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    Pinterest Predicts the Big Trends of 2018

    You probably already have a Pinterest account filled with your favorite looks of the week. From that dream bathroom you hope to one day renovate to easy DIY party ideas for your best friend's bash next month, Pinterest is where we save everything we love, inside the home and out.

    Each year Pinterest digs into what its users are pinning and predicts what trends will pop in the coming year. According to the latest data, 2018 will be filled with bold decor moves. From the looks making a big comeback (we're looking at you, terrazzo) to daring new ideas for that fifth wall in your home (hint: if you don't know what we mean, look up), here we round up our favorites from the Pinterest 100.

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    Terrazzo Is Back

    Pin Picks/Pinterest

    You probably remember terrazzo as the choice flooring of the 1970s. But this funky material is back in a big way. According to Pinterest, saves for terrazzo are up 316%, foreshadowing a reemergence for this mixed material. From entryway flooring to countertops to ceilings, designers are already starting to embrace terrazzo. If you're not ready to fully commit, DIY a few accessories for your home to test the waters. 

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    Give Metallics a Try

    metallic heavy kitchen
    Esther King/Pinterest

    With pins up 423%, we can bet we'll see mixed metals in kitchens, bathrooms and more. It's no longer a faux pas to mix golds with silvers or brass with copper, so there's no reason not to experiment. These heavy gold barstools are a beautiful, non-permanent way to add metallics to your home, but don't shy away from adding copper faucets or rose gold cabinet pulls this year. Just make sure to pick a dominant metal finish to guide the design scheme and accent away! 

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    Doors with Bright Colors

    bold blue front door
    Pin Picks/ Pinterest

    Want to upgrade your curb appeal without a lot of effort? This year, add a coat of feisty red or bold blue to your front door to welcome guests in style. Saves for the trend are up 121% year-over-year, and it's clear why: bright front doors easily transform your home's exterior for less than ​you spent on that pair of fancy yoga pants.


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    Patterned Plants

    patterned plants
    Pin Picks/Pinterest

    You probably already know that greenery is in, but Pinterest users are obsessed with patterned plants (like this prayer plant)—and so are we. With a whopping 533% increase in saves, expect to see pattern plants everywhere this year. We also love the rattlesnake or zebra plant to add a little bit of fresh texture to your home this year. 

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    Mix Up Your Flooring

    patterned wood floor
    Pin Picks/Pinterest

    We adore hardwood flooring as much as the next decor enthusiast, but sometimes it gets a little dull. Sure, you can mix it up with fun rugs, but this year we are really into patterned woodwork, like in this stunning living space. Saves for herringbone patterns, a fun update to classic parquet flooring, are up 131%—and while it's a little more intricate to install, it's so worth it. 

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    Embrace the Home Spa

    This year, bring the spa into your home. Pinterest users are feeling spa-like accessories and decor 269% more this year than the last. And it's obvious why: Giving your bathroom a simple spa makeover is incredibly simple (think bamboo, candles and neutral colors) and adds a chic, restful element to your space.  

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    Embrace the Fifth Wall

    wallpapered ceiling
    Pin Picks/Pinterest

    Goodbye accent wall, hello statement ceilings. Saves are up 310% this year, which means we'll be seeing more gorgeously wallpapered ceilings and fewer accent walls. But if wallpapering your ceiling is too much effort, try painting it a vibrant color to add warmth and interest to a large space. 

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    Large, Bold Art Prints

    large watercolor print

    Got lots of wall space and nothing to fill it with? You're not alone. Pinterest users are saving pins for big wall art a whopping 637% more than in previous years. In 2018, fill that empty space with a textured rug, a handmade abstract painting—or even blow up a favorite travel photo for a big impact.

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    Baby Shower vs. Sip and See

    balloons for a new baby

    Say goodbye to traditional baby showers and hello to the sip and see. If you've never been to one, a sip and see is usually thrown by parents and offers an opportunity to drop in and meet a new baby (or a new puppy) after he or she has joined the family. With an increase of 218% over last year, expect to get more invites to meet newborns this year.

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    A Boho Baby Shower

    boho tent for a baby shower
    Pin Picks/Pinterest

    Those who are still throwing baby showers are more likely to opt for less traditional themes in 2018. Saves for boho baby showers are up 306%, an indication that the boho baby trend isn't going away anytime soon. We love ditching the traditional blues and pinks for a theme that feels more personalized and fresh. Plus, who doesn't love endless floral crowns and tents for grownups?

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    Let Your Guests Serve Themselves

    This year, saves for active parties shot up 114%, which is music to our DIY-loving ears. Ditch the traditional dinner party and let your guests have a little fun this year. Throw a craft night or host a scoop-it-yourself ice cream social to make your next party a more interactive. 

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    Throw a Sprinkle Shower

    It's clear that Pinterest users love celebrating babies, but "sprinkle showers" (AKA low-key events for second or third-time mamas) are up 180% this year. A sprinkle shower is a great way to celebrate a repeat mom without a big to-do. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to cover everything in rainbow sprinkles. 

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    Don't Adhere to Seasons

    If you love hanging that holiday wreath on your door as much as we do, you'll love that saves for summer wreathes are up 116%. This year, ignore the calendar and hang succulent wreathes, display glitter-covered evergreens or throw a Christmas in July party—because life is too short to wait for December. 

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    Ditch the Guest Book for Jenga

    memories Jenga pieces
    Pin Picks/Pinterest

    Up 216% this year, non-traditional guest books are currently one of our favorite wedding trends. Ask your family to write notes on game pieces, wooden utensils or a vintage map for a keepsake you can display in your home. 

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    Upgrade Your Balloons

    balloons with foliage
    Pin Picks/Pinterest

    With more than an 80% increase in saves, fancy, filled balloons are on the rise. Fill clear balloons with greenery, glitter or flowers for a decoration that works well at birthdays and weddings. 

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    Go for Handmade

    wall hanging made with branches
    Entity Handmade/Pinterest

    Users are DIY-ing more than ever before, with searches up 280%. Between chic wallhangings (like this one made of branches and paint) and easy-to-copy jewelry and displays, it's hip to ditch store-bought accessories and make your own. 

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    Garage Makeovers

    a well organized garage
    Allison Gaetano via Pinterest

    The more we DIY, the more space we need. Saves for garage workshops are up 218%, and it's a great excuse to revamp yours and turn it into a functional, workable space you can go craft-wild in. Pop up some pegboard and get organized. 

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    Horizontal Fences

    a wood slat fence
    Rita Cordova/Pinterest

    Horizontal wooden slat fences make a garden or yard feel larger and more modern, so it's no surprise that saves are up 333%. You can choose to keep the slats further apart for an airy, open feel or tighter if you want more privacy, but either way you'll want to throw endless BBQs to make your neighbors jealous.

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    Stock Tank Pools

    metal backyard swimming pool
    Jerry Long/Pinterest

    If you think your dream of owning a pool is out of reach, think again. Pinterest users love stock tank pools, and pins are up 300%. Stock tank pools are easy to install, easy to maintain and look great in your next Instagram picture. Just add a donut float, and voilà.