Top Household Uses for WD-40

WD-40, a petroleum-based lubricant and cleaner, has many household uses beyond the garage. Among the many household uses for WD-40 are crayon and adhesive removal, grease and grime cleaning and lubricating metal parts throughout your house. Here are my favorite household uses for WD-40.

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    Crayon Marks

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    WD-40 is effective in removing crayon markings from most surfaces. Spray on crayon markings and gently rub with a cloth. Works on your walls and other household surfaces.

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    Adhesive Residue

    WD-40 is great for removing that sticky residue left behind by most adhesives. Works on glass, clothing and much more.

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    Grease Splatters

    Grease splatters on and around the stove area in the kitchen can be very difficult to remove. Let WD-40 dissolve the grease for you.

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    Squeaky Doors

    A squeaky door can be a minor but very annoying problem in your home. WD-40 can quickly and easily lubricate the hinges to stop that irritating squeak.

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    Silly Putty

    Kids love Silly Putty, but it can create quite a sticky mess on your carpets. Here's how to easily remove it using WD-40.