product was voted a Consumer Product of the Year for its effectiveness and innovation. If you’ve been battling sports sweat, doggy odor, and other hard to eliminate scents in your laundry, give these dryer sheets for tough odors a try.

Real-life users report that adding the Snuggle Plus Super Fresh products to their laundry routine has made a huge difference in how fresh their laundry smells. It should be noted that for seriously stinky cases, the manufacturer recommends using these dryer sheets along with Snuggle’s in-laundry fabric softener.

Best Natural: Method Beach Sage Dryer Sheets

For a more natural alternative to the chemicals that bend your clothing fibers into submission, consider Method Dryer Sheets in Beach Sage scent.

These natural dryer sheets skip a lot of the chemicals and fragrances that are common to mainstream dryer sheets but still promise to reduce static and wrinkles in your laundry. Compared to other brands of natural dryer sheets, these ones seem to reduce static better according to users.

The Beach Sage scent is a winner for some people and a miss for others. If you don’t care for an ocean-inspired scent, there are other varieties to choose from, including a Ginger Mango that we think is both sweet and spicy—in a good way. If you’re looking for maximum fragrance retention in your clothes, then it’s suggested that you pair this product with Method’s laundry detergent and fragrance boosters in a matching scent.

Best Natural, Runner-Up: Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets, Free and Clear

If you are looking for an unscented natural dryer sheet, Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets may be the right choice for you. Just be sure to buy the Free and Clear variety, since the company also makes a lavender-fragranced natural dryer sheet.

While these dryer sheets used to be an unusual cardboard-like sheet that perplexed a lot of people, Seventh Generation has switched to a more recognizable paper dryer sheet (bonus: it’s compostable). The sheets have mixed results when it comes to their ability to reduce static, but that isn’t uncommon for most natural dryer sheets.

If you have a particularly sensitive nose, you should know that some people claim to still detect a light scent on these supposedly fragrance-free dryer sheets. If you do smell something, you can at least rest assured that it isn’t from harmful chemicals or animal-based derivatives. In fact, these dryer sheets rely solely on plant-based power to do their work in the dryer.

Best for Sensitive Skin: bounce Fabric Softener Sheets

Avoid irritating your sensitive skin, but still reap all the benefits of dryer sheets by using a dermatologist-approved product—like these Bounce Free & Gentle Dryer Sheets.

Bounce is one of the most popular brands of dryer sheets on the market, and their line of dryer sheets for sensitive skin or eczema gets rid of dyes and perfumes while maintaining their effectiveness in eliminating wrinkles and static. One dryer sheet per load is generally enough to do the trick, though the box may recommend using an additional sheet or two depending on the size of the load.

Families with skin sensitivities or eczema frequently report that these dryer sheets cause no adverse reactions. Note, however, that these are not the same as natural dryer sheets. They still contain many of the same active ingredients as conventional dryer sheets to rid clothes of static and wrinkles—just without the fragrances and dyes that frequently cause reactions in people with sensitive skin.

Best Alternative: Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls Organic

Are you looking for a dryer sheet alternative? Woolzies are a soft and fuzzy way to freshen up your laundry routine. A set of 6 wool dryer balls will fluff your clothes while naturally eliminating wrinkles and static.

Each solid wool ball is slightly larger than a tennis ball. They work by lifting and separating clothes in a way that reduces drying time and gently prevents wrinkles from setting in. The balls are not scented – but you can add essential oils if you want to give your freshly washed clothes a light, natural scent. Make sure oil is fully absorbed into the balls first before adding to the dryer.

People are enthusiastic about the reduction in static and wrinkles they get when using these dryer balls. Many people report using a set of dryer balls for at least a year before they need replacing – which represents a considerable savings when compared to frequently buying boxes of dryer sheets.

Woolizes are made using wool imported from New Zealand before being assembled in Nepal. Some other wool dryer balls are made in China, so many people appreciate knowing the country of origin for Woolzies. 

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