Top 10 Pizza Recipes

Everyone loves pizza, but most people seem to buy frozen pies or order takeout. Making your own pizza is very simple. You just need a crust, sauce, some toppings, and cheese, along with a hot oven. Use your imagination and use these ten fabulous recipes as a jumping-off point to creating your own masterpiece.

You can use a homemade crust, a purchased crust that's formed and ready to bake, or use refrigerated or frozen doughs. My personal favorite, outside of a homemade crust, is the Boboli...MORE crust. Then your choices are almost unlimited! Your pizza can be as simple as cheese and herbs, or as complicated as a pie made from three meats, five cheeses, and two sauces. Enjoy every bite.

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    My Special Pizza. Linda Larsen
    I came up for the recipe for this sauce after many, many tries. No herb, spice, or vinegar gave the sauce the tang I wanted that was like the sauce my favorite pizza parlor made. I finally added mustard - and that was the secret! If you like mustard you'll adore this pizza. If you don't - well, I don't want to know about it.
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    Beef Cheese Pan Quiche. Linda Larsen
    I had to include this recipe, even though it isn't technically a "pizza". That was in the name originally, but this really is a quiche in a pizza crust. Try it - you'll love it.
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    Turkey Club Pizza. Linda Larsen
    This wonderful pizza tastes like a club sandwich on a crisp crust. I really think that the homemade scratch crust is best here, but a premade crust is delicious too.
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    Mexican Pizza
    Mexican Pizza. Linda Larsen
    This is the first recipe I ever developed, and it remains one of my absolute favorites. The crisp crust, rich sauce thick with refried beans, tender meat, and melted tangy cheese is incredibly good.
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    This recipe is a fabulous way to use up leftover meatloaf. But if you don't have any, cook ground beef with the vegetables, drain well, and use that in this delicious and hearty recipe.

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    The flavors of Buffalo chicken wings in a pizza! A sausage pizza no less! This delicious recipe is perfect for a Super Bowl party or a card game. Yum.
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    Yes, this pizza sounds weird. Yes, it's offbeat. And yes, it's delicious! Curry really does work well with chicken and with pizza and the rest of these ingredients. I promise.
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    I was trying to think of ways to use Carbonara flavors - you know, egg, cheese, and bacon cooked with pasta, and this idea came to mind. It's rich, delicious, and perfect for a cold rainy night.
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    For family night, this pizza just can't be beat. It tastes just like a cheeseburger, but on a crisp thin crust. You could top it with pickles or shredded lettuce if you like, but I think it's perfect just like this.
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    Finally, this wonderful recipe is a little bit different. If you have leftover cooked salmon steaks or fillets, use those in this rich and tasty recipe.