Top Miniature Buildings, Cottages and Villages

Front view of the Lilliput Lane collectible cottage
Lilliput Lane "Millers" cottage, 1984 version, front view with scale. Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

Several companies produce collectible cottages, villages, and architectural models. Themes range from Christmas and Halloween through historic cottages and landmark buildings to some of the ​world's greatest architecture. Prices vary widely and many companies have collectors clubs.

Some collectors collect only particular sections of a range, if you are buying an item as a gift, check to find out exactly which items are on that person's wish list.

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    Department 56 began creating village scenes with the Snow Village collection of six houses in 1976. It is part of the Lenox group and produces several different collections: The Alpine Village, Animated Snow Village, Original Snow Village, Dickens Village, New England Village, Christmas in the City, The North Pole, The Holy Land, Historical Landmarks, and several others including Halloween villages. There is a National Council of Department 56 Clubs.

    The main website features lots of display...MORE ideas and there are Department 56 history lists (in pdf format)

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    Michel Dupuy

    Miniature buildings of Alsace are the specialty of Michel Dupuy. His website shows beautifully detailed historic Alsatian buildings in a number of ceramic series.

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    Domenique Gault

    Dominique Gault miniatures are collectible houses made in France featuring typical buildings from Paris, Provence, Tuscany, and Alsace. Entire villages can be easily created from these houses and their many accessories. There are also some buildings from Venice and London. The miniatures come in two distinct product lines, a high-end ceramic line and a popular J. Carlton resin line.

    Gaultville showcases collections of Domenique Gault houses from around the world.

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    Hawthorne Village is a division of the Bradford Group which sells a wide range of cottage and Christmas village lines singly and through subscriptions. Their range includes Thomas Kincade's cottage ranges (Christmas village, Seaside Winter Village, Lamplight Village, Victorian Christmas Village, Hometown Village, Mistletoe Mountain) as well as more unusual village subjects such as Dale Earnhardt's Christmas Village Collection and Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Village Town...MORE Collection. Prices for their collection range from $50-$135.

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    Lemax produces wide range of houses for Christmas and Halloween villages in several collections, including Vail Village, Caddington Village, Plymouth Corners, Santa’s Wonderland, Sugar N Spice, Carnival and Spooky Town. All their product lines are listed on their website and are available through a wide variety of stores. These buildings come in lit and unlit versions and range in price from $15 up.

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    Lilliput Lane

    Front view of the Lilliput Lane collectible cottage
    Lilliput Lane "Millers" cottage, 1984 version, front view with scale. Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    David Tate founded Lilliput Lane in 1982, and the company (a division of Enesco) celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2007. A wide range of British, Dutch and French cottages are produced in this range as well as the British Heritage Collection which includes Buckingham Palace. There are also American Landmark cottages as well as illuminated cottages. A Pdf catalog is available online and includes a list of retired pieces. There is also a collectors club. Prices of Lilliput Lane cottages range...MORE from $30-$2000.

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    Miniature Country Cottage designed for wargaming.
    Miniature Building Authority Collectible Country Cottage in 25mm Scale. Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    The Miniature Building Authority have an extensive line of collectible miniature buildings and accessories in 25mm and 15mm scale for wargamers, model railways in 0 and S scale, or to use as collectible village pieces. These are sturdy buildings, cast from resin with clear mold lines and details, and finished with strong textures and paint. The buildings are complete with roofs which lift off to expose the interior and some have detailed painted interiors. Interior floors lift out in buildings...MORE with more than one story. Some buildings divide to be used as intact or as destroyed structures, making them useful for Halloween and Christmas scenes in 1:48 scale or less as well as railroad scenes and gaming scenarios.

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    John Putnam Houses produces ceramic miniatures of traditional British and American houses. The houses are widely available online.

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    Timothy Richards produces fine plaster architectural models of famous buildings from around the world. His models are available as bookends, architectural models, and limited edition collector pieces. The building detail and soft uniform finish make these truly remarkable examples of the best of the world’s architecture.

    The range includes items as simple as a traditional British post box, through to famous historic buildings (Ellis Island) and some of the world’s most splendid buildings. His...MORE stated purpose is to leave behind a legacy of models that define and catalog the pivotal buildings of architecture.

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    Wade Whimsey Villages

    Why Knot Inn miniature cottage from the Whimsey on Why collection by Wade England.
    Why Knot Inn Cottage, one of thirty six buildings in Wade England's Whimsey on Why village collection. Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    The Wade porcelain factories produced several ranges of collectible miniature village buildings between 1980 and 1998. Whimsey on Why, Wade Bally Whim, Whimsey in the Vale and several special building sets, including a set of San Francisco Painted Ladies can be found as tiny porcelain buildings between one and two inches high.

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    David Winter Cottages

    David Winter Cottages have been in production since 1979. Now semi retired, David Winter continues to produce cottages for release only through the Friends of David Winter Collectors Guild. Past editions of his cottages were available through a wide range of distributors and are widely traded with a wide range of prices. The cottages are traditional British Cottages with a Christmas cottage range based on Dickens Christmas Carol. The range is very wide, many of the cottages can be viewed online...MORE via the David Winter Information website