Top 5 Garden Feng Shui Design Tips

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Feng shui can help you improve the energy in any space, be it a house, an office, or a garden. If you have the possibility to create a garden around your house, no matter how small, sure go for it. A beautiful garden will create vibrant feng shui energy, as well as neutralize bad energy before it enters your house.

Even though the art of garden design can take years to master, use feng shui to start small and be patient. Define the feng shui bagua of your garden and use the right feng shui elements, and one day you'll realize you have created a very beautiful garden!

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    Create the Vision for Your Garden: Feng Shui of Your Specific Garden

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    Good feng shui design in your garden will help attract nourishing, high-quality feng shui energy to your home as well as delight all your senses. When it comes to a good feng shui garden design, the size of your garden is not the main criteria. Yes, it is wonderful to be surrounded by a big, lush garden; but if all you have is just a small space to work with, you can still create a good feng shui garden design.

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    Define the Garden Energy Map: How to Define the Bagua of Your Garden

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    Is your house bagua, or energy map, the same as your yard or your garden bagua? When you are defining the bagua of your house, do you include your garden in the house bagua? There is one important feng shui factor to consider when you define the feng shui bagua of your garden.

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    Decide on the Water Feature: Feng Shui of a Water Feature in Your Garden

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    If you are planning to have a water feature in your garden or backyard, there are some basic feng shui guidelines you could follow to improve the feng shui energy surrounding your house. The arrangement of water features in feng shui is a complex subject as water is a universal symbol of abundance.

    There are specific formulas that experienced feng shui consultants apply when working with a client to determine the best feng shui location for the water feature in your garden.

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    Use Best Garden Products: Top 10 Garden Feng Shui Decor Cures

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    Good feng shui in your garden will bring good feng shui energy into your house, it's that simple. A beautiful garden will delight your senses and refresh your energy. If you have any outdoor space to create a garden, no matter how small, you are lucky! Make the best of it by using good feng shui garden decor products.

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    Check Your Garden: How Do You Know If Your Garden Has Good Feng Shui?

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    In a way, it is very easy to tell if a garden has good feng shui or not. How do you feel in your garden? Do you like spending time there? Does it look beautiful to you? Good feng shui will always feel good, no matter we are talking about good feng shui in your garden, office or home.