Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Tux Shopping

Don't make these wedding dressing missteps!

It's the day you've been prepping for and your bride-to-be looks stunning in her gown. Don't be caught wearing a tux that makes you look less than the stud you are. To help you avoid the top five missteps that grooms make in dressing for the wedding, we talked to the CEO of Menguin, an online tuxedo rental startup. If you want to look flawless on your big day, here are the five top mistakes to avoid when shopping for your wedding tuxedo or suit.

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    Not Discussing Choices with the Bride

    Let your bride help you pick out your tuxedo.
    Let your bride help you pick out your tuxedo. Menguin

    Despite what your honey says, she does have an opinion on what you wear on your big day. Sure, your tux (as well as those of your groomsmen) needs to match your wedding colors, but it also needs to mesh well with the bride and her bridesmaids’ dresses. Get your fiancée’s input, so that you are both on the same page and you'll eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress and misinterpretation.

    Looking for style tips? Don't miss this style advice for grooms from stylist Donnell Baldwin. 


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    Limiting Your Options

    Online Tuxedo Rentals
    Online Tuxedo Rentals from Menguin make the process super simple. Menguin

    Many grooms think that the only way to rent a tuxedo or suit is to go old school and waltz into a tux store. Not true! Unless you really enjoy getting chummy with sales clerks, these days you can get your tux without leaving your house. Online tuxedo rentals make it easy for you to find the style you need, input your measurements, and have it delivered right to your doorstep. You'll have it about a week before the wedding, leaving you plenty of time to try it on and send it back free of...MORE charge if you need to have any adjustments. Then, after your I do’s are said and done, package it up and return it. Easy as pie.

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    Not Factoring the Weather

    Choose a tuxedo that's appropriate for the weather on your wedding day.
    Choose a tuxedo that's appropriate for the weather on your wedding day. Menguin

    Let’s say your wedding is taking place in South Carolina on a beautiful July day. What does this have to do with your tux? Believe it or not, weather should be taken into account when choosing your suits because you and your groomsmen need to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day. Picking a three-piece tux made of wool for a summer wedding ensures that everyone is hot and miserable. Save the three-piece getups for fall and winter weddings, and look for lighter, more breathable suits...MORE made for summer weddings. 

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    Neglecting Your Groomsmen

    Don't leave your groomsmen out of the tuxedo process.
    Don't leave your groomsmen out of the tuxedo process. Menguin

    Your groomsmen aren't going to be happy if they're trying on ill-fitting tuxes the day before the wedding. It can especially be hard to get everyone's tux sized accurately if your guys are spread out across the country and will only be in town for the big day. Plus, you have to rely on then to actually go in and get it taken care of! This is where online tuxedo rental comes into play again. Your groomsmen can have their tuxes shipped directly to them a week before the wedding so they...MORE have plenty of time to try them on and have them fine-tuned if need be.


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    Selecting the Wrong Style

    Make sure your tuxedo style matches the overall theme and vibe of your wedding.
    Make sure your tuxedo style matches the overall theme and vibe of your wedding. Menguin

    Two factors are crucial in choosing the style of your tux: your body type and the formality of the event. Larger-framed men typically need a standard or classic cut, with a lower button placement to help slim down and lengthen the body. If you're a tall, slender build, a slim-fit tux tailors nicely to your body without looking boxy.

    A suit's formality is determined by a number of factors, including fabric, cut and color. Dark colors such as black or navy tend to be more formal, while...MORE lighter cream or khaki suits are more suitable for a casual outdoor wedding. Consider your venue and the time of day your wedding is taking place to help you figure out just how formal you need to go. And if you're not sure exactly what style would suit the occasion, don't be afraid to ask an expert for assistance.

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Thanks to Justin Delaney for giving us this great insight into shopping for tuxedos. For online tuxedo rentals and more helpful advice, visit Menguin.