Top 5 Travel Bar Sets for the Mixologist On-The-Go

Mix Up Cocktails Away From Home in Style

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Whether you want a Manhattan during a picnic for two, a nightcap at the hotel on your next business trip, or a round of daiquiris at your tailgating party or campsite, there is a travel bar set to fit your needs. Each of these picks includes the most important tools for mixing up your favorite cocktails and have some storage room to carry your favorite spirits with you. These travel sets are convenient and compact so you can fit everything in one case and they make a great gift.

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    Cocktail Gator
    Cocktail Gator. Photo Courtesy: © Cocktail Gator

    The Cocktail Gator bags are a very convenient way to carry all of your bar needs to the tailgate. Bottles, cups, and all of the accessories you need to mix drinks in the parking lot can be packed in these soft-sided bags with a shoulder carrying strap. Need ice? A tub for carrying ice inside is included.

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    Deluxe Portable Travel Bar Set
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    A leather case lined with velvet, this traveling bar is perfect for anyone who loves a well-made drink anywhere. Its capacity is bigger than most portable sets and holds two full bottles of your favorite spirits and includes all the tools you need. This includes a large, 16-ounce shaker and Hawthorne strainer, a jigger for precise pouring, cocktail napkins and a "spork" stirrer. As an extra bonus, the kit has a "martini spray bottle" for misting juices, liqueurs or bitters in...MORE your favorite cocktails.

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    DOPP Kit Leather Travel Bar Set
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    The DOPP can fit into most larger suitcases and has everything you need for the bar on the go, no matter where your travels take you. The case is semi-compact and made of ultra-suede and Italian leather with convenient handles and a sleek, "shaving kit like" design. Inside you can fit a regular bottle of your favorite spirit or wine and find a stainless steel corkscrew, tongs, stirrer and four 5-ounce cocktail glasses. This is the ultimate traveling case for entertaining a party of four.

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    Luxurious Leather Travel Bar
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    This canister cocktail set is uniquely designed and fits quite a few tools inside the 5x7 inch case. The three 8-ounce flasks are rounded to fit along the circumference and the 9-ounce mini shaker, stir stick, jigger and four 5-ounce cups fit neatly inside. Elegant and beautiful, this set is a wonderful gift.

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    Portable Travel Bar
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    For a great price, this travel bar set is durable, reliable and unlike most, has a combination lock for security. The suede interior and vinyl exterior add a touch of class for this all-in-one bar set for anyone on the go. The kit is simple and all tools and bottles are strapped in to keep anything from breaking during transport. Inside you'll find two metal cups, a jigger and a bottle opener with the ability to carry two of your favorite bottles of liquor in the standard 750 ml size....MORE It's a great beginner's travel set and has extra room for any extra small tools you need to carry around. It has tailgating written all over it but is missing the shaker.

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