Mid-Century Modern Paint Colors

Mid-Century Modern olive green

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As a decorating and home-design style "Mid-Century Modern" refers to the aesthetics that dominated the period from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, especially the period from about 1955 to 1965. Paint colors in mid-century modern homes range from the kitschy brights of the 1950s to the sophisticated and earthy colors of the early 1960s. The Mid-Century Modern decorating style is uncluttered, and it aims to highlight the simplicity of the boxy modern homes of that era. Mid-Century Modern decorating styles include everything from the pink appliance trend to swanky dark leather Eames chairs, so you have many options for your Mid-Century Modern paint color palette. 

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    Restless Olive SW 6425 (Sherwin-Williams)

    Restless Olive SW 6425 Swatch


    Like the perfect martini, Sherwin-Williams Restless Olive can make a splash in your Mid-Century Modern color palette. Restless Olive is a rare green that can be used both as a neutral color but also paired with a variety of colors. 

    If you aren't sure you can commit to an olive-green room, Sherwin-Williams Restless Olive would be a stylish choice for a foyer or as an accent wall. Natural green paint colors pair well with other Mid-Century Modern colors, such as gold, dark brown, and burnt orange.

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    Cocoa Shell Ac-05 (Behr)

    A sample of Cocoa Shell Ac-05

    Behr/Home Depot

    Behr's Cocoa Shell is a luscious brown paint color that can anchor the swankiest colors of Mid-Century Modern decor when the 1960s is your style. Paired with olive green and rich gold, this deep brown is more than a backdrop. 

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    Dark Walnut 1358 (Benjamin Moore)

    A sample of Dark Walnut 1358

    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore's Dark Walnut is a deep muted purple Mid-Century Modern paint color with a hint of red mixed in. Used in a room with dark paneling, and leather chairs, it adds a sultry color accent. This deep and mysterious wall color has enough presence to give the illusion of strong architectural detail in an otherwise plain room.

    You can use Benjamin Moore's Dark Walnut in place of dark brown or black if you'd like to add drama to your Mid-Century Modern color scheme.

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    Yellow Gold 360D-6 (Behr)

    A sample of Yellow Gold 360D-6

    Behr/Home Depot

    Behr's Yellow Gold is the perfect Mid-Century Modern, warm gold paint color. Yellow Gold is more complex than the infamous Harvest Gold of the kitchens of the late 1960s.

    Behr's Yellow Gold is a rich complement to a sophisticated Mid-Century Modern color scheme in warm tones

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    Blue Seafoam 2056-60 (Benjamin Moore)

    A sample of Blue Seafoam 2056-60

    Benjamin Moore

    No list of Mid-Century Modern paint colors would be complete without a turquoise or aqua color.  Benjamin Moore's Blue Seafoam is a saturated blue/green paint color that is true to 1950s style but is more suitable for your lifestyle today. While Blue Seafoam still has that fun and kitschy look, it also pairs nicely with neutral colors. 

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    Wasabi AF-430 (Benjamin Moore)

    A sample of Wasabi AF-430

    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore's Wasabi is a fun, retro green paint color. This green is not muted with gray or bright like apple green—Wasabi oozes Mid-Century Modern sophistication.

    This Mid-Century Modern green looks great when paired with maroon, deep brown, or turquoise. Benjamin Moore's Wasabi can help you create a classic lounge vibe in any Mid-Century room. 

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    Pink Flamingo CSP-1175 (Benjamin Moore)

    A sample of Pink Flamingo CSP-1175

    Benjamin Moore

    Summer, swimming pools, and Palm Springs, Benjamin Moore's Pink Flamingo is all about hot Mid-Century Modern style. Pink Flamingo is slightly muted so that it can complement both the playful color scheme of 1950s kitchens and the sophisticated color palettes of the early 1960s. 

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    Carnival SW 6892 (Sherwin-Williams)

    A sample of Carnival SW 6892


    If you love the harvest tones of the early 1960s, orange will be a perfect addition to your Mid-Century color palette. Sherwin-Williams Carnival is a vibrant, but earthy orange. A daring choice for wall color, this stunning paint color would be perfect for accenting the back of a bookcase or as a backsplash color in a modern kitchen

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    Homburg Gray SW 1426 (Sherwin-Williams)

    A sample of Homburg Gray SW 1426


    The color of deep charcoal flannel, Sherwin Williams' Homburg Gray is a rich and dark neutral. This dark gray is best as a statement color for interiors. In Mid-Century decor, Homburg Gray would be bold as an accent wall. Or, matched with olive green or deep gold, it can create a sophisticated and masculine palette in any space. 

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    Milk Toast 3001-10B (Valspar)

    A sample of Milk Toast 3001-10B (Valspar)


    Taupe was very popular for Mid-Century color palettes. Valspar's Milk Toast is an easy-to-match taupe without the excessive pink undertone that makes many of the original Mid-Century taupes less popular today. 

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