Top 7 Feng Shui Space Clearing Must-Haves

Bowl of oranges for space clearing

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In feng shui, oranges symbolize vibrant yang energy. Yang energy is bright and active, like the sun at high noon. Imagine peeling an orange. The scent is bright and sunny and brings a smile to your face.

Oranges peels, especially, embody yang energy. The peel has the power to clear a space. If you need to wake up and clear a space, peel some oranges!

Keep a bowl of nine fresh oranges in your home to uplift the feng shui. Peel one from time to time to clear the space. And yes, you can eat the fruit.

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    Bells or Singing Bowls

    Singing bowl with palo santo for space clearing
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    Tibetan metal bells (called ting sha), as well as singing bowls, are traditional tools used in meditation practice. The vibrations created with metal bells or singing bowls are excellent for space clearing. The sounds can cut through any stagnant energy like a sword.

    It's recommended that you buy the highest quality bells (or bowl) that you can afford. The better the tool, the better the sound resonance.

    To space clear, ring the bells or bowl in the center of your space or walk around the perimeter. The sounds are not only effective at space clearing but also for healing. 

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    Smudging with Palo Santo or White Sage

    Smudging with herbs and sage for space clearing
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    Smudging with herbs is probably the most well-known technique for space clearing. There are now many smudge sticks available with a variety of unique ingredients. The most common herb used is white sage. You can also find sweet grass, dried flowers, and other materials.

    One of our favorite methods here at The Spruce is smudging with palo santo sticks. Palo santo is a wood from South America that has a bright, minty, and sweet scent. It’s light enough to use on a daily basis. White sage is good for occasions that are in need of more heavy-duty work!

    Like with the bells, you can smudge in the center of a space or walk around the perimeter of the home.

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    Himalayan salt lamp on a table for space clearing
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    Salt is a crystal and can absorb energies that need clearing. Himalayan salt or even table salt works. First, we suggest you energetically clear the salt of any of existing energy. When the salt is clear, then it’s ready and open to take in the unwanted energies in your space.

    Himalayan salt lamps are especially popular right now, for good reason. They purify the air and also the qi of your spaces.

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    Essential Oils

    essential oil diffuser with orange slice for space clearing
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    Essential oils diffused in a room can dramatically shift the energy and clear a space. You can use the essential oil versions of the earlier suggestions: sweet orange, palo santo, or white sage. We find that this is a great substitute while traveling, or when you can’t burn a smudge stick.

    Some other go-to essential oils for space clearing are frankincense, geranium, and rosemary.

    If you don’t have a diffuser, you can create your own or make a space clearing mist by adding a few drops to a spray bottle of water.

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    Black Tourmaline Crystals

    three pieces of black tourmaline crystals for space clearing
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    Black tourmaline is a naturally occurring crystal that absorbs and repels negative qi. It’s also effective at transmuting electromagnetic forces. It can purify and clear a space. We recommend the rough (as shown) over the tumbled versions. They have more surface area therefore can absorb more.

    You can place a few pieces in your home, or arrange them in the four corners of your home or room to create a grid of protection.

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    Mala or Prayer Beads

    Prayer or Mala beads to chant for space clearing
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    Reciting mantra or prayers is also an effective way to clear a space. A mala or prayer beads is a string of beads that is a must-have tool if you’re chanting repetitions. A mala has 108 beads that you can use to count your mantra repetitions. And 108 is the most auspicious number in feng shui.

    Chanting mantra creates and transforms the energy of a space with your own sound current. For space clearing, use the Sanskrit mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" which means "the jewel is in the lotus." You can also use a prayer that is significant to you.

    Chant and visualize that your sound vibrations are filling and clearing your space.