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What are you looking for in a lawn mower? Maybe you have to cut grass on a slope, and you are looking for an alternative to the standard equipment -- something that will make your life easier. If you find fueling a machine messy business, you may be looking for the cleanliness offered by electric -- whether a corded unit or a cordless one (battery-powered) -- or propane. Or if you are concerned about the environment, you may be drawn to reel mowers -- they do not pollute the air.

You have come to...MORE the right place. These brief lawn mower reviews should help you in your search.

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    Do you have to cut grass on a slight slope? It is difficult pushing the standard equipment up that slope, is it not? Lawn mowers with high wheels represent a solution to the problem: a machine much easier to push up a hill. 

    Incidentally, if you have to do your mowing on a very steep slope, even a high-wheel mower will not be sufficient to do the trick. What you need to look into is one of the Flymo-style mowers. With this type of machine, you can tie a rope to the handle and lower the mower down...MORE the hill, since it hovers rather than rolling on wheels.

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    Propane operated mower made by Lehr called the Eco Mower.
    The Lehr Eco Mower runs on propane. David Beaulieu

    For some consumers, the main drawback to propane lawn mowers may revolve around the use of the 16.4-ounce propane tanks: Currently, fewer convenience stores sell them than sell gasoline. That is rather, well, inconvenient. But if more people were to begin using propane-powered equipment, maybe more outlets would start carrying these propane tanks. Read the propane lawn mower review to see if you might want to swap gasoline for propane as an energy source for some yard maintenance tasks (propane...MORE string trimmers also exist now).

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    Some mowers run exclusively on battery power. Other battery-powered units retain a corded option in case you can't quite finish mowing a large expanse on battery power. Switch between corded or cordless modes as you see fit. But many prefer the freedom of the cordless mode, as does this reviewer. Remington's battery-powered lawn mower is one option.

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    Gas-powered units are messy. Not only that, but when the gas can runs dry, you have to drop what you are doing and drive to the gas station to get more fuel. A real pain, right? Many people used to shy away from the alternative offered by electric, because the cord got in the way. But there is an alternative to the alternative: cordless electric mowers (also known as "battery-powered mowers"; see above).

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    There are mowers that are friendly to the environment, and then there are mowers that are really friendly to the environment. Reel mowers fall into the latter camp. If going green is your main goal, then you just can't beat a mower that does not even have an engine (unless you want to give up having a lawn altogether and use the space as a garden bed, instead). Do note, however, that pushing around a reel mower for any great length of time (as would be required on large lawns) may challenge...MORE those of us who have not used our muscles much in a while, because they rely strictly on human power. 

    Read this lawn mower review to find out why reel mowers are catching on -- again. Their popularity is due to more than just their friendliness to the environment. Find out what other benefits they offer, as well as what drawbacks you will have to consider before buying one.