Top Latin Caribbean Easter Menu Recipes

A Latin Caribbean Easter Menu that will help you prepare an unforgettable flavorful Easter meal with recipes from the Latin Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican republic.
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    Shrimp and Potato Fritters (Bombas de Camarones y Papas) Appetizer

    Fried shrimp
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    The Caribbean is famous for various fried foods sold at street side stands and grills. This shrimp and potato fritter recipe is a mixture of shrimp, Munster cheese, and potato - perfect to start off your Easter meal.

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    Layered Egg and Onion Salad (Ensalada de Huevos y Cebolla)

    Fresh Eggs In Bowl
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    If you're planning a salad to go with your Easter meal, try this layered egg and onion salad recipe. It's a light salad made with onions, eggs, lettuce, and asparagus, which is dressed with vinaigrette and parmesan cheese.

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    Lamb and Roasted Pepper Stew (ChilindrĂ³n de Cordero)

    Lamb stew
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    Many Spanish households serve a lamb dish with their Easter meal. This lamb and roasted pepper stew call for piquillo peppers, which are Spanish roasted, sweet red peppers.

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    Instead of the standard mashed potatoes, potato salad or scalloped potatoes, why not try stuffed potato balls? You get meat and potatoes in one little bite.

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    Corn Fritters (Frituras de Maiz)

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    For your vegetable dish try these corn fritters. They're easy to make and cook up fast, so you can concentrate on your more complicated Easter dishes.

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    Arroz Con Leche, Flickr CC 2.0

    Rice pudding is a favorite dessert in the Caribbean. You can serve it for a sweet ending to any holiday meal. This recipe is sweetened up with cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and evaporated milk.