10 Best Meat-Free Monday Recipes

Since the 2009 launch by Sir Paul McCartney, the Meat Free Monday (also known as Meatless Monday) campaign has gained lots of traction. The essence of the campaign is summed up by Sir Paul who said "Having one designated meat-free day a week is actually a meaningful change that everyone can make, that goes to the heart of several important political, environmental and ethical issues all at once."

Here are some Brit-inspired Meat Free Monday favorite recipes.

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    Cauliflower gratin with cheese, close-up
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    Cauliflower cheese is a quintessentially traditional British food. It's a great recipe as it is so easy and versatile -- it appears throughout British food in various guises; an essential side dish for Sunday lunch, a delicious filling for a baked potato and sometimes, even encased in pastry as a pastry or quiche so makes a perfect Meat Free Monday recipe.

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    Indian Street food,Paneer rolls
    Indian Street food, Paneer rolls. Getty Images/Madhurima Sil

    Spicy vegetable and paneer wraps are, according to Gordon Ramsay, a typical street food in India and also popular in Britain as well. These wraps are vegetarian and a delicious Meat Free Monday recipe, however, you may add a little minced or spicy chicken if you prefer a non-vegetarian recipe.

    This recipe is courtesy of Gordon Ramsay from his book​ Great Escapes.

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    Vegetarian Colcannon
    Vegetarian Colcannon. Getty Images/modesigns58

    Colcannon is a favorite Irish recipe and a particular St. Patrick's Day favorite. As you can see from this recipe, it is quick, easy and simple to make.

    Though Colcannon was traditionally used for predicting marriage on Halloween it has become an everyday side dish and is a favorite meat-free dish when served with a fried egg on top.

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    Sliced Golden Beets
    Sliced golden beets. Getty Images/Allison Dinner

    Beetroot and pasta is a lovely combination, but for a change try this lovely summer recipe for vibrant, tasty pasta dish. Golden beetroot has a slightly milder flavor than the regular one and is a stunning bright yellow, which brings a splash of color to any dish. Combined with fresh herb pesto and fresh spicy rocket the Golden Beetroot pasta dish is also very healthy.

    If you can't find yellow pasta, then use regular beetroot. Be prepared, though, for it to turn the pasta a pretty pink color.

    G...MOREolden Beetroot Pasta Recipe

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    Wild Mushroom Lasagna Recipe

    Wild Mushroom Lasagna
    Wild Mushroom Lasagna. Photo © StockXpert

    This Wild Mushroom Lasagna recipe makes a wonderful alternative to the traditional meat lasagna. Though not a traditional British recipe, it is popular during the autumn when fresh wild mushrooms are plentiful. The rest of the year you will find lots of varieties of mushrooms which work equally well.

    The fresh lasagna is not pre-cooked in this recipe as the juice given off from the mushrooms during cooking cooks it.

    Wild Mushroom Lasagna Recipe

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    Roasted Garlic
    Roasted garlic. Getty Images/4kodiak

    This Caramelized Garlic Tart recipe comes for Chef Ottolenghi's book, Plenty. It is a book about vegetables and interesting and inspiring ways to cook them, so there is plenty of inspiration for Meat Free Monday.

    The tart makes a great brunch, lunch, dinner, party or picnic dish -- a great all rounder. Making the Caramelized Garlic Tart takes a little worth, but is well worth the effort.

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    Pumpkin Soup Recipe

    High Angle View Of Pumpkin Soup In Plate On Table
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    A wonderful autumn/winter dish, this Pumpkin Soup recipes is a cross between a baked pumpkin and a soup so is perfect for a Meat Free Monday recipe.

    This lovely recipe from Simon Hopkinson's book, Vegetarian Option, who first encountered the recipe in the seminal book, Great Chefs of France and over the years has adapted it to a more manageable recipe for the home cook.

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    Vegetable Biryani Recipe
    Vegetable Biryani Recipe. Photo © StockXpert

    This mildly spiced curry dish makes a delicious supper dish for Meat Free Monday and also doubles as a side dish for other days of the week. The vegetables listed in the recipe are a suggestion only, use whatever you have to hand to ring the changes.

    Vegetable Biryani Recipe

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    Cannellini bean and tomato stew
    Cannellini bean and tomato casserole. Getty images/Alex Vasilescu

    Tomato and White Bean Casserole is a hearty, filling, vegetable casserole, perfect for chilly days. The casserole is packed with beans and with the addition of tomatoes is a very healthy dish as a main course or as an accompaniment to other dishes.

    This tomato and white bean casserole recipe uses canned white beans but you can also use frozen beans as long as they have been precooked before freezing.

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    Beetroot soup
    Getty Images/Philippe Desnerck

    There's no denying beetroot is good for you, it has a delicate yet sweet flavor and is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. It makes everything from tasty soups and starters through to cakes and puddings.

    In this Beetroot Soup recipe, the beets partner up nicely with a toasted bread crouton slathered with tasty goat's cheese. It's a great combination, but feel free to use whatever cheese you like -- just remember it needs to be a little punchy in flavor.