6 Neutral Paint Colors That Designers Love

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    Coventry Gray - Benjamin Moore | Roxy Sowlaty

    Dining room with white fabric chairs, table, hanging light, and gray walls.
    Benjamin Moore

    If you find yourself overwhelmed when trying to choose a neutral paint color, knowing which colors have been successfully used by top designers can be a big help. Interior designers work with paint color every day and have their favorites. When choosing a neutral paint color, seeing the designer favorites takes the stress out of choosing. Here are six awesome neutral colors chosen by top designers featured in a gorgeous slideshow along with tips and decorating inspiration.

    The Elusive Perfect Gray

    "A perfect gray paint is hard to find—some can be too purple, too blue, or too beige. After many paint sample tests, I have narrowed down to my two favorite grays—a light shade and medium shade—by Benjamin Moore. My favorite light gray is Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray. This is a really happy and fresh gray tone. It works perfectly as a neutral by warming up a space and without being overwhelming while giving a great backdrop!" –Roxy Sowlaty Interior Designer

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    Chelsea Gray - Benjamin Moore | Roxy Sowlaty

    Home hallway with dark gray walls.
    Benjamin Moore

    "My favorite medium to dark tone gray is Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray. Chelsea Gray is a beautiful darker shade of gray. It has a very warm tonality to it, so it doesn't have that gloomy feel that some darker tones of gray can have. This works wonderfully as a neutral by adding a deeper feel to a space!" –Roxy Sowlaty Interior Designer

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    Simply White - Benjamin Moore | Anjie Cho

    Neutral kitchen cabinets and appliances with kitchen table.
    Anjie Cho

    "Benjamin Moore's Simply White is currently my go-to for walls. It's a soft warmish white, that's neutral—not too yellow or creamy, yet not too cool and bluish. It's also great in semi-gloss for mouldings.

    "If you want a neutral grayish blue, without looking too depressing, or pastely—My go-to is Benjamin Moore's Mt. Rainier Gray. It's refined and elegant enough for a living or dining room, but also great for bedrooms and kids room[s]. I've never had a client not love it after they put it up. It works in most lighting conditions and gives a little bit of color without a lot of commitment. It's super easy." –Anjie Cho, Architect & Feng Shui Interior Designer

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    Revere Pewter - Benjamin Moore | Allison Harlow

    Brick wall with dark wood cabinets and neutral paint colors in a modern kitchen.
    Allison Harlow - Curio Design Studio

    "My current go-to neutral paint color is Benjamin Moore HC-172 Revere Pewter. It is in the gray family but has warm brown undertones making it a great neutral backdrop for a variety of color schemes. Since it is such a versatile color it makes it a great choice for an open concept home where one space runs directly into another.

    "I recently used this as the main wall color in an open concept renovation in Guyana. The warm neutral made for a great backdrop against the light-colored stone of the media display wall but also worked equally well as it ran into the kitchen. It goes well with dark chocolate browns, whites, and icy blues." –Allison Harlow, Curio Design Studio

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    Whirlpool - Benjamin Moore | Joey Vogel

    Neutral colors in a white kitchen with two chairs.
    Joey Vogel

    "I have an obsession with Benjamin Moore CC-910 'Whirlpool' because it's such a universal color. It’s a super light blue/grey and totally livens up even the smallest space. It is painted on every wall in my own house.

    "My go-to trim colour is Benjamin Moore Snowfall White, it is not a pure white but provides an excellent contrast when juxtaposed to any wall colour. When it comes to grays I love the Benjamin Moore Historic Colour Collection HC-169 Coventry Gray; Stonington Gray; and Wickham Gray. I often use these three shades of gray together to separate different spaces on one floor". –Joey Vogel, Interior designer: The Future of Vintage

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    Manchester Tan - Benjamin Moore | Ashley A. Gouveia

    Neutral paint in a living room with a table and artwork.
    Ashley A. Gouveia

    "Benjamin Moore's Manchester Tan has the perfect combination of gray, beige, and taupe shades, and has a warm feeling where other grays and taupes can leave you cold. With the color emphasis today still on gray, this is a nice solution. I love to pair it with BM's Linen White in semi-gloss for trim. Linen White is beautiful for trim. Not as stark as classic white but still clean with a softer contrast. The two together are a really soft and creamy combination." –Ashley A. Gouveia, Interior designer/decorator