Top 8 Gemstones for Your Feng Shui Jewelry

Expensive, Powerful and Beautiful Gemstones

Ready to invest in a beautiful piece of jewelry and wondering which gemstone you should choose? Considering all of your options, you may be wondering if you should go for a diamond, a watermelon tourmalineemeralds or even sapphires.

The following gemstones are more expensive than other stones you can go for, such as rose quartz, smoky quartz, moonstone, amber, and so forth. However, these gemstones have amazing energy and powerful benefits. Choose the best gemstone jewelry for your energy and find out all about their meaning, energetic properties and feng shui use.

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    There is something soothing and eternal about the quiet energy of aquamarine. This serene stone has the most beautiful blue-green colors seen in the gemstone world when it is untreated. There is a mesmerizing and healing water-like energy of this peaceful stone. The name aquamarine means sea water.

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    From Cleopatra's favorite gemstone, to the Maharajas' jewelry and Jackie Kennedy's emerald and diamond engagement ring, you may be wondering what makes the emerald so special. "The green of growing things" is the meaning of emerald in Sanskrit. The name emerald came from the greek smaragdus for green.  Described by Aristotle as the stone that brings victory and helps one succeed in his chosen vocation, the list of qualities attributed to emerald is abundant.

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    An expression of the fiery energy of the sun and the royal blood, the ruby has been a symbol for nobility and royalty for as long as there are records about this beautiful stone. The captivating ruby has been used to inspire passion and devotion and brings prosperity and protection in addition to keeping one healthy and beautiful. Ruby is mentioned several times in the Bible and is called "the king of precious stones" in India where it was used by warriors in Burma to make them invincible. It is believed that ruby brings peace.

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    The mysterious deep blue sapphire has been fascinating and inspiring humanity for as long as there are records of its existence. Infused with the power of integrity, strength and wisdom, the sapphire has been used by people in power since ancient times. In its healing uses, the sapphire is sometimes compared to lapis lazuli, as both stones evoke the power of the deeply mysterious blue color.

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    diamond jewellery ring
    The diamond is often attributed the energy of strength, clarity, power and protection. Photo: David Malan/Getty

    Diamonds are known to be excellent electrical insulators, which explains why, throughout centuries, wearing a diamond was considered to protect one from evil's eye or negative energy attacking one from the outside. As your personal energy is made of electrical and magnetic nature, a diamond can shield and insulate your personal field and not allow any disturbing vibrations in. It is interesting to note that diamonds were used for protection as early as 3rd century BC.

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    Tourmaline is one of the rare gemstones that come in all colors of the rainbow. In fact, its name tourmaline  (from thuramaliin the language of Sri Lankan people) originally applied to a variety of multi-color stones. One of the features that distinguish the tourmaline from all other minerals is the three-sided prisms, as well as its vertical striations. Metaphysically, this is considered to create strong channels of energy for clearing and purification.

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    Malachite is a pure flow of vibrant, strong and powerfully renewing energy. It is easy to recognize malachite for its lively green colors, as well as the beautiful striations along the surface of the stone. The essence of malachite promotes a constant flow or movement of energy and the malachite is especially attuned to improving one's health and well-being. This healing stone clears stagnant energy and removes blockages.

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    Lapis Lazuli

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    The use of lapis lazuli goes back to ancient times. This beautiful stone has been a favorite of both mystics and royal families. Lapis lazuli is the choice for those who have external power as well as those who focus on its internal counterpart. Among the many properties ascribed to lapis lazuli is the energies of deep calm and a strong connection to cosmic wisdom, a connection that helps one align with a universal quality of truth.