The 10 Best High-End Pellet Grills to Buy in 2018

Get ready for the best at-home barbecue yet

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A good pellet grill can hit high temperatures for that perfect steak and still hold a steady low and slow temperature for great barbecue. All the while adding great smoke flavor from hardwood pellets. These pellet grills cost more but do so much more while being highly efficient, precise in temperature and widely capable. Among these, you will find cookers large enough for a whole hog as well as units with full network interfaces for controlling from a distance. These are the best of the best in...MORE Pellet Grills.

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    There’s no need to babysit this grill since it has digital temperature control and an automatic auger that feeds pellets into the grill to maintain the perfect heat and just the right amount of smoke. You can set the temperature from 160 to 500 degrees to smoke, grill, braise, roast or barbecue, and cook fast or slow.

    This has 570 square inches of cooking surface and a removable upper warming rack, so you can keep your side dishes warm or remove it to make space for a large roast.

    The patented ash...MORE cleanout system couldn’t be easier – it operates by pulling a lever. Changing the pellet flavor is simple, too. You just open the pour spout to empty the unused pellets into a container, then add another wood type.

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    Seeking to produce the pellet cooker that is both a great smoker and a powerful grill. The truth is that burning pellets in a controlled way is not the best method for producing high grilling temperatures. Most pellet grills top out at 500 degrees F while the hottest units can hit 600 degrees F. This pellet cooker is in reality, a combination grill with a large smoking space, and a small but powerful direct grilling area. Reasonably priced with quality construction, this is definitely a pellet...MORE grill to look at.

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    The Memphis Pro Wood Fire Pellet Grill is one of the best pellet grills on the market. It combines high-quality construction and engineering with versatile cooking capabilities that will let you "grill" almost anything. Able to reach temperatures out to 650 degrees F. this pellet grill can sear a steak while also being able to hold temperatures down to 180 degrees F. so it can smoke, low and slow, any kind of BBQ. Add to this the convection fans and temperature control precision this...MORE wood pellet grill can rival the best indoor ovens. This truly is a grill that can do it all and give you an authentic wood flavor.

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    Now you can control your grill with wifi using the iOS or Android app, so you can attend to other cooking or put your feet up and relax. This grill can use either 110v or 12v and includes adaptors for three different power options. It has legs that fold for transportation, and double as handles, making this ideal for tailgating as well as home cooking.

    Sense-Mate is the integrated thermal sensor that constantly monitors grill temperature for foolproof cooking. The grill includes a meat probe, a...MORE peaked lid for cooking beer can chicken or other large foods, rib racks, a convenience tray with utensil hooks, and an open-flame technology grease tray.

    This weighs 57 pounds, so it’s sturdy and durable, but still portable.

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    The smart-smoke technology in this grill uses an automatic electric feed system that is able to maintain a constant temperature from 180 to 450 degrees and has a hopper that can hold up to 20 pounds of pellets for extended cooking time. The digital control also handles igniting the pellets while fan-forced convection results in even cooking all around, much like rotisserie-cooked foods.

    This has 513 square inches of cooking space, plus a warming rack. The cart has locking caster wheels, so you...MORE can roll it easily into place, then lock the wheels so it won’t move if someone bumps it.

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    This grill offers a large 700 square inch total cooking surface on two levels, porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids and a digitally controlled burn system. Because of the convection cooking, you can cook on both levels rather than using the top level just for warming.

    This grill can hold a temperature from 180 to 500 degrees and has a flame broiler for perfect steaks, burgers, and more. A thermometer in the lid lets you check the temperature without lifting the lid and releasing the heat.

    The...MORE grill is made from heavy gauge steel for strength and durability. The two-wheeled cart makes this easy to move into place, but it won’t roll away if it’s accidentally bumped.

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    The monster of the Traeger Pellet Grill line, the XL boasts 850 square inches of cooking space, which is big enough for a small whole hog or 16 racks of ribs. At around $2,000USD, this is Traeger's largest and most expensive pellet grill. The pellet hopper holds more than 42 pounds of pellets in front of the cooker, under what serves as a work space. This is big enough for catering or competing, but ultimately it is still a Traeger which means a little less than ideal quality.

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    The real innovative feature of this monster pellet grills is that with it can be divided into two independent grills or opened up into one that can accommodate a whole hog (though a rather small one). The best part of this is that it can be a 600 square inch pellet grill when it needs to be or a 1,200 square inch grill when it has to be. For the person who might need to do a lot of cooking once in a while, this is a very good option. With two pellet controllers, mounted on opposite ends this...MORE pellet grills has all the versatility imaginable.

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    You can set the temperature in five-degree increments from 180 to 500 degrees on this grill, and the smart grill technology maintains the temperature with no fuss. The hopper holds 40 pounds of pellets, so you’re ready for extended cooking time, while the ceramic igniter will provide years of trouble-free use.

    Just set the temperature and push the button to light the fire and bring the grill to your desired cooking temperature, which is precisely calibrated so the temperature you choose is the...MORE one you get. The grill will maintain that temperature until you change it, so cooking is just as precise as oven cooking.

    The grill has a high-temperature powder coat and porcelain enamel finish that will keep it looking good for years, and a 702 square inch cooking surface.

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    This grill has one-touch lighting and a unique patented design that offers both indirect heat for slow smoking as well as direct cooking and has a total of 785 inches of cooking space. Over direct heat, it can reach over 700 degrees, while the top grate is used for normal cooking and warming.

    Cast iron grates on the direct cooking area leave grill marks while the nickel-plated wire grates in the indirect cooking area are designed to keep food from sticking.

    The digital control system lets you set...MORE the temperature in 5-degree increments and the double door design helps retain heat and lets you check one cooking area at a time. The control board keeps the cooking temperature steady throughout the cooking time and even measures ambient temperature to accurately adjust the fuel rate when necessary.

    The hopper holds 18 pounds of pellets for long cooking sessions and the grease container and front-mounted ash drawer make cleanout easy. This grill has two large casters that make it easy to move, but it won’t roll away if it’s accidentally bumped. This grill safety tested and approved to UL standards.

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