The Top Travel Gift Ideas for Dads

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Lots of fathers spend a lot of time traveling for work. If your dad spends a lot of time on the road or in an airplane, then you might want to consider gifts that will make his traveling easier and more enjoyable. 

Check out some of these gift ideas for the traveling man in your life.

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    Just plug in the TomTom portable automotive GPS and know the way to any destination in the U.S. and Canada. Get directions via spoken turn-by-turn instructions, in text or via clear easy-to-view 3-D maps.

    The Tom Tom Go 50 features a 5-inch high-resolution color LCD screen displays crystal clear graphics, connections for iPod cables, and both a lighter and AC charger included.

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    Every traveling man needs a good travel kit. This single zip travel kit fits all of your basic necessities in one roomy space. This toiletry kit is for the man who ​carries the basics to take care of himself. When unzipped, it can hang in the motel bathroom for easy access.

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    Many people have a hard time sleeping on planes or in hotels where there is ambient light. This deep sleep mask is very comfortable and has great light-blocking features. And it's so lightweight that it almost goes unnoticed when it is on.

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    Listening to music on your MP3 player with earbuds is one experience; a good set of noise-canceling​ headphones is a quantum leap in quality. But too often, these larger headphones lose in comfort what they gain in quality sound. The JVC headphones are extremely comfortable and bring a listening experience of exceptional quality.

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    If your dad is also a big baseball fan, consider giving him a gift certificate or paying for a tour with Big League Tours. This group specializes in tours involving major league baseball games, interaction with major league players and behind the scenes tours at baseball stadiums. They even have a package for Yankees fans that includes a trip to Cooperstown's Baseball Hall of Fame.

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    If your dad travels outside of the United States, a universal power adapter is an essential part of his traveling equipment. This adapter is compact but fully functional.

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    For the aspiring or actual world traveler, author Patricia Shultz has created a wonderful book detailing the best travel destinations around the world. Whether your dad really travels a lot or just dreams about being a globe-trotter, 1000 Places to See Before You Die will inspire his travel ambitions.

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    Air travelers especially will enjoy this small air purifier that helps keeps environmental pollutants out of your personal space. It is compact, quiet and convenient and can clip onto your dad's shirt or worn around his neck. This air purifier will significantly increase the quality of those long airline flights.  

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    Whether in the car, on the plane or in a hotel room, this memory foam travel pillow is a wonderful and appreciated addition to your dad's travel kit. It supports his neck and contours to his unique shape. If you haven't used a memory foam pillow, you are missing a unique travel experience.

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    Portable power sources are critical for frequent travelers. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting in a meeting and realizing a device is quickly dying. The Mophie Powerstation is an amazing portable recharging device that can recharge two devices at a time, and still is compact and lightweight.  If you are looking for a portable battery charging device, this is one that you will want to take a hard look at.

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