Top 10 Guest Room Paint Color Ideas

How to Choose Paint Color for the Guest Room

Choosing a paint color for your guest room is less challenging than a room you use every day because it's meant as a temporary space. This also means that it's more fun to decorate because you can take more color risks.  If you want to create a relaxing retreat, you can choose airy beach-inspired paint colors, warm neutrals, or cool grays. You can create a more vibrant guest room with wall colors like yellow, green, and blue. 

Keep guest room...MORE accessories simple, and concentrate on furnishing the space for a comfortable stay. Don't forget to stock your guest room with thoughtful little extras to make your guests feel at home. You can coordinate the colors of your guest amenities with your room decor for a hotel-inspired room.

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    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors |
    Image ©Behr Cloisonne Blue.

    Behr Cloisonne Blue used with glamorous jewel tones creates a luxury suite experience that pampers your lucky guests. Layers of rich colors and sumptuous fabrics complete this rich and relaxing style. Be sure to stock an adjacent bathroom with fluffy towels and high-end candles and soaps in jewel tones for a totally luxurious experience.

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    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors |
    Image ©Sherwin-Williams Crisp Linen.

    Warner than white, dreamier than beige, Sherwin-Williams Crisp Linen is the perfect blend of off-white and neutral beige paint color. Use with a super crisp white trim color with Crisp Linen to get maximum contrast and a traditional style. 

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    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors |
    Image ©Sherwin-Williams Windy Blue.

    Subtle and serene, Sherwin-Williams Windy Blue coordinates beautifully with traditional decor. With the rich gray undertone, Windy blue could also work in a contemporary-style guest room design.

    Guest rooms can handle more color than other rooms because they are used on a very part-time basis. This makes rich colors like Sherwin-Williams Windy Blue a great choice.

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    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors |
    Image ©Benjamin Moore Knitted Cape.

    Benjamin Moore Knitted Cape is a very versatile neutral color. Warmer than a traditional taupe, yet smoother than most beiges, Knitted Cape is full bodied neutral that can be casual or luxurious, depending on the colors you add to your guest room color palette. Dark woods are exceptionally beautiful with Knitted Cape painted on the walls.

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    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors |
    Image ©Benjamin Moore Eternity.

    For a guest room that gets more than enough sunlight, Benjamin Moore Eternity is a great choice to cool things down. Eternity is a soft gray with a slight blue undertone. This soothing gray is versatile enough to headline a contemporary color palette but laid back enough for a traditional-style guest room.

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    Benjamin Moore Serene Breeze - Guest Room Paint Ideas
    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors. ©Benjamin Moore

    Choosing the right green for a guest room can be challenging. Benjamin Moore Serene Breeze has just enough green to give the room freshness, but with a hint of blue to make it breezy and light. Serene Breeze could be the centerpiece of a nature-inspired guest retreat.

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    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors |
    Image ©Behr.

    Behr Toasted Cashew is a warm and welcoming neutral paint color with lots of visual weight, which means it goes well with dark wood and heavy furniture. This deep beige would be a great choice for a guest room that doubles as a family room or office. 

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    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors |
    Image ©Valspar Dancing Mist.

    Valspar Dancing Mist is perfect for your spa-inspired guest retreat. This soft aqua paint color makes you think of restful days and nights by the sea. Dark and light woods, and generous white trim, pair beautifully with Dancing Mist. 

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    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors |
    Image © Valspar Champagne Tickle.

    Valspar Champagne Tickle is a soft yellow neutral, with a hint of peach. Champagne Tickle is a sunny yellow paint color that creates a cheerful space. Guest rooms that lack adequate natural light, or are north-facing, can glow with a luminous paint color like this one.

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    Top 10 Guest Room Paint Colors |
    Image ©Behr Merino Wool Home Decorators Collection.

    Behr Merino Wool is a handsome greige paint color. Greige paint colors take the best of beige and gray, resulting in an easy-to-use neutral. The strength of Merino Wool's color makes it a perfect backdrop for strong architectural features with generous molding and trim.

Beach-inspired decor is versatile. A tiny guest room can be made open and airy with the use of seaside colors and decor. Explore the secrets of creating a beach-inspired retreat.