The Best Gemstones for Good Feng Shui

Assorted gemstones on a green background

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When you see the words “feng shui” and “gemstones” together you may conjure up images of diamond earrings for your sofa or a pearl necklace for your bed. Okay, that’s a little silly, right? But seriously, can gems in jewelry change your feng shui? Feng shui is more than just moving furniture around. It’s about changing the energetics of your space as well as shifting your own personal vibration. 

One could argue that the way you wear jewelry and clothing mirrors the way your home “wears” paint and furniture. Gemstone adornments on our bodies can change our feng shui the same way that crystals and space clearings can improve the flow of qi in our homes. In fact, many feng shui practitioners wear specific gemstones to empower and enhance their own personal qi. Many other healing arts also use precious gemstones to create energetic pathways and remove energy blocks. 

You don’t need to be a feng shui expert or energy healer to wear gemstones and receive vibrational benefits. If you wear gemstones that are magnetic and appeal to you on a deeper level, it's probably healing for you. A particular gem may call out to you because it is resonating with your energetic vibration. There’s a reason why gems are called “precious” and “semi-precious”.

Here’s our list of gemstones and how they can create good feng shui. You can use them with a desire to lift up your qi or simply because they are beautiful.

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    emerald gemstone on white background

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    The green color of the emerald is connected to the Family (Zhen) area of the feng shui bagua map and supports domestic happiness and overall harmony. Emeralds also work with the heart chakra which opens us up to kindness, growth and healing.

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    jade carving of two peaches on a white background

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    A gem that is cherished in many cultures, jade is especially revered in Asia for its durability, beauty, and protective qualities. Jade is often carved into meaningful symbols such as tortoise for long life or double peaches representing auspicious success. Green jade is also related to the wood element, bestowing healing, growth and life energy to its wearer.

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    teardrop shaped amethyst gemstone on white background

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    The purple color of amethyst connects it to the Wealth (Xun) area of the feng shui bagua map. This royal hue also activates the crown chakra to invite true spiritual abundance, prosperity, and generosity into our lives. This gemstone also has the ability to transmute and balance negative energy.

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    Oval shaped polished citrine gemstone on white background

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    Citrine is a gemstone of stability because it does not retain any negative vibrations and can “clear” itself. Similarly, citrine can also can balance your energy so that you can be more steady and grounded. The yellow and orange tones call in the earth element to further connect and ground us to the earth.

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    Diamond with light refractions

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    The clarity and brilliance of this gem is connected to the metal element. The diamond, one of the hardest substances on Earth, can be carried on you like a sword. It can cut through obstacles so you can focus on your path with precision.

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    polished opal gemstone on a dark background

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    The rainbow appearance of an opal invokes joy and playfulness. It’s connected to the Completion and Children (Dui) area of the feng shui bagua map which encourages us to let go and look at life through a child's eyes.

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    Blue sapphire on a white background

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    The blue sapphire activates the throat chakra to assist in communication. It can teach us to share and connect with others to deepen our spiritual cultivation and skillfulness. Dark blue is also the color of the Knowledge (Gen) area of the feng shui bagua map.

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    faceted and polished garnet gemstone on white background

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    A sacred stone of purification, the red color of the garnet can transform and purify. In Asian cultures, red is very powerful for protection and transformation.

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    six faceted rubies on a white background

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    The auspicious red color of rubies invite fire energy, which is all about inspiration and illumination. Similarly this gem can help you to expand and work with your creativity in the world. The red color also invites recognition and is related to the Fame (Li) area of the feng shui bagua map.

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    Black Diamond

    Polished black diamond on a black background

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    The color black is connected to the water element. Black symbolizes wisdom, ancestry and depth of knowledge.

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    several pearls with a pinkish tone on a shell

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    Pearls remind us that all our obstacles are the path to healing. A pearl begins as debris that enters an oyster. The irritation causes the oyster to layer calcium carbonate around this foreign particle, which over time creates a precious pearl. Pearls are a feminine (yin) gem that facilitates softness and gentleness.

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