8 Great Neutral Paint Colors for Every Room in the House

Living room with warm white paint

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When it comes to finding the right neutral color, you might think the options are pretty much only white and beige. But in reality, there are many variations of neutral tones that allow you to personalize your space while still maintaining a minimalist feel.

Here are our picks for neutral paint colors that work well with a variety of home and decor styles.

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    Best White: Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

    When you think of neutral paint, you probably think of white. Which makes sense: White paint is a great canvas for a neutral home. It's crisp, clean, and allows the rest of your decor to take center stage. We love Benjamin Moore Simply White because it's very slightly warm without being too yellow. It not only works in nearly any room of the house, but it is also perfect for the trim throughout your neutral home.

    Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

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    Best Light Gray: Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170

    Another great choice for a neutral palette is a simple gray like Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. This soft gray has slightly bluish undertones that give it a little bit of depth and pair wonderfully with nearly any cool white shade. We not only love gray as a wall color, but it's also a great choice for kitchen cabinets when you want to stray from white without overwhelming your space.

    Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170

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    Best Taupe: The Spruce Best Home Woodsy SPR-22

    Taupe straddles a fine line between gray and brown, and is a lovely choice if you want to add a little bit of dimension to your living space while maintaining the understated charm of a neutral home. The Spruce Best Home Woodsy is a medium taupe that is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

    The Spruce Best Home Woodsy SPR-22

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    Best Griege: Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray SW 7017

    Another color to consider in your neutral home is greige. A shade like Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray is perfect for adding a bit of warmth to any space. Pair this shade with lighter grays or darker browns for a monochrome look that is sophisticated but still homey.

    Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray SW 7017

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    Best Blue: Farrow & Ball Pale Powder No.204

    Who says blue can't be a neutral color? A shade like Farrow & Ball Pale Powder is perfect for a neutral home—in certain lights, it can even read as a gray. Technically a very light aqua, this pale blue shade is the perfect way to add a hint of color to your otherwise gray or white room. It adds a weightless, airy feel to any space, and we love it in bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Farrow & Ball Pale Powder No.204

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    Best Green: Magnolia Silverado Sage

    Consider a shade like Magnolia Silverado Sage for dens, offices, or larger living spaces that could use an earthy shade to keep it grounded. This medium pale green has gray undertones, and in some settings looks almost dark gray. A sage green shade like this one is modern and chic while still feeling approachable and calming.

    Magnolia Silverado Sage

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    Best Tan: The Spruce Best Home Sandbar SPR-04

    One of the benefits of a neutral color palette is just how tranquil and calming it can feel. The Spruce Best Home Sandbar is a medium tan that reminds us of sandy shores. It's a warm hue we love for living rooms or bedrooms. It's a simple color that will allow your guests to focus on the rest of your decor, but it's not a boring shade.

    Pair it with deeper warm tones in the brown or tan family to maintain a harmonious look throughout the space.

    The Spruce Best Home Sandbar SPR-04

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    Best Off-White: Behr Gravelstone MQ2-50

    If you're looking for a whitish hue that isn't overly crisp or stark, consider a shade like Behr Gravelstone. This paint reads as a lighter tan in smaller rooms but feels almost white in large, light spaces. It's a warm shade that is tranquil and welcoming. We love it as a backdrop to white and black palettes to add a little depth and contrast.

    Behr Gravelstone MQ2-50