10 Best Girls Bikes and Scooters

Girl Riding Bike
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Most kids, whether they are boys are girls, enjoy riding bicycles and scooters. It is hard to choose the best girls bikes and scooters. While some girls might enjoy the color pink, and the ability to accessorize their bikes and scooters, all of the items in this list are available in a variety of paint colors that will appear to children, regardless of their gender. 

Ride-on toys are popular at all age groups, but the type of bike a child might choose will vary, depending upon their age and...MORE interest level.

No matter a child's age, it is important to adhere to bicycle riding safety precautions and always provide children with a helmet to wear. Elbow and knee pads may also be a great choice for kids learning to ride bike and scooters that require more steering and balancing.

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    Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

    Step2 Easy Turn Coupe Ride On Toy
    Step 2 / Amazon

    The Step2 Easy Turn Coupe is a self-propelled ride-on toy, and a great first bike for toddlers, or children just learning to walk. With this toy, there are not pedals, kids open the door, hop in, sit down, then move their feet forward and backward to move the car.  A steering wheel helps kids to maneuver obstacles. 

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    Kinderfeets TinyTot

    Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Trike
    Kinderfeets / Amazon

    This unique tricycle, which is recommended for kids 12 months to 4 years, also converts into a balance bike. With a 2-in-1 design, kids can ride the tricycle and then challenge their balance before transitioning to a pedal bike.

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    Motorized Cars

    Kid Trax VW Beetle Motorized Ride- On
    Kid Trax

    Kids love motorized cars. There are so many power cars to choose from. Coupes, jeeps, sports cars, quads and dune racers. Motorized cars will need to charge for several hours prior to use. 

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    Power Wheels Wild Thing

    Power Wheels Wild Thing Pink Ride-On
    Power Wheels / Amazon

    This unique bike is maneuvered forward and backward with hand movements using joysticks, on on each side. The bike is able to move over rough terrain and can complete full circles quickly in 360 degrees. The Wild Thing is a power car that requires time to charge and minor assembly.

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    Radio Flyer Customizable Scooter

    Radio Flyer 3 Wheel Scooter
    Radio Flyer. Radio Flyer 3 Wheel Scooter

    Girls love to accessorize. Radio Flyer has designed a customizable 3 wheel scooter. Children, along with the help of their parents, choose the color of their scooter, then add accessorizes to it, such as a zippered bag, light-up wheels, and streamers. The scooter can also be personalized with their name. 

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    MoboTot Cruiser

    MoboTot Cruiser Bike
    MoboTot / Amazon

    Looking for a first pedal bike? Luxury cruisers, like the MoboTot, allow kids to pedal with their feet, but have a low center of gravity, and does not require the need for balance. The bike has an expandable frame which can grow with the child over time. This is a great bike for kids ages 3-5.

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    Balance Bike

    kazam balance bike

    There are many different styles and colors of balance bikes. A balance bike helps children become prepared to ride a 2-wheel bicycle without the need for training wheels. A balance bike does not have pedals. Kids learn to sit and balance on the bike, while steering with their hands, but use their feet to push themselves forward and gain the balance they will need for a pedal bike.

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    Big Wheel

    Frozen Big Wheel
    Original Big Wheel / Amazon

    Did you remember racing your own big wheel around the neighborhood? Big Wheels can now be chosen based upon a child's favorite television and movie characters like Paw Patrol, Frozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mickey Mouse.

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    YFlikr Scooter

    YFlikr Scooter
    Y-Volution / Amazon

    With the YFlikr Scooter, kids stand on top  with both feet, then in order to move forward wiggle from side-to-side. With a twist of the handlebar the YFlikr spins around, 360 degrees, quickly, which definitely makes this hybrid bike very fun and unique.

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    Razor Mod Miniature Euro Motorized Scooter

    Razor Mod Pocket Euro Motorized Scooter
    Razor / Amazon

    Older kids who can be trusted to use a motorized bike, will love zipping around the park and neighborhood on this scooter. The scooter can drive for 30 minutes at a speed of 15 miles per hour. Charging the scooter take 12 hours. It is recommended for tweens and teenagers, or kids age 12 and up.

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