17 Top Influencers Share The Design Trends They’re Obsessing Over in 2019

Photo by Tessa Neustadt for Brady Tolbert

Wondering what to expect out of the design world in 2019? We asked top influencers to tell us what design trend they're currently obsessing over—and why. Their answers will inspire you creatively, or at least make you yearn for a chicer home.

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    @bobbyberk — Black on Black


    "Black on black: it's a daring move and something that isn’t for the lighthearted, but when it's done right the black on black combo can be moody, dramatic and exciting. I’ve been loving it in kitchens recently where the countertops and the cabinets are both used in a darker tone." — Bobby Berk

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    @em_henderson — Showers Without a Dam


    "I very much love showers without a dam (meaning the flooring directly continues from the bathroom into the shower). They require less materials and create fewer lines, which makes for a cleaner design. Also, long skinny tiles—I can’t get enough. As for kitchens: Small appliance garages and integrated appliances. Unless it’s a really special piece, I LOVE not seeing an appliance. For furniture: Sculptural lines with humble, quiet finishes." — Emily Henderson

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    @houselarsbuilt — Rattan


    "Everything rattan! I love the natural yet stylized feel of it. I love that it's coming back and I can't get enough of it. The most beautiful pieces I'm finding are outside of the US, but I'm seeing more companies hop on board and deliver some goodies too." — Brittany Jepsen

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    @thejoshuatreehouse — Bringing the Outdoors Indoors


    "Earthy colors, natural materials, and texture. We love reflecting our exterior environment into indoor spaces." — Sara & Rich Combs

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    @graceatwood — Sustainability


    "Sustainability! I think it's so important to be really strategic and purposeful about making any sort of purchase, but especially for the home. And to take that a step further, to really think about who you are buying from, the materials being used to create each item, and what values the company stands for. My sister Rebecca Atwood is a great example of that. Everything she produces is so thoughtfully and responsibly made. I also like to support US made companies whenever possible, like Room & Board or Design Within Reach." — Grace Atwood

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    @lovelyindeed — Statement Wallpaper


    "I still just can't get enough of the statement wallpaper trend! We have two walls in our home that each have a fun wallpaper in an oversized, colorful print, and they add the most exciting pop to a room. We get more compliments on our wallpaper than any other design element in our home." — Chelsea Foy

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    @apartment_34 — Minimalism


    "I am loving the zero uppers look in today’s kitchens. It has a very European feel, but also feels modern and fresh. I’m also all for Marie Kondo-ing your life and no uppers forces a purge." — Erin Hiemstra

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    @liagriffith — Natural Wood Tones


    "Here are two current obsessions: Natural wood in its original color and green variations for walls, furniture and accessories. Natural tones in wood has an understated Scandinavian touch. Simple, earthy, stylish. Many shades of green bring in a soothing richness to a room." — Lia Griffith

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    @handmadecharlotte — Shibori


    "I love Shibori and pretty much anything to do with dyeing! Working with literally any color and experimenting to create different patterns and shapes is so addicting, I have so much fun with it. I love how shibori and dyeing and be simple, extremely intricate, or anywhere in between." — Rachel Faucett

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    @bradytolbert —Minimalism and Refinement

    Photo by Tessa Neustadt for Brady Tolbert 

    "Minimalism and refinement, even though there is never a time or place where I could live a fully minimalist lifestyle. I mean, I work as a creative director and prop stylist, after all—my job is to enjoy things. Still, I love the simplicity of a refined and curated room. Rather than collections that feel haphazard it is about impactful styling moments with statement pieces that speak for themselves. I’ve been very into refinement in 2019—for my own space, and clients'." — Brady Tolbert

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    @thecraftedlife — Color Pops

    Photo by Mary Costa for The Crafted Life

    "I love seeing people take that leap to bring color into the home. There’s something about it that just creates a happy and warm space. I know it’s a little nerve wracking at first buying pieces that aren’t neutral, but it’s so, so worth it." — Rachel Mae Smith

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    @clutterhealing — Repurposing

     Photo by Juliana Slemenda for Clutter Healing

    "I'm in love with all the eco-friendly, environmentally conscious options out there nowadays and the idea of repurposing never gets old. I live in a 1953 mid-century home and almost everything we have has been found at estate sales. They just don't make furniture the same today as they did back then." — Lili Pettit

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    @organize_it — Modernism

    "Currently I am obsessed with modern design. To me, modern is timeless and minimalistic. I am a firm believer in the famous mantra: less is more. Modern is a clean, classy and sleek way to design your space while keeping it simple at the same time. For instance, incorporating concrete with geometric patterns will give a dramatic presence to your space." — Rivka Davidowitz

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    @heywanderer — Bold Colors


    "We love bold and colorful walls. Nearly every wall in our house is colorful. We love color because it’s an easy and inexpensive way to make a statement. You can really set the tone of a room and create a vibe with a can of paint." — Casey Freeman & Savannah McNeill

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    @talirothdesigns — Glass


    "I am obsessed with glass. Not sure if it's a trend per se, or if it will come to the mainstream in a year, but Italian glass and cool glass furniture pieces have really peaked my interest. I am also in love with anything bold and bright and 'different.' This is the year of trying to get away from sameness." — Tali Roth

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    @withinthegrove — Gorgeous Greens


    "The growing trend of incorporating green within home design has certainly caught my eye. So much so, in fact, that we painted a wall in our home a gorgeous muted green. When the right green is chosen for a space, it’s the bold neutral we’ve all been looking for. The versatility of green makes it the perfect color to try because you can incorporate it into home decor through furniture, walls or even houseplants." — Elizabeth Rishel

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    @ohsolovely_blog — Light Wood floors


    "I’d say lighter wood floors—darker wood floors feel like they're becoming less popular. We have medium-toned floors in our home, and I sometimes wish we'd gone a bit lighter. I’m also a big fan of mixing in more plants and natural materials into my decor—I love connecting with nature in this way. These natural additions paired with the recent minimizing and simplifying I’ve done to our home in the new year has felt wonderful." — Audrey Kuether