Designers' Top Picks for Foyer Paint Color

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    Baltic Gray - Benjamin Moore | Olga Adler

    Baltic Gray
    Debra Somerville. Design: Olga Adler

    The Top Designer's Favorite Foyer Paint Colors

    First impressions do matter. Whether your home has a grand foyer, or simply a spot inside the front door to set down your mail, that space sets the tone for your entire house. Elevate your entryway as ten gifted designers and decorators share their best foyer colors. 

    Benjamin Moore - Baltic Gray

    Olga Adler: "My go-to foyer paint color is Benjamin Moore 1467 Baltic Gray. It is a warm, soft shade of gray that is a perfect neutral. It works in any lighting conditions - looks great in daylight and at night, works well in warm light of California and in the cool light of New England (as pictured).

    It’s a color that gives you lots of flexibility as it mixes well with all other colors. And, perhaps most importantly, it creates a perfect background for displaying art, and what foyer couldn’t use a stunning piece of art for a dramatic first impression?"

    Olga Adler:

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    Morning Sun - Sherwin-Williams | Kerrie Kelly

    Designer's Top 10 Foyer Paint Colors | Morning Sun
    Brian Kellog Photography

    Sherwin-Williams - Morning Sun

    Kerrie Kelly: "Sherwin-Williams Morning Sun (SW 6672) brings the perfect amount of “happy” to any space—especially the foyer. Warm, yet grounded enough to provide a neutral backdrop, the hue graciously welcomes guests and sets the tone for the balance of the home."

    Kerrie Kelly:

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    Farrow and Ball - Stiffkey Blue | Lindsay Pennington

    Designer's Top 10 Foyer Paint Colors | Farrow and Ball
    Farrow & Ball

    Farrow and Ball - Stiffkey Blue

    Lindsay Pennington: "My current favorite entryway color is Stiffkey Blue by Farrow and Ball.
    It's a very deep blue, but not too green and not too brown. The color alone creates depth and mystery while being edgy and classic. I love a dark and moody entryway. This sets the stage for the entire home and creates a sense of comfort and security as you first enter. The rooms off of the entryway should be lighter in color, creating a larger sense of space and light in the home's more practical rooms. An entryway painted in "Stiffkey Blue" also will invite people to stop, take a moment to relax, and become comfortable the minute they walk in the door."

    Lindsay Pennington:

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    Amazing Gray - Sherwin-Williams | Morgan Farrow

    Designer's Top 10 Foyer Paint Colors | Amazing Gray

    Sherwin-Williams - Amazing Gray

    Morgan Farrow: "With open concept design being popular, we are seeing the whole house color, which is usually neutral, continuing into the foyer area. Paint trends, in general, are leaning a little warmer — still light, but towards more "griege" colors. One of my favorite go-to colors is Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams. If I need a paint with a hint more of a gray tone, I love to use Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams."

    Morgan Farrow: Tatum Brown Interiors

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    Monroe Bisque - Benjamin Moore | Jill Hosking-Cartland

    Designer's Top 10 Foyer Paint Colors | Monroe Bisque
    Jill Hosking-Cartland

    Benjamin Moore - Monroe Bisque

    Jill Hosking-Cartland: "Benjamin Moore's Monroe Bisque, HC26, is one of my most trusted go-to neutrals for foyers. This warm, ecru-like color is wonderful for highlighting stair and window architecture, regardless of the style of the home."

    Jill Hosking-Cartland:​

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    Loyal Blue - Sherwin-Williams | Arianne Bellizaire

    Designer's Top 10 Foyer Paint Colors | Loyal Blue

    Sherwin-Williams - Loyal Blue

    Arianne Bellizaire: "One of my favorite colors for an entryway is Sherwin-Williams 6510 Loyal Blue. It is the perfect shade of blue because it is rich and adds drama, but the faint green undertones add just enough warmth to prevent this inviting space from feeling cold and stark." 

    Arianne Bellizaire:

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    Mountain Peak White - Benjamin Moore | Tamar Stein

    Designer's Top 10 Foyer Paint Colors | Mountain Peak White
    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Mountain Peak White

    Tamar Stein: Go to Foyer Color: Benjamin Moore, Mountain Peak White 2148-70

    "Many whites tend to have pink or peach undertones. Not what you want in the room that introduces your home! Mountain Peak White is a pure, warm white that looks brilliant in any foyer light. I have used it over and over again with radiant results!"

    Tamar Stein:

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    Jute - PPG Pittsburgh Paints | Dee Schlotter

    Designer's Top 10 Foyer Paint Colors | Jute
    PPG Pittsburgh Paints

    PPG Pittsburgh Paint - Jute

    Dee Schlotter, Color Manager for PPG Architectural Coatings: "The foyer is the first impression of the interior of a home for guests, it should reflect the homeowners, their style, their personality, and it should make guests feel welcomed.

    If your home has muted or neutral accessories and a lot of wood furniture, Jute (PPG1098-5) from PPG Pittsburgh Paints the Voice of Color will reflect your style in the entryway of your home. The soft gold-bronze color warms and welcomes as guests enter.

    For a spicy orange tone in the foyer that energizes and invites, go with Cazuela (PPG17-23) from PPG Pittsburgh Paints the Voice of Color. The convivial color tells guests that the house is filled with conversation, energy, and fun."

    Dee Schlotter: PPG Architectural Coatings

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    Aqua-Sphere - Sherwin-Williams | Lynn Dayton

    Designer's Top 10 Foyer Paint Colors - Aqua-Sphere

    Sherwin-Williams - Aqua-Sphere

    Lynn Dayton: "Blue is a great hue for a foyer. It can be treated as a neutral
    since it matches and compliments such a wide variety of accent colors. I
    like using blues similar to what you'd see in nature, on the horizon where
    the ocean meets the sky—a little bit hazy, a little bit covered in wisps of
    clouds. Aqua-Sphere from Sherwin-Williams is a perfect choice. It can
    make you feel like you're floating away!" 

    Lynn Dayton:

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    Benjamin Moore - Ally's Earring | Diana Hathaway Timmons

    Designer's Top 10 Foyer Paint Colors | Ally's Earring
    Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore - Ally's Earring

    My Go-to Foyer Color: Benjamin Moore Ally's Earring. This is a luminous gray that has just a hint of color, and an undeniable glow. When you work with and choose, color every day, it's always a treat to discover a versatile color like this that you'll go to over and over again.

    When lighting fixtures are the centerpiece of any foyer, you want your paint to enhance that feature. The foyer color doesn't have to be repeated in other rooms but works best when it fits into the overall color scheme. Ally's Earring is part of the Color Stories Collection, which features full-spectrum colors that are created with pigments, rather than black and gray tints, for uniquely rich and saturated colors.