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When it comes to baby bottles, glass is a classic -- and natural -- choice. Glass baby bottles have been around for decades and, thanks to concerns about the chemicals found in plastics, have enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent years.

Glass bottles are heavier than their plastic counterparts and they can break, but many now come with silicone sleeves to prevent them from shattering.

If you're considering using glass baby bottles, here are the top brands to look at:

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    Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottles

    These bottles feature a silicone nipple designed to more closely simulate breastfeeding, thanks to their innovative petal design. They come in 4- and 8-ounce sizes and are sold individually or in packs of two.

    Made in Europe, they are free of BPA and feature an anti-colic valve designed to reduce the amount of air your baby swallows while feeding. The bottles also feature a wide neck that makes it easier to clean.

    The bottles are made of scratch-free glass with a high thermal shock resistance, so...MORE they can handle sudden changes in temperature. They can be sterilized or stored in the fridge, but Philips does not recommend putting them in the freezer.

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    Evenflo Classic Glass Feeding Bottles

    Evenflo's Classic glass baby bottles come in 4- and 8-ounce sizes and can be purchased individually or in sets of three.

    Made without bisphenol-A (BPA), these bottles feature CustomFlow silicone nipples that adjust to baby's pressure to release the right amount of liquid. Micro Air Vents help to prevent the nipple from collapsing, so less air enters your baby's stomach.

    The hoods and cap rings for these bottles are only available in white. These bottles are dishwasher-safe on the top...MORE rack.

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    Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Glass Bottles

    Dr. Brown's bottles feature a two-piece internal vent system that makes feeding vacuum-free and more similar to breastfeeding. As the baby drinks, air is moved through the vent system to the bottom of the bottle, so air never mixes with the breast milk or formula inside the bottle. Less oxidation helps to maintain essential nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E and allows babies to eat more comfortably, reducing problems like colic, spitting, burping and gas caused by the ingestion of air...MORE bubbles.

    Made in the United States, these bottles are free of BPA and are sold in 4- and 8-ounce sizes individually and in packs of two. Silicone sleeves in pink or blue are also available for purchase separately.

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    Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles

    Lifefactory's glass baby bottles are free of BPA, phthalates, polycarbonates, plastic, latex and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They are available in 4- and 9-ounce sizes and can be purchased individually or in packs of two. These bottles come with a protective silicone sleeve that comes in your choice of seven colors.

    Made of borosilicate glass, these bottles are thermal shock resistant and can be boiled and frozen. The bottle and sleeve are dishwasher-safe and there's no need to take them...MORE apart before tossing them into the dishwasher. They can even be boiled together.

    The bottles are also designed to grow with your child. The clear cap can serve as a first cup and you can purchase a solid cap that allows you to use the bottles for storing snacks and drinks as your child gets older.

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    Born Free Glass Bottles

    These bottles are designed to allow your baby to control the flow of milk, for a feeding experience that more closely simulates breastfeeding. The bottle's ActiveFlow Venting Technology is clinically designed to reduce colic symptoms by preventing your baby from ingesting air bubbles.

    The bottles are free of PVC and BPA and are dishwasher-safe. They are available in a 9-ounce size and are sold individually or in a 3-pack with a silicone sleeve.