Top Houseplants: Red Flowers

The Best Red Houseplants

Close-Up Of Red Hibiscus Blooming Outdoors
Calvin Hong/EyeEm/Getty Images

Roses are excellent cut flowers—you'll never catch me saying otherwise—but they're not much in the forever department. You get a week or two and then they crumble to the table in a shower of dried, brown petals. This year, for Valentine's Day, why not consider something new: a gorgeous potted red flowering plant. You're still talking the right language, but this time it'll hopefully last forever.

Top Red Flowering Houseplants


The most common anthurium feature a heart-shaped red spathe with a yellow spadix in the middle. Buy a plant in full bloom. When the flowers are fading, cut them off at the base and give the plant as much warmth and humidity as you can muster.


The most common bromeliads (Aechmea) are usually pink, but search out the deep red or burgundy guzmania. These exotic, long-lasting flower spikes are wonderful as a table-top centerpiece. With proper care, your guzmania will flower year after year and reproduce from pups.


Kalanchoe are easy growing, available in bright red, and generally not very expensive. Treat them as succulents and they will reward you with clusters of profuse blooms.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum hybrida)

Typically thought of as a Christmas plant, few plants rival the red lion amaryllis for majesty and sheer redness. After they are done flowering, cut the spikes off, let the bulb rest and then move it outside for the summer growing season.

Next winter, you'll be rewarded with another showy set of blooms.


Hibiscus aren't the easiest houseplants in the world, but few plants are more closely associated with romance. Buy a plant in full bloom, avoid drafts, and move it outside in the summer. Beware of pests and cold, and if you're lucky, you'll get another bloom next year.


Ixora are fairly rare in the trade, but they are magnificent red flowering plants, with leathery leaves and large clusters of deep red flowers. They are extremely cold sensitive, so don't place near drafty windows.

Desert Cacti

Most people don't automatically think of the spiky cactus plant when it comes to Valentine's Day, but modern grafted cacti with bright red blooms make a dramatic statement nonetheless. These plants are exceptionally easy to care for and will provide years of color.