Top 10 Feng Shui Fountains Under $100

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    Do you have a feng shui fountain?

    feng shui fountain

    Feng shui fountains are among the most popular feng shui products and come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The uses of feng shui fountains are many - there are indoors and outdoors feng shui fountains, tabletop, free-standing, wall-mounted, and more. Does your home have a fountain? We searched for the best feng shui fountains for you, all under $100 (note that prices may change at any time).

    Let's start with the all time favorite: Woodstock Chimes Water Bell Fountain

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    Woodstock Chimes Water Bell Fountain

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    Beautiful and an all-time classic, this excellent feng shui fountain is a beauty to look at, a joy to feel and be near, and a delight to hear! The famous Woodstock bells gently float in the water making the most delicious sounds. This fountain comes in several sizes and finishes and is one of the best quality fountains under $100. 

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    Feng Shui Ball Lighted Table Fountain

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    Made with natural slate and a good balance of natural shapes, this fountain has raw natural beauty to it. We also like the gentle light streaming through the rocks, as well as the overall organic feel of this fountain. Good feng shui in action!

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    4-Tier Tabletop Water Fountain Decorative Sculpture

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    Here is a fountain with a curious, playful design. It has a very flowing energy to it and is sure to be a good conversation piece! We love the floating feeling of this fountain and the dancing energy of the bowls.

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    Raku LED Light Fountain

    feng shui fountain

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    This is a very beautiful fountain, and it's well under $100, so what's there not to like? It has a harmonious, organic flowing shape, a simple Zen look, and is made or porcelain. Definitely a very good feng shui buy!

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    Mantra Indoor Table Fountain

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    This serene fountain feels like a meditation piece or a part of a Zen garden. It is beautiful and soothing, has harmonious energy and a humble, yet sophisticated oriental look. Excellent feng shui to quieten and soothe any space.

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    Water Ripple Lighted Table Fountain

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    Here is a fountain with a nice design that is soothing and vibrant at the same time. It comes with art lighting and is sure a very good feng shui piece for any space.

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    Zigzag Natural Slate Fountain

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    Made from natural slate, this fountain has a very solid feel to it.  It not only brings the feng shui water element energy but also the very strong, nourishing and supportive energy of the earth element. Would your house benefit from the energy of this fountain?

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    Hand of Buddha Indoor Fountain

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    We love this fountain with a very sweet and beautiful design. The lotus flower and the blessing of Buddha's hand are both excellent images to have in one's home. However, the fountain is under $50, so of course it is made from cheaper materials. Still, it has a harmonious, protective feel to it and can work well with many home decor styles.

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    Four Cascading Bowls Tabletop Fountain

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    The playful design of this fountain creates both a floating, joyful energy, as well as a grounded feeling. This fountain has an interesting balance of energies and a curious look - rustic and refreshing. We like it!

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    Red Glazed Pot Fountain

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    We love the gorgeous bright red color energy of this fountain! The combination of the Fire and the Water feng shui elements create an excellent feng shui energizer for your home.

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