Top Phosphate PO4 Removing Products

It's Easy to Eliminate Harmful Phosphate in Aquariums With These Products

Corals and other invertebrates are sensitive to any level of phosphate (PO4), and it is also a food source for many types of troublesome algae. Typically the best way to reduce the accumulation of phosphate in aquariums is to perform repetitive water changes, but with advances in science, there are now a number of excellent products that are easy to use to remove harmful phosphate from aquariums quickly and safely. From granulated media to simple pads, here's a variety of popular products to...MORE choose from that can help solve your phosphate woes.

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    Salt aquarium

    Manufactured by Hiatt Dist. LTD, Aquarium Sparkling Aqua quickly and efficiently removes phosphates, suspended solids (TSS), dissolved solids (TDS) and improves water clarity.

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    Phosguard by SeaChem efficiently removes phosphates and silicates from marine or freshwater aquaria. PhosGuard is bead-shaped for optimum flow characteristics and has an exceptional porosity for enhanced capacity. PhosGuard has a working capacity to remove 20 to 60 mg/L phosphate in 100 gallons with a similar impact on silicates. It may be used continuously or intermittently, and will not release removed phosphate.

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    With the Poly-Bio Filter Pad by Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc., water impurities like phosphate, nitrate, copper, silicate, and even ammonia are absorbed. The pads can be regenerated by simple rinsing in saltwater (saltwater use can be regenerated by the reverse, rinsing in freshwater). Simply roll or cut the pad to any shape, place it inside a canister filter or incorporate it into any type filtration system to easily remove troublesome elements in saltwater aquariums.

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    Phos-Zorb by Rena Filstar is a filtration material that selectively removes phosphate and silicate. Phos-Zorb is available in bulk or handy 150 gm. pouches.

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    PhosBan is manufactured by Two Little Fishies. These synthetic ferric oxide hydroxide granules have an extremely high capacity for adsorbing phosphate from saltwater and freshwater. Also, it adsorbs silicate and does not release adsorbed substances.

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    PhosPure by Drs. Foster & Smith Combines three chemical filter media: Carbon, an ammonia remover, and a phosphate remover which are imbedded in a polyester matrix. These pads are easy-to-use and cost-effective. Removes phosphate, ammonia, organic waste, heavy metals, discoloration, and even residual medication. Simply cut these multipurpose pads for custom use in power filters, canister filters, or wet/dry filters.

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    Chemi-Mat by Boyd Enterprises is a single use filter pad which removes phosphates from aquarium water. The manufacturer states that the pad begins removing phosphates after 24 hours and should be discarded after 48 hours of use.

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    This product by Marc Weiss removes phosphate and silicate from saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Reportedly does not leach bound compounds back into the water. Can be used to pre-filter freshwater before mixing with the marine mix.

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    Phosphate Sponge by Kent Marine is a ceramic medium which adsorbs phosphate within hours when placed directly in water flow. This product works in fresh or saltwater to bring about 1.0 ppm of phosphate or silicates to less than .05 ppm in a 120-gallon aquarium for every dry quart of medium.