The 10 Best Foyer Paint Colors for an Elegant Entryway

Elegant foyer with light gray painted walls and open entryway

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Your home's foyer is the first space guests see when they enter your home, so it's important for setting the mood and tone for the rest of your residence. The transitional room can sometimes be an afterthought but is actually one of the most important design decisions you can make for your home. The best foyer paint colors depend on the size of your entryway and the tone you want to set. Keep in mind that neutrals like gray or beige are popular for foyers, but bright shades, moody hues, and subtle pale colors can also work well in the right setting.

  • Color Family: Various
  • Complementary Colors: Various
  • Pairs Well With: Various
  • Mood: Calming, cozy, elegant
  • Where to Use: Foyers

Here are 10 of the best paint color ideas for your foyer.

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    Best White: Sherwin-Williams Extra White

    Sherwin-Williams Extra White swatch
    The Spruce

    Whether you have a large or small space, a crisp, clean white is always a great choice. Sherwin-Williams' Extra White is a cool tone that opens up the foyer and highlights any of the natural light streaming in. An entryway that is simple, but welcoming and modern, makes a great impression on guests.

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    Best Pink: The Spruce Best Home Rose Power

    The Spruce paint swatch in Rose Power
    The Spruce

    If you want to play with color but don't want to overwhelm the space, a soft pink can add a romantic touch that works beautifully in a foyer. The Spruce's Rose Power is a soft medium pink that is subtle enough to welcome guests and transition your space, but with just enough color to add a little depth. 

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    Best Gray: Farrow & Ball Dimpse

    Farrow + Ball Dimpse color swatch
    The Spruce

    If you have a lot of cuts and architectural details or very high ceilings in your foyer, a color with some depth to it will highlight the space. We love Farrow & Ball's Dimpse because it's a soft cool gray that reminds you of the air at twilight, but it's not too dark or overwhelming. 


    Apply low-stick painter's tape to the edges of surfaces that will not be painted, and make sure to only remove it when the paint is fully dried and cured. Many beginner painters make the mistake of peeling the tape off too early when it's best to wait about three days.

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    Best Navy: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

    Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
    The Spruce

    An unexpected color like Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy is a great way to make a statement in your home. This rich navy is a classic shade that is incredibly saturated and lends a moody tone to your foyer. Keep your trim and accessories light and airy, and navy will feel cozy and inviting when you walk in.

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    Best Beige: Benjamin Moore Sparrow

    Sparrow AF-720 by Benjamin Moore
    The Spruce

    A beige shade such as Benjamin Moore's Sparrow is a good choice if you have a lot of different accessory colors or shades of wood in your home. This foyer paint color will tie them all together. This rich, latte-like beige is just dark enough to add depth, but won't feel dreary. 

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    Best Blue: Sherwin-Williams Aqua-Sphere

    Sherwin-Williams Aqua-Sphere paint swatch
    The Spruce

    We love Sherwin-Williams' Aqua-Sphere because it can play similarly to a neutral, but still adds a fun pop of color to your entryway. It gives us major beach decor feels and complements a lot of different color palettes. It looks great with various shades of white (perfect for a coastal color scheme) and tan or topaz hues.

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    Best Green: Magnolia Silverado Sage

    Magnolia Silverado Sage swatch
    The Spruce

    Magnolia's Silverado Sage is a muted green shade that is lovely for a foyer of any size or shape. Named for the sturdy Texas plant, its nature-inspired color has a soothing air to it. It has soft blue undertones and pairs wonderfully with either white or natural wood accents. Finish the look with a fresh bouquet of eucalyptus on your console table.


    To create the illusion of more space, paint architectural details like window frames and crown molding the same color as your walls. This is an easy way to make a narrow foyer appear wider and taller than it is.

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    Best Bright: Sherwin-Williams Reflecting Pool

    Sherwin-Williams Reflecting Pool
    The Spruce

    While many foyers stay neutral and minimalistic, that doesn't mean you can't experiment with a little color, especially if you want to stay true to the rest of your space. Sherwin-Williams' Reflecting Pool is a rich teal shade that packs a punch without feeling too whimsical. It has rich green undertones and pairs beautifully with natural wood. 

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    Best Purple: The Spruce Best Home Lilac Sand

    The Spruce paint swatch in Lilac Sand
    The Spruce

    We absolutely adore The Spruce Best Home's Lilac Sand for any foyer. Not only will it open up a smaller space and help it appear light and airy, but the dusty lavender undertones add a lovely hint of color that works well with a variety of decorating styles. Pay attention to the lighting, as it can influence whether the shade appears more gray or taupe. 

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    Best Greige: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

    Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter swatch
    The Spruce

    If your home is classic, you'll want a foyer shade that sets a mature yet modern feel for the rest of your home. Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter is a greige shade that lends just enough gray to feel modern but contains rich beige undertones to cast a warmth to your space. It's perfect for a traditional home or a modern farmhouse look. 

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