Top 5 Feng Shui Crystals for Your Office

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    Pyrite Cubes, Spheres or Chunks

    what is pyrite and feng shui use
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    As long as you do not mention the word "feng shui crystals", this selection of 5 stones should work very well for your office space! I will not suggest you hang faceted crystals from your computer screen (bad idea!), but rather bring natural mineral specimens with awesome energy to help raise your own energy levels at work.

    Pyrite is # 1 crystal for any office space as it brings crisp, fresh, happy and disciplined energy. It is full of optimism and stamina, and can help clear a confused mind real quick!

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    Hematite Chunks or Tumbled Stones

    feng shui hematite
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    Hematite has very cooling energy that is also grounding and somewhat protective. Given the fact that most workspaces are full of stressful energy created by high EMF levels, indoor pollution, as well as a variety of potentially negative human emotions, a piece of hematite, can be your best friend to keep you grounded, calm and cool.


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    Ammonite Pieces

    feng shui ammonite
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    This stunning fossil can share some of its wisdom with you (about 100 million years or so!), as well as circulate stagnant, stuck energy. It looks stunning in any space so nobody will even suspect you are using feng shui to create better energy in your office


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    Black Onyx Chunks or Tumbled Stones

    black onyx properties
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    Black onyx provides a supportive, strong and stable energy that anyone can benefit from. It can help one persevere and keep the mind clear and calm. This solid stone can also help one stay focused on real priorities, as well as trust their inner voice. Doesn't that sound like an ideal stone for any office space?


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    Carnelian Chunks or Tumbled Stones

    carnelian feng shui properties
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    The warm and joyful carnelian is used for its energy activating qualities, as well as grounding and protective qualities. It brings warmth and friendly energy to any space; filling it with humble joy and happiness. It also helps keep your energy, as well as your priorities clear. Sounds like an ideal stone for any workplace!