5 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits

Big or Small, There's an Indoor Garden That's Right for Every Home

What could be easier than growing your herbs on the counter all winter? It does get easier when you buy an indoor herb garden kit. These nifty little kits include everything you need to start and grow herbs from seed and enjoy your favorite plants year round.

There is an indoor garden kit for every type of garden personality. If you're a natural green thumb who wants to keep the garden going through the winter, one of the larger kits will be ideal. On the other hand, should you be interested...MORE in just a few culinary herbs for your small apartment, a compact container kit will be the better option.

Most of these kits include everything you need to get started. In most cases, they even include some seeds for your first round of plants. A few include grow lights while others will work with you current light or are perfect for your sunniest window.

No matter which you choose, there's little doubt to the fun and fulfillment you'll get when you bring the garden inside your home.

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    Miracle-Gro Aerogarden

    Perhaps one of the most well-known indoor herb garden kits, the Aerogarden has something for any size kitchen or desktop. They are easy to use and maintain, produce great plants, and the units are built to last.

    These are self-contained, hydroponic indoor gardens: you just add water and the included fertilizer. Your garden will definitely grow, and it will grow very well. It's an indoor garden that even the blackest thumbs can handle.

    The Aerogarden Ultra includes a helpful LED display that...MORE reminds you when to water and it will even give you a few gardening tips along the way. The LED lights are powerful and promote excellent plant growth without taking up too much electricity.

    When your garden has lived out its life, you can purchase more seed pods and start a new garden. Beyond herbs, pods are available for salad mixes and many of our favorite vegetables.

  • Tabletop Sunlite Garden

    Sunblaster Tabletop Garden Light

    If you have your herbs in pots, a grow light that can accommodate multiple herbs at one time is an ideal solution. You simply place this where you want to grow indoor herbs, and turn on the light. The top is adjustable to be as tall or short as you need, and there are multiple sizes available.

    This style is nice if you have pretty herb pots that you don't want to cover up. It's an indoor garden that makes an attractive display in a living room or sitting room. 

    You will also find that a...MORE system like the Sunblaster allows you the greatest versatility for your indoor garden. There is no need to buy specific seeds or pods and you can use full-sized pots or small seedling pots.

    It is an excellent choice to keep plants thriving inside as well as starting seeds for spring planting.

  • Indoor Herb Tea Garden

    Jiffy Indoor Herb Tea Garden

    No indoor gardener's stash is complete, without an herbal tea garden! If you have the grow lights, this kit will supply you with all the delicious tea you can drink.

    This affordable kit includes 12 types of seed from chamomile and rosemary to peppermint and anise. The seeds are planted in peat pellets that expand to become the soil and a self-containing pot for your new plants.

    While this kit is not designed for long-term use, it is the perfect way to begin your own tea garden. You will have...MORE more than enough seeds for two or three plantings and when your seedlings are ready, they can be transferred to larger pots or planted directly into your garden.

    The variety of herbal tea-worthy plants included and the ease with which your plants can grow, definitely make this a great value and a fun gift for any tea lover. 

    It is preferred to use a kit like this with indoor grow lights, but you can grow the seedlings in a sunny window. However, you will have to turn the planting 1/4 turn every day. This will ensure the plants receive equal sunlight and that you keep all sides of the garden growing evenly.

  • Earthbox Mini Herb Garden

    Earthbox Mini Garden Kit

    The Earthbox garden has long been a foolproof product in many gardens. They are easy to use and grow strong and vibrant plants. At the end of the growing cycle, you simply refill and replant. They create a gorgeous and almost maintenance free garden.

    While Earthbox is great outside, many gardeners were excited to see the company jump into the indoor garden arena. This Mini Garden Kit will keep your herbs growing flat against a wall and in separate pockets. The space-saving design frees up your...MORE counters while still keeping the herbs close at hand.

    Each vertical garden kit includes 9 pockets for your favorite plants. It can be mounted on the wall or left free-standing and multiple units can be stacked to create a dynamic kitchen garden. The system has excellent drainage and a water collection tray.

    If you have dreamed of a vertical garden in your home or on the patio, this kit is the ideal place to begin.

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  • Herb Garden In A Pail

    Herb Garden In A Pail

    You add the water and a grow light, the rest is included in this cute little ceramic pail. It makes a great gift and is a quick way to have a mini kitchen herb garden. You will also find that it's a cute way to keep the kids interested in gardening throughout the year.

    You really have to love this kit for the simplicity: just add water and give it plenty of light. The rest of the work is done for you. The organic seed mix of basil, garlic chives, and parsley and the growing medium are...MORE included.

    Granted, it is not the best indoor herb garden, but it will give you a few culinary herbs to use in the kitchen. It is particularly useful for tiny kitchens where space is at a premium.

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