10 Top Kitchen Trends | With Designer Christopher Grubb

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    What's New in Kitchen Design and Color?

    2016 Kitchen Trends With Christopher Grubb
    Top Kitchen Colors and Trends. ©Christopher Grubb


    Designer Christopher Grubb Shares the Hot New Kitchen Trends

    Christopher Grubb shares his take on the newest kitchen trends at the 2016 KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.) Christopher shares his insights into what's new and what's coming soon in kitchen design and color trends.

    Christopher Grubb: "The 2016 KBIS was one of their biggest shows in years.  I was asked by Kitchen and Bath Business magazine to note trends I saw there, (I sometimes prefer to use the word...MORE "movement" rather than trends,) that we will be seeing in magazines and our own kitchens in 2016. Speaking with my colleagues from all over the country, collectively we’ve had years of designing white kitchens. White kitchens are clean, crisp, classic and still popular – but people are starting to feel they have the same as everyone else and want something different.  Gray tones, which feel like they can be the “new white” with their warmth, and the combination of black and gold were the overwhelming stand outs for almost every product available for a kitchen at the show.  The black and gold combination is not quite a complete return to the 1980s.  The new take on black and gold has bit of shine to the black finish (not lacquer) and understated stain finishes to the gold."

    Top interior designer, Christopher Grubb, shares the scoop on the top kitchen trends for 2016. You might recognize this dynamic Los Angeles designer from his appearances on HGTV, E!, and the Style Network.

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    Stainless Steel Appliances - The New Black?

    See the Top 2016 Kitchen Trends | With Designer Christopher Grubb
    Kitchen Color and Design Trends. ©KitchenAid

    Stainless Steel Appliances: Fading to Black?

    Kitchen appliance color trends change at a slow pace, and stainless steel has been the go-to finish for years, but stainless steel is getting an update in 2016.

    This is what Christopher Grubb has to say about this exciting new stainless steel trend: "For those who still love a look of stainless but aren’t ready for all black, KitchenAid now offers Black Stainless. It actually has a warmer gray tone than all-black, so that might be a perfect fit for...MORE your kitchen. LG has also created a Black Stainless collection"

    KitchenAid: Black Stainless Steel Appliance Suite

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    Oh La La Luxe: Appliance Elegance from La Cornue

    2016 Kitchen Trends With Christopher Grubb
    Top Kitchen Color and Decorating Trends. ©La Cornue

    Appliance Bling Coming to a Kitchen Near You

    Stoves are becoming a hot focal point in kitchen trends. Gorgeous stoves in elegant finishes and metals can elevate the style of your kitchen instantly. These stunning on-trend stoves are more than showpieces, they are kitchen superstars that perform for even the most serious of cooks.

    Christopher Grubb: "French company La Cornue brought together graphite and gold as bling!  I’ve had clients who are chefs that insist on this company. Though it's...MORE priced at around $17,000, it could be an example of a trend that starts in Europe and could soon become popular in the United States."

    La Cornue: Cornufé Stove

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    What's New in Countertops for Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens

    2016 Kitchen Colors and Trends With Christopher Grubb
    Top Kitchen Colors & Trends. ©Dekton

    Kitchen Countertop Trends - Indoors and Out

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to have countertops surfaces that flowed from your indoor kitchen to your outdoor kitchen? Look for countertop surface trends that work indoors and out for a cohesive style statement in your home.

    Christopher Grubb: "While at least 50% of our projects are natural stone countertops, the rest has been filled in by quartz and solid surface materials. Don't overlook exterior kitchens when looking at countertop trends. ...MORE Dekton showed new looks of their product that works for interior countertops, but it is also one of the only quartz surfaces I’ve used that works on an exterior kitchen in any climate."

    Dekton: Quartz Surface Countertops

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    The Latest in Kitchen Technology

    2016 Kitchen Decorating & Color Trends With Christopher Grubb
    Top Kitchen Decorating & Color Trends. ©Signature Kitchen Suite

    Kitchen Technology Trends

    Our daily lives are integrated with technology, so it makes sense that our kitchens should be too. Kitchen technology trends can make your life easier and simplify your daily routines. These 2016 kitchen trends don't sacrifice style for convenience with these gorgeous new kitchen suites.

    Christopher Grubb: "Forgot to turn on the dishwasher? Many of the appliances from Signature Kitchen Suite, a division of LG, have Wi-Fi  control capabilities to fix that....MORE Signature Kitchen Suite had a very large space at the KBIS show with many fashion stylist’s and chefs appearing."


