10 Classic French Street Food Recipes

French Crepes. Evan Sklar - Getty Images

In recent years there has been an explosion in World Street Foods. The foods sold traditionally on the street were at one time something local, peculiar to a country and the tourist as a taste of authenticity. That has changed, many street foods are now incorporated into mainstream foods and have left the street and appear on restaurant menus and home cooking, There is also a growth in ready-meals, so street food once a fast food now hits the supermarket shelves and the (often) the microwave. 

In...MORE France, the bustling world of restaurants and cafes in France have a reputation for being a delight for gourmets, and the street food is no different; this style of food is indigenous the cities and towns of the country and was and is a favorite way to eat; think French markets.  From freshly made crepes to lamb sausage or ham and butter sandwiches, street food in France's metropolitan areas and villages has a multitude of international flavors served up with distinctive French flair. It did not need a food trend to make it popular. 

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    Jambon Sandwich
    Jambon Baguette. Westend61 - Getty Images

     Jambon beurre is more than just a ham and butter sandwich, it is the marriage between the classic baguette, good French butter and high-quality ham. It is the stuff of picnics, lunches and great street food. 

    Jambon Beurre Baguette

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    Truffle Fries with Parmesan. Iain Bagwell/Photolibrary/Getty Images

     There is much discussion in the food world over the hype surrounding truffle fries - is the flavour really worth it on fries and so on. Agree or disagree; they are without doubt a lovely and simple street food and go-to snack. 

    Truffle Fries Recipe

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    French Crepes. Evan Sklar - Getty Images

    Crepes can be found all over France, there is rarely a market where you will not find crepes on sale. They are so easy to make at home as well. Smother them in jam, chocolate spread or keep it simple with a little lemon and sugar. 

    French Crepes Recipe

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    Merguez Sausage. Owen Franken - Getty Images

    Merguez is essentially a Moroccan sausage but loved throughout France and especially as a Street Food stuffed into a sandwich or a flat bread. 

    French Merguez Sausage Recipe

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    Raspberry Bottereaux Recipe

    Fried Pastries. Luis Pacheco - Getty Images

      These raspberry-filled pastries, also known as raspberry bottereaux, are best served just minutes after frying them. The jam filling is warm and the pastry is flaky and crisp. Dust the pastry with confectioners’ sugar and serve immediately with café crème for a cozy breakfast or coffee break.

    Raspberry Bottereaux 

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    French Beignets. Danita Delimont - Getty Images

    Super-easy yeast free beignets are a classic Street Food and so good when served with a steaming cup of café au lait (milky coffee). 

    Beignet Recipe

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    almond croissant
    Almond Croissant. The Picture Pantry - Getty Images

     This almond croissants recipe is the classic version of the breakfast pastry usually served in upscale cafes. in Paris and other cities.

    The sweet almond filling  (frangipane) is swirled throughout the croissant dough with toasted almonds and  baked. 

    Almond Croissant Recipe

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    Pain au Chocolat. Getty Images

      What could be lovelier than  a freshly baked pain au chocolat recipe fresh from the oven. The crisp, golden pastry is filled with melted chocolate swirled throughout.

    Delicious with a coffee for a simple, yet luxurious breakfast.

    Pain au Chocolat Recipe

    Or for a change, 

    Pain au Raisin

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    candied chestnuts
    Candied Chestnuts. Jose A. Bernat Bacete - Getty Images

     If chestnuts roasting over a crackling fire is evocative of happy times and holidays, then candied chestnuts are their luxurious cousins, served only as the most indulgent of treats. Bring the unique, warmly sweet flavor into your kitchen with this easy candied chestnuts recipe. It takes a time commitment of a few days to get to the good finish line, but active cooking time is less than 30 minutes, in total.

    Candied Chestnuts Recipe