Top 10 Gifts for a Single Dads

Whether it’s Fathers Day, Christmas or a birthday, it can be really tough finding a great gift for the single dad in your life. Here are some creative gift ideas that were mentioned by single dads when asked, “What would be a great gift that would recognize your special role as a single father?”
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    Finding Nemo
    Walt Disney's Finding Nemo DVD.

    Finding Nemo is one of the great single dad movies of all time. Who can forget Marlin’s life lessons while looking for his son?  The characters are fun, the colors and visuals are amazing, and the kids will love it.  And there are plenty of adult references too that will make you groan and laugh - and the kids will wonder what THAT was all about!

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    Bubble Tape
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    If your single dad (or grandfather) can remember wax lips and Pez, then you will want to check out this great source for the favorite candies of his youth.  I had so much fun reminiscing on this site, remember the candy favorites of my younger years.  Your dad will love it too.

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    George Foreman Grill
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    If your single dad likes to cook, then a George Foreman grill may be a great gift. Find them in all shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of your dad and his family. A grill can cook food fast and healthy—important parts of a single dad’s priorities.

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    The Ultimate Gude for the Single Father
    The Ultimate Gude for the Single Father.

    Any father who has the experience of raising children alone will appreciate this book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Single Father. Everything he needs to know, from shopping and cooking to discipline and homework, is all here.  Surviving single fatherhood can be a challenge, and this book is the all-in-one reference for single dads.

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    Creative Ties
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    If you are just bound and determined that your dad needs a new tie, then look no further than They have a great selection of creative and colorful ties to meet a dad’s fondest wishes.  For dads who need to wear ties or work, or for those who only occasionally tie one around their necks, you can find just the right tie for your dad.  

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    Sports Ticket Gift Card
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    Many single dads find it hard to make time and money enough to go to a great sporting event. Coast to Coast Tickets offers a gift certificate to allow your dad to pick an event, buy his ticket online, and then use the gift certificate. A very thoughtful gift for a busy single dad.  Add a coupon for babysitting if he has younger children, and you have a perfect night out gift for that single father on your list.

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    Pedometer and FM Radio

    Pedometer Radio
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    Time is precious for a single dad, and yet he needs to make time for his health. Consider this pedometer/FM radio combination from Oregon Scientific. By trying to get to 10,000 steps in a day (about 5 miles), dad can combine exercise and a little of his favorite music while improving his health and fitness.

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    Flashflight - Light Up Flying Disk

    Flashflight Flying Disc
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    This is a gift of great fun for a single dad, and extends his outdoor fun into the evening hours. This flying disk has LED lights on board, allowing the kids to play with dad outside or at the park long into the evening.  Dads love spending quality time with the kids and this fun gift is just the thing to build some fun memories together.

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    Wireless Key Finder
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    This is a great product! Just attach a colored disk to your key ring, the remote control or anything else dad might lose. Then a push of the colored button on the remote beeps and flashes to help you find your missing object.  I can't tell you how much a gift like this will mean to a harried single dad.

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    Personalized Mug
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    You can submit artwork by mail or online and then create a coffee mug, a watch, a wall clock or other gifts with your photo embedded. What dad wouldn't love to see his child's smiling face every time he took a sip of coffee or checked the time?