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    Ingenious Cabinet Ideas for Maximizing Kitchen Space

    See the Top 2016 Kitchen Trends | With Designer Christopher Grubb
    Kitchen Color and Decorating Trends. ©Master Brand

    Cabinetry Hinges – A Big Idea for Small Space Living

    Downsizing and small space living isn't just a trend, it's a way of life for many of us. Designers are always looking for ways to maximize space and make it more user-friendly. Something as simple as a cabinetry hinge can transform a small kitchen space.

    This is what Christopher Grubb thought of this ingenious hinged appliance doors: "It’s always fun to see all of the organizational tools one can put into a drawer or cabinet, but the...MORE hinges never get any attention. MasterBrand Cabinets sure impressed with hardware that lets the door pop out and slide over. You sustain full-size doors in a narrow area with this hardware. This is great for small space living."

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    Brass and Gold is Back (With a Trendy New Twist)

    2016 Kitchen Color and Decorating Trends
    Top Kitchen Color and Decorating Trends. ©Emtek

    Brass and Gold – It’s back?

    Not every kitchen color palette is suited to chrome or oil rubbed bronze fixtures. The on-trend soft gold finishes open up an entirely new option for kitchens and baths in 2016.

    Christopher Grubb: "I’ve said since early last year I think gold is going to becoming more popular. Emtek tested a brushed gold on a door handle last year and it was so popular they added it into their line of cabinetry pulls and knobs. Brass had a presence but satin is dominant look."

    Emt...MOREek: Brushed Gold Hardware Collection

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    Loft Style Decorating is Hot for 2016

    See the Top 2016 Kitchen Trends | With Designer Christopher Grubb
    Top Kitchen Colors and Trends. ©Jason Wu for Brizo

    The Loft Look is Trending

    New sophisticated finishes give loft style a new look in 2016. The latest trends gives you a warmer alternative to the cool industrial style that's been popular for years.

    Christopher Grubb: "Tones of black seemed to be everywhere at the 2016 KBIS, in handles, plumbing fixtures, towel bars, and cabinetry. For a “loft look,” Kraus has a collection of industrial hose and stainless faucets."

    Brizzo: Black Finish Faucet

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    Kitchen Flooring Trends for a Busy Home

    2016 Kitchen Trends With Christopher Grubb
    Top Kitchen Decorating & Color Trends. ©Christopher Grubb

    New Tile Textures for a Versatile Wood Look in the Kitchen

    2016 Kitchen trends include tile flooring with large tiles, geometric patterns, and wood-look porcelain. Flooring should be beautiful, but it also should be care-free. The new tile trends offer the best of both worlds.

    Christopher Grubb: "Porcelain tile has come a long way, especially with planks that emulate wood.  They have a look of wood but with incredible durability for a busy household of pets, children, or direct indoor/outdoor...MORE access."

    Daltile: Tile That Looks Like Wood

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    Kitchen Panels Get Appliances Out of Sight

    2016 Kitchen Trends With Christopher Grubb
    Top Kitchen Decorating & Color Trends. ©Christopher Grub

    Appliance Panels Create Clean Lines in the Kitchen

    Using panels that match your cabinetry is a great way to streamline a visually busy kitchen. Open concept and small kitchens can benefit from the smooth lines of this trending style.

    Christopher Grubb: "We’re finding people are developing stainless steel “fatigue”. In 90% of our projects now, we are covering the appliances with panels to match the cabinetry. Panels make the kitchen also seem larger and keeps the clean lines of the design."


    Image: Christopher Grubb, Arch-Interiors

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    Gray Kitchens are Still Going Strong

    Top 2016 Kitchen Design & Color Trends
    Top Kitchen Trends With Christopher Grubb. ©Master Brand Decora

    The Gray Kitchen Trend Continues

    After a long reign of white kitchens, gray is emerging as a favorite alternative. The allure of gray in the kitchen is that you can transition from a white kitchen seamlessly. Countertops, appliances, and hardware, that worked well with your white kitchen can transition with any new gray elements you add. A gleaming black countertop will look equally stunning with gray cabinetry or flooring. If you're not ready to make a total transition to a gray kitchen, you...MORE can change elements one by one if your space is already neutral in white or black.

    Christopher Grubb saw the gray kitchen trend all over the 2016 KBIS: "Gray continues to be a strong color with the warmer tone dominating in appliances, flooring, and cabinetry."

    Image: Master Brand Decora