Top 10 Feng Shui Space Clearing Must Haves

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    10 Space Clearing Items for Your Home

    feng shui space clearing
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    Space clearing has become an integral part of feng shui, because clearing energy - be it the negative energy from previous home owners or simply after a family argument - is necessary in order to keep the good feng shui in your home flowing. You can read detailed instruction on how to do a simple weekly (or daily!) space clearing session, as well as how to do a major space clearing session.

    Let's start the exploration of the top 10 space clearing items with the  # 1 must have.

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    feng shui use of candles
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    Being a Fire feng shui element, candles invoke the energy of purification and inspiration, they warm up the energy and help release daily stress. Using candles daily is always a good idea, but you have to be sure you choose natural candles that actually purify the space versus conventional ones that pollute the air.  Read more

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    Sage (Smudge Sticks)

    sage feng shui space clearing

    Herbs such as sage, cedar, fir, lavender and sweetgrass have been used for a long time to purify the energy in any given space. Among them all, the white sage is sure the most popular one and considered most effective. Here are 5 easy steps to use sage in smudging your home.  Read more

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    incense feng shui space clearing
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    The use of incense has become very popular these days and is no longer limited to yoga rooms or meditation workshops. Experiment to see which brands you like the most as well as, or course, which scents work best for you and your home. Be sure to buy natural incense. Using high-quality incense is a quick way to freshen up and calm the energy of your space.

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    Essential Oils

    feng shui use of essential oils
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    There are several ways you can use the power of essential oils for good feng shui in your home or office. If you are new to essential oils, start with most popular oils ones such as lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, mint or lemongrass.  Read more

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    Diffuser or Aispray

    An electric diffuser or an air spray is the easiest way to employ the energy of pure essential oils in purifying the energy of your space. You can also use candle diffusers, of course, just be sure to watch them closely!  Compare Prices for Ultrasonic Diffusers

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    Music and Nature Sounds

    Sounds can have a profound influence on the energy of any space, and, of course, on our own mood and well-being. Using healing, high vibration music in your space clearing sessions will considerably shift the energy in your home and leave you feeling calm, rested and rejuvenated.

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    Bells or Singing Bowls

    singing bowl feng shui

    The feng shui use of singing bowls is very similar to the use of bells (singing bowls are considered a type of bell). The openness of the bowl brings an additional quality of energy to its use as a feng shui cure and in many cases, the feng shui use of singing bowls is more powerful than bells during a space clearing session. Read more

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    feng shui crystals
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    Crystals are used in feng shui in a variety of ways, all with one single goal - to create good feng shui energy in your home, as well as strengthen your own energy.  In feng shui, crystals are widely used for the specific energy, so you can use specific crystals during your space clearing.  Read more

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    Fresh Flowers

    feng shui space clearing info
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    Flowers are one of the most joyful expression of the natural worls - colourful, fragrant and with a very high vibration. They bring the energy of harmony and joyful aliveness to any space, and I much hope your home gets treated regularly to fresh flowers! You do not have to buy big, sophisticated bouquets - sometimes one happy flower works better than the most complex arrangement from your florist. Bringing flowers to your space clearing sessions affirms the energy you want to cultivate - happy, harmonious and vibrantly alive. 

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    Your Altar

    feng shui space clearing tips
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    Even though having a home altar is not a tradition in most Western countries, more and more people are creating small altars in their home. The growing popularity of yoga and meditation introduced numerous people to stunningly beautiful Eastern altars - altars that express the deep human longing for (and adoration of) Divine energies. What makes a good altar and how can you create an altar for good feng shui in your home?  Read more

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