Top 10 Inexpensive Pellet Grills

In recent years, Pellet Grills have become much more popular and many manufacturers have entered the market. Pellet Grills are complicated appliances and cost more than most gas grills. They are also limited in how hot they can get, but they burn real wood and produce smoky flavors. These Pellet Grills are relatively basic but reliable and able to grill a steak as well as smoke a rack of ribs without breaking the bank. Prices on this list run in the lower half of the market range, but there is...MORE still a lot to like in these grills.

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    Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill
    Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill. Yoder Smokers, Inc.

    Yoder Smokers got into the business to produce a line of products that would work equally well on the competition circuit and the backyard. After a few years of growing pains in the pellet market, Yoder has emerged as the makers of some very good pellet grills. This, the YS640, is probably their most successful model. Large enough to do some serious cooking yet inexpensive enough to be competitive in the lower price range, this is a versatile and capable grill/smoker.

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    Blaz'n Grill Works Grand Slam
    Blaz'n Grill Works Grand Slam. Blaz'n Grill Works

    At around $1,100USD, the Blaz'n Grill Works Grand Slam has a lot of competition. When you consider that the pellet controller used on this model is the same as many others, what is there to make this pellet grill stand out? The double lined lower body section and thicker gauge metal ​helps to hold in heat. Many pellet grills fail at this, but Blaz'n Grill Works seems to be able to produce a better pellet grill, at least from a body construction standpoint.

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    This is the classic barrel shaped pellet grill. Built like those old fashioned charcoal grills of years gone by, this one removes the coals and adds an advanced, computer-controlled pellet fuel system. The body is heavy sheet metal and not well insulated, but sufficient for the purpose. As a lower priced pellet grill, this model Country Smoker from Louisiana Grills isn't a bad choice.

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    REC TEC entered the pellet grill market a few years ago to be something different. While this grill isn't revolutionary, it comes with committed support and an excellent marketing campaign. In a short time, it has become the low-cost pellet grill to beat. The construction is solid and the design attractive. As a pellet grill, it is good, but its performance is typical of units in the thousand dollar range.

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    Improved for 2015, the Traeger Texas Grill, or Texas Pro Pellet Grill as it is now known, has some new features to like. The pellet hopper now has a clean out for quickly changing pellet flavors and the digital pellet controller, while still relatively primitive has two meat probes for monitoring food temperatures without opening the lid. This pellet cooker is even available in two colors now. The problem is that it is still somewhat of a lightweight pellet grill reducing temperature precision...MORE and efficiency.

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    Green Mountain Jim Bowie Pellet Grill
    Green Mountain Jim Bowie Pellet Grill. Green Mountain Grills

    There have been a flood of pellet grills on the market recently (thanks to the expiration of Traeger patents) and Green Mountain Grills is yet another company looking to break into this glutted market. What the Jim Bowie Pellet Grill has going for it are an excellent price and some nice features that make it safer and more functional than some other models out there. While simple in some ways, there is a lot of thought that has gone into this pellet grills. What this smoker/grill gives is a wide...MORE temperature range that is easy enough, while versatile thanks to its control unit.

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    Royall Grills got into the Pellet Grill (and Smoker) business to build an affordable, US manufactured unit that was solidly built and capable of doing some good grilling. While the Royall RG3000 Pellet Grill is all that, it is also rather simplistic. When these first hit the market, they came with the most primitive pellet controller money could buy. Recently these have been upgraded to the second most primitive controller.

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    As Pellet Grills have become more popular and more plentiful, the fight for the lowest price has been pretty intense. To get a pellet grill under $1,000USD, it takes thin metal and a certain lack or precision in the construction. With this pellet grill, the biggest problem is the lid which is thin and prone to warping out of shape or just plain getting bent. The controller on this model includes a meat probe which is a good feature found on most of the more expensive units. This unit can grill...MORE as well as most pellet cookers and smoke efficiently.

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    Sawtooth SPG-605 Pellet Grill
    Sawtooth SPG-605 Pellet Grill. Sawtooth Grills

    Very large, with an impressing lid height, the Sawtooth SPG-605 is another of the lower priced pellet grills to hit the market recently, Sold most online, with a few brick and mortar retailers, Sawtooth has struggled to produce a pellet grill in the United States but have stuck to that ideal. With a number of improvements, largely in the selection of pellet controllers, recently this has become a moderately good pellet grill. The metal is thin and that means a higher pellet consumption,...MORE particularly on cold or windy days.

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    This is one of the least expensive pellet grills on the market. It is also one of the lightest weight pellet grills on the market. Beyond capitalizing on Myron Mixon's name (who has very little to do with this product) it is a trade off of price versus quality, both being relatively low.