15 Top Influencers Share the Design Trends They’re Obsessing Over in 2020

Emily Henderson Design

Emily Henderson

Wondering what to expect out of the design world in 2020? We asked top influencers to tell us what design trend they're currently obsessing over—and why. Their answers will inspire you creatively, or at least make you yearn for a chicer home.

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    @bobby: Lack of Hardware

    Bobby Berk

    @bobby / Instagram

    “Lately, I love the absence of hardware on both furniture and in kitchens. It gives such a clean silhouette to pieces and keeps them feeling modern and clean. Additionally, recessed pulls and cutouts used as pulls are something that I am excited to explore a bit more in 2020 (you might even see it on some of my new furniture pieces).”
    Bobby Berk

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    @beckiowens: Warm Wood Tones and Neutrals

    Becki Owens

    @beckiowens / Instagram

    "I love the mix of warm wood tones and neutrals we are seeing in design right now. It’s all about incorporating organic layers with clean lines and a few collected pieces to create an inviting, lived-in home.”
    Becki Owens

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    @em_henderson: Modern Floral Patterns

    Emily Henderson

    @em_henderson / Instagram

    “I am in love with modern British granny floral patterns. I am heavily considering covering a sofa for my living room in one. Am I nuts? Maybe. But all of a sudden I can’t get enough.”
    Emily Henderson

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    @kateinteriors: Woven Trend


    @katemarkerinteriors / Instagram

    "We are on board with the woven trend! Rattans, wicker, jute, and natural fibers are expanding in furnishings and light fixtures and accessory offerings. These pieces add an organic warmth and approachability to a wide variety of spaces.”
    Kate Marker

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    @thejoshuatreehouse: Arches

    The Joshua Treehouse

    @thejoshuatreehouse / Instagram

    “We love everything arched these days. Arched doorways, mirrors, niches, headboards, and fireplaces—we’ll take it all. The arch adds so much architectural visual interest, and reminds us of some of our favorite locations: the desert southwest and Morocco."
    Sara & Rich Combs

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    @deecampling: Distressed Walls

    Dee Campling interiors

    @deecampling / Instagram

    "I’m obsessing over distressed walls, which involve fantastic textures and create an awesome vintage vibe. I especially like distressed walls mixed with ultra-modern, clean-lined furniture."
    Dee Campling

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    @reservehome: Sculptural Furniture


    @reserve_home / Instagram 

    “I’m loving the surge of sculptural furniture in interior design. All of my favorite furniture pieces right now have curves for days, including arches, rounded corners, and various (sometimes surprising) wavy designs. I’ve also noticed fabrics going in a more tactile direction, which I LOVE. Bouclé and velvet, especially in warm hues, will soon reign supreme."

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    @plankandapillow: Moody Cabinets

    Brooke and Henry

    @plankandpillow / Instagram

    "Bring on the moody cabinet colors paired with light countertops for a more sophisticated, classy look.”
    Brooke and Henry Jones

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    @rebeccaandgenevieve: Textures and Warm Colors

    Valeria Jacobs

    @rebeccaandgenevieve / Instagram

    "I love color and incorporating different textures into a space, so I am so excited to see that warmer colors such as terracotta, burnt orange, greens, and mustards are getting more popular. Plus, lots of organic textures from wall coverings to decor accents are coming back big time in 2020."
    Valeria Jacobs

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    @bradytolbert: Modern Lampshades


    @bradytolbert / Instagram

    “While drum shades and the more traditional shapes will always have a place in design, I am loving the resurgence of pleated and accordion shades as well as very severely conical lampshades (that are almost triangular in shape). The hard angles can give any lamp a retro yet modern look.”
    Brady Tolbert

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    @handmadecharlotte: Handmade Weavings and Wall Hangings

    Woven dolls

    @handmadecharlotte / Instagram

    "Handmade weavings and wall hangings. The texture they add to a space is irresistible and we love that there are so many DIY options out there!"
    Katheleen Ballos

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    @withinthegrove: Bold Tile


    @withinthegrove / Instagram 

    "A trend that is continuously catching my eye is the use of tile in bold ways. Whether tile is positioned in an interesting geometric pattern or the tile is a bold color, I’m a big fan of these stunning, inventive applications of tile. We're starting to see this with kitchen backsplashes, on laundry room accent walls, and even in bathrooms where tile is applied from the floor to the ceiling as an extension of the shower. I'd welcome this trend any day of the week!”
    —Elizabeth Rishel

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    @organize_it: Acrylic Furniture

    Refrigerator interior

    @organize_it / Instagram

    "Right now I am obsessing over acrylic furniture. When placing acrylic furniture you can create an illusion to a more spacious environment."
    Rivka Davidowitz

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    @amykartheiserdesign: Mixed Metals

    Amy Kartheiser

    @amykartheiserdesign / Instagram

    "It looks like brass is here to stay. I love that it’s being used all over the home—in kitchens, bathrooms, and lighting fixtures. I also love mixing metals to ensure that your space doesn’t feel dated in a few years’ time.”
    Amy Kartheiser

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    @ohsolovely_blog: Bold Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen Interior

    @ohsolovely_blog / Instagram

    "I'm still in love with boldly-painted kitchen cabinets in classic colors! Lately, I’ve been drawn to navy and olive green. The best part about this trend is that you don’t have to over-commit to it. You can choose to only paint your lowers or the island a bold color and then add accessories in the same color family to tie it all together. You could even paint the insides of glass-front cabinets for a less committed pop of color, which is easy to switch up later if you change your mind."
    Audrey Kuether